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    Based on the time of release:

    Vanilla - 10/10 (no other game like it)
    BC - 10/10
    WoTLK - 8.5/10
    Cataclysm - 6/10
    MoP - 6/10

    Based on today's MMO standards:

    Vanilla - 3/10
    BC - 7/10
    WoTLK - 7/10
    Cataclysm - 4/10
    MoP - 4.5/10

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    Vanilla: 4/10
    BC: 7/10
    Wrath 8/10
    Cata: 6/10
    MoP: 9/10

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    Vanilla 7.5/10
    BC 8/10
    Wrath 10/10 (pre honor system/badge change)
    Cata 6/10
    MoP 8.5/10
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    Vanilla = 9/10
    B/C = 8/10
    LK = 8/10
    Cata = 5/10
    MoP = 5.5/10

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    Vanilla = 9/0
    BC = 10/10
    Wrath = 9/10
    Cata = 6/10
    Mists = 2/10

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    Vanilla 10/10
    TBC: 10/10
    WotLK: 6/10
    Cataclysm: 1/10
    MoP: 7/10
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    Only got to level 50 before TBC ended so I won't rate it but:

    WotLK: 9/10
    Cata: 5/10 - Wished they kept the hard dungeons
    MoP: 6/10 - Content just gets boring really quickly although that could just be due to the fact that I have played now for 4-5 years.

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    Vanilla = 7/10
    B/C = 8/10
    LK = 9/10
    Cata = 6/10
    MoP = 9/10

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    Do people actually read this?
    Vanilla - 7/10 (major design flaws!)
    Bc - 9/10
    Wotlk - 8/10
    Cata - 6.5/10
    Mop - 7/10

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    Vanilla: 7/10 (oldschool RPG feel, great community, great content but those missing 3 points come from clunky mechanisms)
    BC: 9/10 (it was a hybrid between classic and wotlk and did great at that! only minuses from gated content like HCs, guild hops caused by attunements)
    WotLK: 9/10 (not that much different from MoP, much less to do but i value healthy community and variance in choices you could make, like talents)
    Cata: 5/10 (didn't play much, the wall of text for this isn't that long so more info there)
    MoP: 8/10 (class balance issues, frequently bugged encounters etc, but if they wont mess up SoO like they messed ICC, this will be the best xpac so far)

    The game was new and it had that "classic mmorpg" feel with clumsiness of almost all the class- and encounter mechanisms and professions and even the leveling up experience.

    For example who remembers the centaur quest in desolace where you had to get revered or was it exalted with one faction to unlock more quests while the mobs granted only 7 or 10rep for a kill (i remember getting 3 levels from solely killing those mobs and i found out that the quest i got later was already green for me).
    Or who remembers when leveling in a zone and you ran out of quests while you still had to get 3 more levels to get to the next zone by farming mobs.
    Or who could forget the beloved Blackrock Depths runs which lasted for good 3-4 hours if you ever had to get a partymember replaced. You probably spent 30% of the dungeon corpserunning from miles away and waiting for group members who got lost while searching for the instance entrance, another 30% when you had to get to major city to look for replacements and then wait for replacements to run there because they didn't have the flightpoint next to it or didn't know how to navigate the mountain. and the last 40% was the instance and the respawning trash after each time you wiped because tank couldn't hold aggro without the amount of AoE they got nowadays.

    Raids weren't hard mechanics wize, but RNG and players generally never heard of minmaxing and did actions based solely on the instinct what feels right.
    I mean, who could even think of having healers taking turns on healing because of awkward mp5/combat dropping system or one class per faction be so busy spamming his/hers low-duration buffs on raidmembers and dropping totems/judging boss that they never were kept on same level as other classes when handing out loot.

    But overall i liked it. The feel of old RPG where everything is possible and the community was strong and friendly. Servers had their celebrities in both good and bad ways. Nobody judged you because of your talent choices (or even if you missed a few points in them)...

    Getting long... But you get it. It was a different game back then.

    The Burning Crusade:
    It was going to be the first expansion for the game and EVERYONE was waiting for it while not even being sure what it would bring to the game.
    I didn't continue with my main at launch so i missed the event or could you say chaos of the dark portal when everyone was crammed to the tiny single zone with lots of quests shared for both factions. Instead i was the first bloodelf of my realm to wander outside of the quel'thalas and there was a crowd of 20 people who couldn't get the expansion at that time waiting for first belf to pop out of the portal at Undercity. They begged for every emotion in the game and tried to help me quest for hours. Whereever i ran past someone leveling i saw them atleast stopping to look at the new race, sometimes even running after me to get a better look.
    So overall launch went okay, servers held for the most of the part and content hungry players finally got their wishes come true.

    Classes and classmechanism were updated to a point that there wasn't really that many abilities that you never had to use in your spellbook.
    Raids were like from a another world compared to the old (in a good way). Attunements were considered a normal thing back then so not so many was crying about them back then. Heroic dungeons required lots of work to get into and were _hard_ compared to the stratholme runs and you even had a change to get one epic for each and the emblem system ensured you an epic at some point in the future if you just kept on going (epic was a big thing back then).

    Community just kept on growing outside of the game and theorycrafting came into the game, making it possible to make harder content.
    Community ingame was turning ever so slightly towards elitism against casuals up until the end of the expansion but the overall "we are all together in this" feel was still dominant.

    Wrath of the Lich King:
    New xpac, new abilities, new achievements, new profession, new everything. Launch went massively better than previous time (even on the busiest euro server at the time) because of 2 possible leveling zones to go and maybe because there was a army of the new heroclass rerollers coming from the darkest corners of the vanilla world.

    Dungeon difficulty was great warying from almost "shattered halls-like" HoL to the easy facerollable even in t5 gear ones like Nexus.
    Starting raids for this tier were a bit of unpleasant sight for T6 raiders. The main-, biggest raid which provided the best gear and so being also the easiest (much like at TBC launch) while the 2 small 1bossraids provided some challenge for majority of the raiders. This time the setting wasnt the same as the transition from vanilla to TBC and i think that making the difficulties of the raid other way around would have served better.

    The community did well because you had to have even slightest social skills to get into the daily HC groups via tradechannel.
    After the isle of quel'danas dailyhell the daily options of northrend felt bit overwhelming for the first weeks, but atleast you had more choice since none of the dailyhubs was superior compared to the others.
    After talents getting some restrictions (you had to max out one tree before you got to put any points to next), the death of competitive 2v2, spell downranking elimination and LFG tool the heroclass outperforming anything in its path, the game took a small step backwards in my books but AWESOME raids like Ulduar or TotGC kept me too busy to complain about such small things.

    Even PvP after the awful s5 started to get better and better allowing many of the previously obsolete specs to synergy better with other classes with the new changes, making the s6 one of the most compdiversity richest seasons of all time.

    As a big WC fan and the fact that the upcoming instance would finally bring direct continuation for lore since WC3, i was thrilled.
    The ICC turned out to be the best raid ever, even surpassing Ulduar in my books and the grand finale with Arthas granted me bittersweet tears after the first kill. After progressing trough plenty of heroic modes and our guild literally sitting in BiS gear, we waited patiently for the next raid to come by doing achievements and dps whoring to get to the worldoflogs ranks for luls. But there was no direct indication for anything new to come and judging by the devtalk, the new expansion was not quite ready yet we got bored and leveled and geared up few sets of alts before finally getting a new raid which soon provided to be fun but too short to make note of it as anything other than "1 boss to go" after killing the LK each week.

    Launch went well as previously. But after few first weeks of raiding my guildleader decided that it was his time to go... Such a magnificent person. Half of our guild had small crushes/mancrushes for him and that basically was the end of the guild. Half of our competitive players applied for top 100 ranked guilds and other half just stopped playing, me being with the latter. I just couldn't think of forming bonds with strangers after being with a such a wonderful people for so long.
    I went into army after that, only playing wow for occasional weekends and only PvP at that. Hell, the pvp was broken. So much damage being thrown around in smaller time than ever previously so instead of having time to think of a plan while peeling people off our healer the games focused by lining up a bunch of cooldowns together and ending the game fast (me being a human frost dk with appartus of OPness). So i gave up doing PvP.

    It was only just before the MoP was about to be launched that i came back, did the new LFR version of the DS watching people slack, insult others for being noob because they couldn't keep up to his full BiS dps, ninja loot off from eachother even if they didnt need the item before leaving without any penalty. That struck me hard emotionally after few years of assumption that if youre a jerk, you wont ever get into groups again.
    But i still decided to try and sought for a guild and went to clear normal DS without any preparation just to see how dull the bossfights were.

    So ranking for this expansion is based solely on PvP, normal clear of first raids and seeing what happened to the community after a long break.
    And ofcourse everything i've heard/read about from respectable sources.

    Mists of Pandaria:
    Real messy launch because everyone was forced to do the exact same questline before getting to move along in pandaria freely. Didn't they learn from TBC launch?
    After migrating to new realm (EU-outland was unplayable even with equipment better than 99% of players have) and dinging 90, i decided to go casual with this expansion and joined a guild formed in tradechat. We had problems in virtually every fight of normal MSV because of players being sub-pug level but still managed to clear the place on normal. In next wednesday where we had our first HC-raid marked on calendar. Only 3 people showed up. Next 2 weeks were like that too and the guild was announced dead.
    I liked everything in this expansion except the lore and i decided that i would bring my A-game again and started to look for guild.
    It took me 5 months to get a melee spot from one. Virtually every guild ran with only 2 melees as their DPSrs and after trying out rangeclass in MSV i felt it was not my cup of tea.
    So in that 5 months window i made a tremendous amount of dailies, leveled up all but 3 classes to 90, did PvP against double warrior/doublehunter comps until got fed up, LFR and dungeons with more than two alts a week and after all i witnessed in those aforementioned places i wonder. How can anyone honestly like doing any of those as their main activity in the game.
    I like challengemodes and pokemon though, but i understand that they serve only marginal of the playerbase.

    The raids are nice. Definately on Ulduar/ICC level and even surpassing them. But since HC raiding has once again come up to that point that one mistake = one death the encounters need to work flawlessly without bugs like getting only 1 orb in Force and Verve phase of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, Garalon randomly following targets with no disease and so on. RNG like the spirit kings HC in MSV and so on.
    So far so good in this Xpac. Im waiting for 5.4 for our guild to get into the HC progress at the same time with other guilds.

    So... Long wall of text. I wonder did i just waste my time writing this or does someone other than me actually read what others post before posting yourself. Hit me with quoted reply to prove that wrong

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    Someone should calculate the averages.

    The Burning Crusade: 7/10 - Only experienced a few months of it.
    Wrath of the Lich King: 9.5/10
    Cataclysm: 6/10
    Mists of Pandaria: 8/10

    Sometimes I wish I allowed myself to be convinced to start playing during Vanilla.
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    Vanilla 9/10, everything was so new and fresh to me then.
    BC 8/10, was awesome, but compared to the mechanics today, not worthy a 10.
    Wrath 8/10, enjoyed the expansion, made a lot of friends.
    Cata 7/10, was fun (no srsly :P), tho the little new areas we got weren't so refreshing.
    Mists 9/10, Pandaren are awesome, Pandaria looks awesome, lots of lore, lots of stuff to do, lots of new mechanics!
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    I played Wrath first so I'm going to compare Cata and MoP to that one.

    Wrath - 10/10
    Cata - 6/10
    MoP - 8/10

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    Vanilla - 8
    TBC - 9
    Wrath - 8
    Cataclysm - 6
    Mists of Pandaria - 6
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    Vanilla - 10/10
    BC - 8/10
    WoTLK - 10/10
    Cataclysm - 6/10
    MoP - 9/10

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    Vanilla - I didn't play
    BC - 9.5\10.
    Wrath - 10\10 I am a huge LK fanboy
    Cata - 5\10 This was the first time I quit
    Mist - 8\10. If SoO is awesome I will bump this to an 9

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    Vanilla - 10/10
    TBC - 9/10
    WoTLK- 8/10
    Cata - 7/10
    MoP - 6/10

    The pattern seems to be clear, right? Conclusion, game is getting old.

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    BC: 9
    Wrath: 10
    Cata: 8
    Mists: 7

    Next expansion, since it'll probably be about the legion/sargeras etc will most likely be 8-9.

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    Vanilla: 10/10
    BC: 9/10
    Wrath 8/10
    Cata: 6/10
    MoP: 7/10

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