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    Different opinions on Thrall living

    I found it amusing what Dave Kosak tweeted earlier regarding on Thrall's fate.
    Just retweeted two people arguing passionately that Thrall should live and Thrall should die, sent the same day. I love Warcraft!

    Then he re-tweeted these. It amuses me how people on two different sides both believe the story would be better with completely different outcomes. Just one of those things that show how varied this playerbase can be.
    Please don't make the cliche Thrall in the end fight with Garrosh. I beg you. Thrall needs to die if metzen wants wow to live.

    So you have Thrall facing against Garrosh without his shaman powers. Just for the record, if you kill Thrall, I'm done with wow..

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    I could really care less what they do with the character, just don't put him back as warchief. If anything, I expect Saurfang or Eitrigg to become warchief. At least, that's what I hope for.
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    I love the jab about Thrall's head in a jar.

    "Have you come to serve The Horde? Seriously, I'm hungry."

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    They killed Arthas because people want him dead
    No he's dead and we have some asian lore that we won't remember in 3 weeks to replace him

    let's go, kill Thrall and see the subs going down

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    I don't care if Thrall lives or dies, I'd rather he not be involved in the Garrosh fight though.

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    Even if Thrall doesn't die, he's certainly not going to be the same anymore. Garrosh was basically supposed to be a living monument to Grom, and in a way, he sort of was - just not the parts of Grom's legacy that Thrall would have wanted. Everything that's happened on the Kor'kron's watch can be traced back to Thrall's poor judgement.

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