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    Lei Shen 25 hc as Elemental

    Hey all first post on MMO been a long time viewer, but i need some advice

    My guild started progress on Lei Shen Heroic last night and im just wondering what the best ways to gem/reforge are on this fight. seeing as we are gunna be progressing for a few weeks or so i wanna maximize my dps.

    heres my char http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%A1aze/simple

    im wondering if its better to go full haste or have a certain ammount of mastery for cleaving adds.

    i need help guys ty!

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    Having a good balance is probably the way to go. With the right comp your ball lightning should die in less than 5 seconds and having strong enough single target is extremely important to make it through p3 as fast as you can.
    Earlier in the tier generating the highest amount of damage you can to the boss was probably more important to make the dps checks easier, but with the gear most people have right now these phases are very easy to push even if you save Lust for p3.

    Something every elemental should consider running on that fight is Primal Elementalist. The earth ele's damage reduction is invaluable for the first transition since you can't solo soak and it brings more survivability in p3. Leave out the fire ele glyph and save your elemental for the beginning of p3, you'll be glad you didn't pick ele blast with the amount of movement wind+thunderstruck requires.

    One thing I'll say about your gemming though is that you aren't very consistent. If your secondary stat sims over double of int then you should have haste hybrids in your red and blue slots across the board.
    Also, it might not be the case for you right now but when you start getting a bunch of BiS pieces you might have a hard time keeping the perfect balance between haste/mastery. Depending on your sims and since a lot of them have haste/spirit on it, you could consider gemming mastery at that point.

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    We should kill this fight tonight in my guild so I'll give you a few things I've learned.

    If your raid 4 warlocks in it don't plan on doing amazing damage on the ball lightning. Go with a haste build because a very large part of this fight is single target. I would switch out of Astral Shift and pick of Nature's Guardian, there are a lot of points in this fight where the hit after you take a lot of damage will kill you and it's best to have a passive ability like NG to deal with it.

    Elemental Blast Vs Primal Elementalist is purely up to you. If you can stutter step you will be just fine with EB. I take EB on everything except Council though but honestly it's up to you and personal preference.

    I would highly suggest glyphing Ghost Wolf so you have more movement speed with Helm of Command and against the winds. I run Lightning Shield,Chain Lightning and Ghost wolf for majors. Other than that it's not a terribly hard fight just that one mistake by someone in the raid will generally kill you. I find it has a great balance between mechanics and dps requirements.

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    Thanks Estride and Intrepid for your feedback will take the things you said into account .

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    Frankly speaking, picking Nature's Guardian simply isn't right. So much shit can go wrong in your quadrant depending on the amount of static shock your side is getting and being a shaman you'll most likely be grouped with people who have no immunities to stack up.
    What you want is plenty of CDs to get you through the worst possible outcome so you can reduce the amount of deaths over a high amount of pulls. Believe me if you pull this thing over 150 times you're bound to see shitty situations happen and having the tools to survive them goes a long way to reach a kill.

    Bullwark and Astral Shift are both very viable especially if you pair the totem with Call of the Elements. After trying both I decided to stick with Astral Shift so it wouldn't conflict with my earth elemental's damage reduction. All you want really is to not get one shot by that static shock and the thunderstruck/lightning ball combo during p3, Nature's Guardian simply doesn't cut it.

    While I love Elemental Blast and would rather play with that on every single ToT fights rather than PE, I think this is the one boss fight in the tier that really hinders you for picking EB.
    EB won't help you live through the transtions, your Earth Ele will. I'm sure it provides more damage for p1-2 but you WILL lose damage in p3 if you pick EB, which is the most important part of the fight. You start the phase with Lust/procs/pot which gives your ele that much more burst and good luck casting a single EB during a bad wind. When your fire ele runs out, you're free to pop earth ele to help you survive the stacking damage while rotating between Shamanistic Rage and your T1 talent to mitigate Thunderstrucks.
    I won't deny that a skilled shaman can get close to the same performance with EB but you're giving up on too much.

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    so you guys recon i should gem for haste and reforge haste aswell?

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    No, go by your sims and balance your haste and mastery until they have similar ep values. You should still end up with a couple thousand haste rating over mastery.

    Your stats won't make a difference on ball lightnings with how fast they die, you want high single target.

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    Try either tier 1 talent, it's not like your killing it on your first attempt. NG has saved my life quite a few times but to each his own, there are a lot of different strats for this fight and NG works just fine for us.

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    Here are logs from our last 3 kills (Heroic 25). I wanted to see the difference myself between mastery / haste.

    Full out mastery: (this week)

    Near perfect mix balance of Haste / Mastery: (last week)

    Full Haste stacked: (2 weeks back)

    Quite frankly they all performed near identical.

    Full mastery damage split: 66.4% Lei Shen, Ball Lightning 21.4%, Unharnessed Power 11.1%.
    Split Haste / Mastery: 70.9% Lei Shen, Ball Lightning 19.1%, Unharnessed Power 5.8%.
    Full Haste damage split: 70.2% Lei Shen, Ball Lightning 21.3%, Unharnessed Power 3.7%.

    Now while at first glance it looks like the full mastery did less damage to Lei Shen (% wise), thats only because we messed up some bouncing bolts and had far too many Unharnessed Powers (which takes away from Lei Shen overall damage). The full mastery netted the highest rank (Rank 4) but again, thats only because of sloppy play and extra adds to kill.

    I dont think it matters at all which stat you stack, or if you just balance them. I would steer clear of using EB on this fight. I personally dont glyph my Fire Elemental and use once on the pull and once when phase 3 starts. I dont use it in phase 2 ever. You can use the Earth Elemental for the damage reduction in phase 1 (depends on your strat, i dont). I do make sure Earth Elemental is up for phase 3 and use it for the damage reduction immediately after Fire Elemental is done.

    Since this has been brought up a few times here, i also use NG. Nothing wrong with the totem or Astral Shift. The latter two options might be better if your strat doesnt have you stacking with 10-15 other people in one quadrant (this is where all shamans should be imo, but again, strat related).

    PROTIP: Melee can not be targeted with diffusion chain. So when you stack your 10-15 people into 1 quadrant, have all the melee stacked on top of each other in the center of the quadrant, and ranged / healers spread around them. This will give you a ton of room in the cramped quadrant and increases the chance of your overcharge to be in the center so everyone can get in easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angrysteel View Post
    Since this has been brought up a few times here, i also use NG. Nothing wrong with the totem or Astral Shift. The latter two options might be better if your strat doesnt have you stacking with 10-15 other people in one quadrant (this is where all shamans should be imo, but again, strat related).
    Taking NG when you're able to stack that many people is absolutly fair. Personnaly, we weren't able to stack more than 7 people in one quadrant without screwing over the others for the first transition which is why I couldn't spare to take it.

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