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    Pet battles matchmaking


    I am currently trying to level some alts by queuing for random pet battles with friends. We use pet comps with a high variance in levels (like 15-1-1) to make sure we're matched up against each other, and for two accounts we've tried this on, it worked like a charm.

    However, with one account, we just can't get it working. Our characters are on the same server, our pets have the same levels, but when we queue up, nothing happens even for hours (with queue times < 20 seconds on the other accounts).

    Has anyone got a clue if and how I can solve this issue, or any general information on how the matchmaking system works for that matter? All hints would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    There isn't really a way to fix it. However, I would be careful as you walk a line of exploiting. Blizz might just turn off experience from pet battles again.

    The current matchmaking system just uses pet levels i believe. There is no hidden rating or ranking currently as they dont use recorded wins or anything like that.

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    Thanks for your answer. Unless we're doing something wrong, either there's something weird about the account of my friend, or there are multiple "pet battlegroups" among which players are matched up against each other exclusively. I still hope there's a way to fix it though, questing is tedious.

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    If you realy need too powerlvl pets just train them at the trainers (use a lowbie pet + 2x25 pets) and pwn the trainers. Its much faster and you can lvl 2 pets too max lvl this way.

    So far i have only 113 lvl 25 pets.
    Total number of Pets 468 (490)

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    Good idea, I was talking about leveling my characters though. Thanks anyway.
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    Same problem here. I have queue times of ~30 min, even if friends on my server queue with same pet lvls (they are matched within few sec). Kind of annoying....

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    I am in the exact situation. I have a friend that is as interested in pet battling as I am, but are unable to meet eachother in pvp battles. If I try against some of my other friends, I find them pretty insta. WAT ES DIS

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