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    Quote Originally Posted by eldritchforeshadow View Post
    There was a peculiar toon on my realm last week that got the attention of everyone in the valley of four winds. I did not see the toon but read the general chat. This toon apparently could lift off into the air mount-less, and disappear at a rapid pace after mining ore and reappear instantly somewhere else. My question is: can bots really do that or was I mislead? I know nothing about bots.
    The client controls the movement of the character.

    The client can be modified to allow characters to move in ways that are impossible with the normal client. All of those modifications are actionable of course. The client does check itself to see that it's intact but people have ways around that.

    You can do things like induce lag on the client to allow you to keep flying briefly when you enter a no-fly area. That's actionable too but unlikely to get you a ban unless you do it in front of a bunch of people, because it does occasionally happen in normal play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Nope. The fact that the OP's appeals were repeatedly denied shows that Blizzard has enough evidence proving the OP was in fact botting and that it wasn't a false positive. Players who are banned for false positives are usually unbanned after the first appeal.
    Apparently not, considering I was sitting in front of my computer. What I do is I have the gatherer addon running so I develop a pretty regular farming route. I've never botted on any blizzard games, but now, I probably will advocate for it because it doesn't really matter anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ritterdestod View Post
    I've never botted on any blizzard games, but now, I probably will advocate for it because it doesn't really matter anymore.
    Well, if you do, don't do it here. Closing this as it seems that everything that needs to be said has been said.
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