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    unusual keybinds


    i have always heard that wasd or esdf were pretty common and many players wrap their abilities around those movement keys. for a few years i have used f1 and f2 to strafe and my mouse to move forwards and turn. i bind abilities to f3-f5, 1-5, q-t, a-f, z-v, and use alt if i want or need to use any modifiers. this is really comfortable for me and i probably could never change. i play well with these bindings so i suppose its better not to fix what's not broken? do you have any unusual bindings?

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    if you play fine with it, no point changing it :P

    sounds odd to me though, i couldn't play with them bindings :P
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    My F1-F12 keys are literally massive, so this would probably work for me. My hardest to reach keybindings right now are Shift 8,9,0. I use them for ascii art, cross faction speak, and profession linking in trade.

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    Back in like ICC, we have very few Bloodlusts in our raid group - the healy sham flat out refused because of mana cost - so it was the Enh shamans job usually. So, our shaman initially had the super awesome practice of randomly lusting while chatting.... we would all flip out at him - eventually that stopped. Then instead, for like six months - it would always take him like an honest minute to lust when we asked him to during the fight. So finally we asked him what his keybind for lust was (as a joke), and the answer was "well, it used to be V - but you all kept getting mad that I pushed it while typing - so I swapped it to Ctrl+Shift+F7". So that was the most unusual keybind
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    i think i use a lot of alt ctrl and shift combos that most people dont. i dont like being forced to leave my movement keys to cast abilities so i use my pinky on the modifiers so i dont have to. i also use numpad for a multitude of things.

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    I have the original movementkeys (hate moving with the computer mouse) and has just taken use of all buttons "directly" next to that, combined with control and shift.

    Though the most akward keybind i have ever had, was when healing on my priest and binding stuff to my mouse.
    At one point i had a keybind to shift+ctrl+alt+mouseclick. Was a pain to use in combat, and usually messed things up so bad i missed 3-5 GCDs using it.

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