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    Feral PTR Feedback

    Hey everyone. I have posted up a new feedback thread on the PTR forums. After how well the DoC discussion went, and the result I am feeling positive about our chances to at least address a few more of our pain points. Please come here and offer feedback. Please keep it positive and be polite. Thanks!

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    Yes I like this and I would help keep it from being buried under 45 pages of warlock/hunter qq but I'm not allowed on those grounds anymore.

    So I suggest other people here give their input there...frequently, we're woefully underrepresented.
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    A good post, after reading this is kinda struck me to how much they are trying to balance feral in pvp only. A huge portion of pve ferals use SotF, yet because not 1 single person used it in pvp, it wasn't even touched yet going by there standards "it's bad design for so many people to use the same talent/glyph". It's kinda sad to be honest because I know if feral becomes "fotm" in pvp, i'm going to be absolutely hopeless next patch in pve. It's honestly about time they split up pve and pvp, and balanced them separately, to avoid issues like this.

    Glyph idea is good too, I don't like only having 1 optional glyph slot, which most of the time (running 10 mans) is taking up by rebirth glyph, unless we are taking our other druid and then he can use it.

    I haven't played much of the PTR, I went on to test that new talent, buy the new tier armour, gem/enchant it and logged off, couldn't find a group to get into PTR testing with, it's hard enough to convince people on live that feral is a half decent spec when played well..
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