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    What do you do during LFR queues?

    I usually watch livestreams or youtube videos.

    What about you guys?

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    Usually play another game on a another monitor when I use to play anyway.

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    Usually i just play black ops 2 zombies solo.So much more fun soloing it.

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    Sit around twiddling my thumbs. It never fails that if I get up from the comp the que will pop and I get hosed on a long que. I used to do some dailies but I don't really have any dailies to do anymore so bleh. Just a lot of tabbing in and out.

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    I grade midterms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostSkull View Post
    I grade midterms.
    I'm sorry but I busted out laughing when I read this haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostSkull View Post
    I grade midterms.
    It's june... o.O

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    I've been randomly killing stuff in Northern Barrens. Mostly challenging myself to see how many mobs I can kill in a single pull before my pet dies.
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    Archaeology. Still need a bunch of those achievements.

    Or I can dual box my 2nd account characters, but it usually works out that I want to play a character that's on the same account as the one I'm in LFR on :P

    Wish they'd stop umming and ahhing and remove the restriction that you can't join groups while in queues, there's a lot of other things I could do.

    P.S. You can also queue for a scenario and a heroic while queued for LFR. I do that sometimes as well. By the time the scenario is done the heroic is ready, and when the heroic is done often the LFR queue is ready.
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    Doing dailies, archaelogy, looking for world rares, running (old or new) dungeons and scenarios.

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    If Valor capped: Nothing, I watch some sort of video or read news.

    If not valor capped: I also queue for scenarios and a dungeon, and if I feel like it that day, maybe some dailies.

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    getting a coffee
    try to master the backflip
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    Pet battles.

    They don't take a lot of effort, and give plenty of lesser charms.

    People also keep buying my pets for thousands of gold for some reason so there's also that.
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    Not much the queue is a few seconds to 7 or 8 minutes at the longest. Talk to some friends and poof you are in.
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    I alt tab to watch shit comedy porn etc only to come back and i find ive missed my que and have to wait another 50 mins

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    NOT. I watch TV.

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    Pet Battles or Youtube

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    When I was playing a lot more vigorously, I would queue for a LFR wing, a Heroic, then a Scenario for basically nonstop VP grinding.

    But I've been feeling a wee burned out in general on WoW, so I haven't hardly logged in quite a while other than a weekly Xmog run (Stupid ToC25 legs off beasts won't drop )

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    Dailies, farm Zandalari Warbringers or do my daily stonecore runs.

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