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    Trinket dilema

    Hey there Quick question. I got Wusholai's choice and the Valor 522 Trinkets. Both Upgraded to 530. Now, i just won Breath of the Hydra, 522. Is it better then either Wusholai or Volatile Talisman? (When upgraded)
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    From the stickied elem guide:
    Due to how RPPM trinkets work it is fairly complicated to produce an accurate trinket comparison covering Normal, Heroic, Thunderforged and Looking For Raid drops. The ranking of trinkets within one level of gear is Breath > Wushoolays > Cha’ye’s > Vision > Volatile.

    As a rough guideline each step is worth an 8 ilvl difference, so a heroic Cha’ye’s would be roughly equal to a normal Breath.
    Ergo, 522 Breath is substantially better than a 530 Volatile and roughly equal to 530 Wushoolays.

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    Awesome. After your comment, i simmed my new trinket, and its about 5k DPS increase over Volatile
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