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    Does politics still exist in WoW?

    Is your raidguild still involved in OOC politics? (Out of Character politics: meaning all sorts of politics and arrangements that go on outside, around or beyond the game)

    Back in the days, when community was a bigger part of the game, the game was full with OOC politics, guilds trying to poach members from their competition, guilds trying to prevent other guilds from raiding world bosses. Very early in Vanilla I even played the OOC politics game to monopolize the AH and raiding itself, being guildmaster of the only raidgroups on the server for a long time and having pugs pay to join a raid... putting pressure on new raidguilds to try and make them break up.

    OOC politics always used to be a main part of an MMO, of online games in general perhaps, even more so the more sandboxy the game was. But since I'm out of the loop with the whole raiding scene for a while now... do these OOC politics still exist? Is your guild at odds with other guilds? (I know that in case of top world guilds at least that they try to snatch top raiders from other guilds away and such).
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    Nope nothing like that. WoW's more of a chatroom where you enter your instance or the faction's capital city, hit I, hit ready, teleport in, teleport out to city again, rehit I. You don't need to even hit the enter key anymore. Everything can be done without communicating in either dungs or LFR.

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    There's competition. Some poaching too (we're a small but very competitive realm). Also a lot of gossip and minor "wars".

    No major "OOC politics" as you describe them apart from maybe us going out of our way to break another guild up. Our realm always had a bunch of competitive guilds, our percentage of max level characters that were into raiding was way higher than the usual realm (hence why the competitive nature of the realm even with so little people in it) and this one guild decided to start merging guilds and poaching raiders like crazy so they could become the faction's "powerhouse" and totally dominate the Alliance side of the realm. What actually happened was a lot of guild break ups, people that got left behind quitting or faction changing, hurting the faction a lot.
    In the meanwhile, their GMaster and officers went on to continuously bash other guilds in Trade, to the point of verbal abuse.

    We were the only other "relevant" guild shortly after, very close to them in progression and were just trying to keep going, barely having any recruits, while they kept recruiting more and more people. Eventually they had so many people (25 man guild) they had like 80 people online during raid hours that people started getting bored of benchwarming. I managed to recruit like 8 of them, one by one (some did show me why they were benched) and got wind of more weird shit they were doing over there (someone even recorded their GMaster going on a total nerd rage on vent and put it up on youtube) and we started actively working to encourage people to leave the guild and join us or just go back to reform their old guilds.

    Eventually, we won.

    Now all we have is gossip and minor world pvp feuds.
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    I've never seen anything like this happen. I wish I had though, would make for some interesting /grab popcorn type of drama. There's plenty of vids of it on YouTube though

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    I'm not sure it ever existed on my faction (horde) when I was raiding in vanilla WOW. But I know there was lots of stupid in-fighting among my old guild's terrible DPS always blaming healers for wipes, etc. instead of people trying to work together.

    That said, there's probably always been some kind of drama/guild politics going on in the game as long as raid guilds exist. I personally find the whole idea of it pretty stupid and antiquated. I get the idea of people working together for a common goal, but this whole "we need to make a guild and play together even if we don't like each other" attitude that seems to run through too much of the WOW playerbase is pretty stupid.

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