I keep seeing folks saying they quit or they know people who quit but then come back when new content is released.

It's as if it's not ok to take breaks or something (LOL). It's now been almost a year to the day I stopped playing WoW on a daily basis due to time constraints among other things. Similarly last summer was the first time I can remember not spending most of the time indoors in front of a screen.

I considering quitting WoW or any MMO to be someone who stops playing said game period or on average only plays when they get their free Week of WoW every 6 months. They might check MMO-C weekly for new info but aside fromk that they're gone from Azaroth for good.

I consider myself to be in the latter group most of the year. Since late BC (I started after BT went live), I'm usually most active at the beginning of an expansion or during the final raid. Aside from that I get on for Midsummer to power level my toons and get Ahune's Scythe for my Warlock. My time for WoW due to real life obligations have kept me from Raiding like I'd like since early Cataclysm. Assuming SoO goes live this summer it'll not only be the first endgame raid I attempt while current but the first raid I do of the expansion.

Of course this also means I'm not in an active raiding guild either so...yeah. Even if I were more active I wouldn't join one since I play WoW for my own personal enjoyment first and foremost. I'll get the necessary gear and enchants for raiding but I do it on my terms not a collective group of people who only care about my DPS output or CC/Survivability as a Tank.

Anyways that's my 2-cents.