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    Mobility, yes. I said it.

    http://www.wowhead.com/spell=403 Why isn't there an equivalent for boomkins? I'm pretty sure they're pretty immobile, BLIZZARD? Also. execute pl0x.
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    Balance Druids do considerably more damage on the move than lighting bolt through their DoTs, including Lunar Shower, and Starfall. Shooting Star procs roughly equate to Lava Surge Procs so they are the same there.

    If you just like that playstyle of short casts while moving, Fire Mage, Hunter, and Warlocks all provide it.

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    yeah... talking to my boomkin friend, proves I was wrong.

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    request this thread deleted, Not sure if I can delete it...

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    Wasn't this a thread from like 4 months ago?

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    [url] Also. execute pl0x.
    Also, coming from a fury warrior, you don't want a strong execute. You get balanced around it, which means that you end up with significantly weaker >20% health damage. Fights where I don't get significant execute time, the most glaring example of which for me in ToT is Megaera, I am almost embarrased by my damage.

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    Erm...what was the purpose of complaining about a class you don't play or even know much about?
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    Going to close the thread since the OP doesn't wish it to continue. No reason for people to post if they can't post constructively either.
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