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    How to get far within pvp?

    Hey there. I just though id make this post to gather some tips regarding pvp in wow, more specifically arena.

    Ive been fooling around wow now for 5 years or so. Both pve and pvp. But i have never really achived anything good, and it annoys me to think that those 5 years are to waste :/

    I believe one of the reasons for me not achiving success is probably the fact that I tend to reroll class quite often, Unless I got a proper team or a good guild I feel I dont got anything "connecting" me to the character. And the fact that I got all classes in max level makes it kinda though :P

    I have recently desided that I am either going to try everything to achive somthing good in pvp, 2.2k in 2s/3s as a started, and maybe a nice pvp tittle after that.

    Now for the question:

    How do I achive that? Do I just gotta practise 24/7? Do I need to find a partner for the long run or just "climb" through them?

    If some of you guys who actually have achived your goals within pvp, could share your story? How you got there?

    Would be deeply appreciated

    also, as a side question, how are warriors doing now? (One of the classes ive been considering)

    - Warex

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    I can explain this in full detail, even give back round experience from my wotlk duelist hero days but its really long and I don't have the time to. Maybe tomorrow or after Heat game I'll give some jaded advice.

    My short answer for now would be to not even waste your time with high rated pvp in this game. There is absolutely no gain from it at all. The time spend and effort required to be really good at this game will basically ruin what you actually loved about the game. There's a reason why only a couple hundred people a season out of millions of players achieve 2.2k in arena.

    You will have to verbally abuse others, use people, play thousands of arena games and completely dedicate your time playing this game into pvp. That means as soon as you log onto the game, you're outside of Orgrimmar dueling people or finding team mates. You don't have time for anything else. This also means that any other game you love besides wow cannot be played. Yep, you will have to completely sell your soul to this game if you want to be 2.2k especially now considering the standards are so high now compared to the old days. Most of the good players you meet will have 5+ years of COMPETITIVE arena experience under their belts, which means you will have to even work harder.

    There's my short message. Maybe I'll get to the long one later if you or anyone cares.
    rip Dave Zablidowsky

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    Just play a lot while keeping in your mind that you want to become better. Just playing a lot without actively trying to get better is not going to make you better, after 1000 games you'll still suck.
    Aside from that, look at which mistakes you make and learn from them. If you die 10 times to the same thing you could have avoided easily, you are doing something wrong.

    The best tip I can give you, one I've given pretty often, is to record your own games, watch them later and look at what you can improve. And maybe try to stick to stick with one class, it's better to play a class that sucks and learning how to deal with it instead of learning a new class every time and failing miserably when it's getting nerfed.

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