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    Most of the time, dailies. If I've done all the dailies I wanted, I will go and do some archaeology, fishing or pet battles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auloria View Post
    I queue as healer or dps and frequently get in as dps. Still a 30 minutes wait. :<
    I just queue as a healer only, and usually it's instant. Maybe a minute tops, or the odd 10 minute wait. I notice that it's more often instant when I queue with a DPS friend.

    OT: I check the raid journal to remind myself of the fight mechanics and plan out my loot spec per boss.

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    1. Queue up...check the timer and note it down.
    2. Hit up scenario and get a bit of VP.
    3. Finish the scenario and stay in it thus having the LFR time roll but no auto popup
    4. AFk to RL till about 6-7 min after the initial queue timer for LFR (doing what ever i chose and not being at my pc)
    5- "leave" the scenario
    6. Autopop LFR as soon as I exit.

    This way i can do 5 min of wow then go back to RL without the fear of missing the q. you could afk (so long as you dont log out) and go to RL and come back for the q. In theory you could go do something for a couple hours so long as you can stay ingame. come back and insta queue in.

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    I either fish, or alt tab and watch a tv show or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    I alt tab to watch shit comedy porn etc only to come back and i find ive missed my que and have to wait another 50 mins
    You have to have the "sound in background" checked, turn off ambient sounds/music, and find a quiet area in the game.
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    Ill either alt tab out and do something else while waiting, chat with guildies about nothing in particular or ill go to the Isle of Thunder to hunt some rares.

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    Realizing it is not worth it and exit the game .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    I usually watch livestreams or youtube videos.

    What about you guys?
    I listen to podcasts and read imageboards/forums.
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    My main is a healer so my q's are not so long.

    If I am qing on my lock alt, i q for 5 man and/or scenario as well (by the responses in this thread I am not sure if people know how well this works) or I do a round of dailies (I quite like to mix up my dailies as I don't need the rep).

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    Mining/herbing if it's on the one that can that, otherwise just chatting with people in wow
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    If I am on my DPS I always have 1 gathering profession so all my mats are free and I can undercut for 100% profit. If I am hot on the trail of some rep this is an ideal time to do dailies.

    If I am on my healer I mostly now go to Barrens and kill things for stone/oil/wood/meat and lesser coins. I max out my valor on my healer first so I get +50% valor on my DPS and I ultimately spend less time in DPS Queues.

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    I am always doing something in game whilst waiting in the queue, most likely dailies. Even with all the reps maxed it still provides gold and greens for DE, motes of harmony etc. I don't think I could tab out and do something else, it just feels inefficient.

    Even as a healer these days, my queues are rarely instant. I have waited nearly 30mins recently. It is the lack of tanks holding up the queues and given the abuse they get when things go wrong, it is not suprising.

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    As much as I would prefer to dps, I suck it up and queue as heals (and I actually heal, so that derps don't kick me, even though 9/10 times I could be top dps).

    The time I have stayed in queue as dps, I've done the following:

    - Dailies (but done with all MoP reps so no mas)
    - Fishing
    - Mount farming (the dino bones are great for killing time, esp if you can get a friend to tag along)
    - Farm mats (depending on what toon I am on; this is not an option for my main)

    Had one instance where it was a 45-50 min queue, so I got up, took a shower, went to town, bought lunch/dinner (forget what time of day it was), come back home, eat, and still had 10 mins to spare. :P

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    Nothing. Troll trade.

    "wow was the 1st mmo", "hodor", the works.

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    Wonder why I think this qualifies as having fun in a game

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    I don't play anymore but what I used to do was watching The Big Bang Theory or NICS DVDs on half my screen while WoW is windowed on the other half and I would continue to watch the DVDs while half paying attention to WoW while doing the LFR. If the rest of the healers in the raid are half-crap I pay more attention to the game and less to the DVDs to compensate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    I queue regularly with a healer friend. I highly recommend it. We talk in the usually-less-than-a-minute queue.
    As a tank, queueing with another tank is best, since you will not only get instant pops, but usually a guaranteed fresh run.

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    I used to do archaeology, but I have shit luck with pristine items and so I'm a little disheartened and stopped.

    Now I play Animal Crossing while I wait. I've actually declined healer friends's invites so that I could have longer queues in which to play AC. xD
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    Check my AH sales and make sure I have the right spec and gear on ... healer FTW.

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    my favorite thing to do was run around durotar and grab a few dozen boars with non-damaging aoe, then bring them all into the AH. now they phase when i step into org and i lose aggro =(

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