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    I like it. If the hands move and stuff it would be pretty damn cool

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    imagine hands clapping when you kill stuff

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    I eagerly await for the moment they implent Infernal armor to warlocks. A set of rock-like armor, on fire, that does not look like a robe. One can dream.

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    warlock =/= necromancer.
    That guy (>'.')>

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    I like more the shadow aspect of the class, instead of the demonic one, so any set that's dark and twisted is more than welcome. That said, I love the set you've created.

    Two of my favourite sets that compliment affliction are: Faceless shroud & Season 13, that's because they have an old god/faceless vibe to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violetti View Post
    imagine hands clapping when you kill stuff

    Thanks all for the continued feedback

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    waiting for a colored version...

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    I think it looks great, (at least better than most of the recent stuff, IMO)...has some serious potential. Nice job!

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    With the right colours, it would be nothing short of amazing. You could have a squirmy animation and basically it would be the best tier since SSC/TK (corruptor?).


    1) Other classes would complain a lot
    2) the "Living bits armor" could be, in theory, more suited to Death Knights. After all, they are the only class that practice necromancy.

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    It looks disturbing.

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    I absolutely love it.

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    I'm still a massive fan of the set, looking forward to more of your artwork

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    Looks too much like T14.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banawani View Post
    Looks too much like T14.
    How exactly does it look ANYTHING like t14?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItcheeBeard View Post
    How exactly does it look ANYTHING like t14?
    It doesn't.

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    Personally, I don't "like" it, as in don't find it pleasing to my personal taste. However, I can only appreciate the marvelous artwork and would be "proud" to have such a set for my class. If you plan on imagining Necromancy for warlocks as a 4th spec, then this could fit, otherwise it needs more of a Fel taint. I also couldn't help myself from peeking into the rest of your work, and its awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazukimon View Post
    Looks like the druid Tier... (hands instead of branches)
    Exactly what first popped into my head, looks really cool, but I don't know, perhaps if we could see some colour and definition it could look more warlocky.
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    am i blind? cant see any picture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortaz View Post
    am i blind? cant see any picture?
    Might be cause of a browser issue. Try it in a different browser and check if you see it then.

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    I like it. Very disturbing with the sewn faces and dried shriveled hands. I do understand where people are coming from with the druid thing though. At first glance, some of the hands and images look like branches and that's probably in large part due to the brown coloration. If it was colored and the hands were grey, purple, fel green, etc. then the druid illusion would probably disappear.

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