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    cpu stress running a 4 person tekkit server.

    so i have a tekkit server nothing fancy just a regular one off the tekkit site.when i run it tho my cpu goes crazy and theres only 4 ppl in it.just wondering what i could do maybe get a better cpu or something im missing to make it run smoother.cpu usage usually goes up to 80% or so

    my specs are
    15 2500k 4.5oc'd
    8gb corsair vengence ram

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    Hosting a Tekkit Server and playing minecraft at the same time is pretty resource demanding, is it a dedicated server machine or are you playing Minecraft off it aswell ?

    Running both would eat RAM, make sure you have enough allocated to Java (although some say this doesnt work)
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    I have my own server (dedicated + i have around 80-100 mods) just AMD 620 X4 and with 5 people it barely notice anything at all!
    So optimize settings! Reduce some entities or try removing some mods that do heavy load due to incompatibility.

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