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    Not my taste but about three times better than what blizzard has come up with post wrath.

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    Looks like a druid set :P

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    OR.... this could be the T17 and id be happy

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    The last good tier for rogues I believe was tier 12(heroic) since then its been garbage and I dont know what blizzard is thinking...

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    Not bad.

    What i don't like: boots, spaulders/feathers in general.

    What i like: mask, hood, the chest crest is awesome.

    Good overall concept - i'm assuming you based the design over a "crow" concept; both feathers and the crow mask/paint from the movie. I can imagine it being black/white with red details.

    Imho less feathers, more leather. Keep the crow details, the theme is good. More details on helm/mask, the pointy thing in front looks misplaced.
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