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    T17 idea

    What are your opinions on this as a tier set?

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    Add wings and a halo and it's perfect
    (also, is it me or the chest piece looks like an owl's head?)

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    I like the hood, the shoulders seem irrelevant but ok. Not sure I like the swirly face, but that may come down to the way it's implemented in game. The chest does indeed look like an owl face
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    Looks sick to me, If the face was like a void.. with spiral shoulders like that. Very spriest like. I would love this because we either get awesome wings and halos over and over again or shit. But this... would be much much better.

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    With the right particle effects, the shoulders would look very good. I like the idea of a fully face obscuring mask, and Betrayed may be on the right idea with a void-like pit. I'm not sure about the eyes on the cloak, and I prefer less bulky bracers, but they work well in this case. My concern as a Belf is the helmet clipping into my character's neck, as its been a problem with other cowl designs; hopefully Blizzard will sort that out with the new character models coming soon™.

    On second thought I'm liking the hearthstone design more and more, fitting thematically with priests in general. We create a safe haven for all allies wherever they go, supporting friends by bolstering their will and inspiring their spirits in and out of combat. Even when channeling the shadows, we act to shelter our allies by eliminating their greatest enemies and spreading fear into the hearts of those who would do them harm.

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    Do you drow it or it is from another game??

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    Face and Chest are too Warlock-y in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    Do you drow it or it is from another game??
    Yeah I drew it. (check sig for my fanspansion)

    Thanks for the feedback all

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    Sorry mate, me don`t like it. How the hel that character can see like that??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    How the hel that character can see like that??
    Have you seen Tier before? lol

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    Had to check which forum this was posted in, because despite that drawing looking pretty damn cool, it doesn't suit the Priest concept in my opinion.

    It felt a little more Druid like at first, but to much cloth for that really. I'd like to see Blizzard really take a strong stance on Class / Spec design in the upcoming expansion, setting a theme for them, and building on that throughout the Tiers and Gear we can achieve.

    I hate how sometimes some sets go from Sweet & Cuddly, to Rape & Murder in the next tier.

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    I can dig it. I am, however, a wings and halos Priest to my core. That being said, the one thing I'd change is to not have the face masked (maybe a cool idea to modify Shadowform with, though!), but instead move the swirl there to the back/upper part of the cowl's hood--make it glow or spin or something.
    I'm really lovin the straps on the robe's bottom. I love "hardware" like that. Makes cloth armor look a little more.... durable!

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    That's epic...

    Congratz on such drew skills... I am jealous!

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    The only thing I would change (just my personal taste) would to be rather than gloves, have the long sleeves ala T7.

    Other than that, I pretty much love it.

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    No thanks.
    Hate the shoulders, too boring and weird.
    Lets not even talk about the head.. wut.

    Would fit a druid because it looks like a carved out tree.

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    The set designs are based on the raidtheme as far as I know, so you have to tell us what the sets are based on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyve View Post
    I hate how sometimes some sets go from Sweet & Cuddly, to Rape & Murder in the next tier.
    Rape, murder, it's just a tier away...

    OT: Nice drawing and design (particularly the shoulders), but don't particularly feel like it's priesty enough - I thought at first it was a warlock set.

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    A very nice looking set! would be interesting to see it in colour, in its current form some of the textures seem more 'wooden' and druid like is my only concern. I think the shoulders would need to be 'explained' as while they look quite cool, there is nothing really priestly about them... And I agree with what a previous poster said about prefering long sleeves, overhanging the gloves, rather than tucked in.

    Great work!

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    I could envision this working if the shoulders had a soft glow, and perhaps a soft glow around the helm/face.

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