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    Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom.
    TBC - 8/10
    Wrath - 8/10
    Cata - 5/10
    Pandaria - 7/10

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    Unsubbed til flight returns.
    Vanilla = 7/10
    B/C = 10/10
    LK = 9/10
    Cata = 3/10
    MoP = 7/10

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    Vanilla = Didn't play
    Burning Crusade = only played a bit near the end, but from what I've seen and what old content of it I've done, 9/10
    Wrath of the Lich King = 10/10
    Cataclysm = 6/10
    MoP = 8/10,

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    Vanilla - 0/10 (sorry wasnt good enough to drag me away from Everquest)
    TBC - 8/10
    Wrath- 10/10
    Cata - 4/10
    MoP - 6/10

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    Vanilla - 6/10
    TBC - 6/10
    Wrath - 9/10
    Cata - 5/10
    MoP - 9/10
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    Vanilla 12/10 from launch till.. um.. about a year before TBC. 6/10 after that (got stale and boring but I played it too much too)
    TBC 8.5/10 It was pretty amazing but I didn't enjoy resilience all that much and there were some other minor flaws too.
    Wrath - 9/10 till Ulduar patch (included) 4/10 after
    Cata - 5/10 it didnt have many obvious flaws but the whole concept and slow updates got boring fast
    MoP - wouldnt be fair to rate it as my view is a bit too biased for several reasons here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiricine View Post
    Surprised at all the MOP hate

    Classic-- 7/10
    TBC-- 9/10
    Wrath-- 7/10
    Cataclysm-- 3/10
    Mists-- 8/10

    Theyve seem to hit a sweet spot in mists with new content and responsiveness to players they havent before, as well as difficulty. Cata they seemed to forget about everything in the game, the raids were very disjointed in difficulty, and new content patches really didn't offer much.
    It's not really hate from me. It's just an extreme lack of interest. There are a lot of things about MoP I think we're positive (world drop treasure items, world rares, etc), but overall I play for lore/aesthetics and just wasn't feeling the expansion overall. I can totally respect why some would like it, though.

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    Vanilla = 9/10
    B/C = 10/10
    LK = 7/10
    Cata = 5/10
    MoP = 8/10

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    Vanilla = 9/10
    B/C = 10/10
    LK = 8/10
    Cata = 0/10
    MoP = 5/10

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    Vanilla = 4/10
    B/C = 7/10
    LK = 9/10
    Cata = 6/10
    MoP = 9/10

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    Vanilla: 9/10 Didn't get to 60, but I loved playing
    BC: 10/10 Great raids, great people, great pretty much everything
    WotLK: 6/10 Ulduar saves this, but LFD, ToC, ICC pretty much killed many things
    Cata: 7/10 While FL/LFR/BS were terrible additions, T11 was amazing and heroics were perfect at the beginning (then came the bitching)
    Pandaland: 2.5/10 World of Dailycraft... Tiers have been decent, but there is so much forced side game I really don't like

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    Release 10/10
    Burning Crusade 9/10
    Wrath 7/10
    Cata 5/10
    MoP 7/10

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    Vanilla: 8/10

    Tbc 10/10

    Wotlk: 7/10

    cata 5/10

    mop 9/10

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    In your head
    Vanilla: 7/10
    TBC: 9/10
    WotLK: 8/10
    Cata: 7/10
    Mists: 6/10

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    Vanilla 7/10
    BC 8/10
    Wrath 10/10
    Cata 4/10
    MoP 6/10

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    Vanilla - Can't really rate as i was still leveling, so never to to experience late-game.
    TBC: 9/10
    WOTLK: Started out with a 1/10 (First raid tier sucked balls imo). Then Ulduar came and i would give it like 7/10, but after that another horrible raid came, and then ICC which was decent. Will give the expansion 5/10
    Cata: Started out really well (8/10), with a brilliant first tier, and dungeons a lot better than Wrath. The lore and overall feel of the expansion just felt off. Then the rest of the expansion pretty much sucked so 3/10
    MoP: Played for a little over a month before the expansion bored me to death. So i will not even rate it.

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    Vanilla, way too much travel time slow mounts, long mount casts, times, lacking a lot of quality of life features, horrible balance, raiding a must for gear.
    Tbc, great raid progression, fun challenging 5 mans, amazing pvp pace damage not too high or too low, great look/feel to the game/world, a reason to pvp and pve, flying mounts came with danger they were immortal safety clouds.
    Wotlk, lots of quality of life improvements, a little too easy raids/5 mans especially near the end, damage way too high in pvp all about burst. Still a great look/feel to the game, fun leveling.
    Cata, meh raids, horrible effortless 5mans, everything easy mode, horrific pvp balance, joke of a final raid filled with reused models and zones, lackluster end to an epic final boss. Lame, fast leveling experience.
    MoP, same as cata except it doesn't even feel like the wow universe anymore.

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    Vanilla - 9/10 - Admittedly Rose-tinted. I probably wouldn't give Vanilla a score of 9 if it came out tomorrow.

    BC - 8/10 - It was a nice expansion, but had more balance problems than it should.

    WotLK - 7/10 - Ulduar was great, ToC was boring, ICC was out too long, and 3 free realm-first titles were given during Naxxramas, while 0 were given for HLK. /mindboggled

    Cata - 5/10 - Dragon Soul was horrifyingly bad, to the point that it was actual content that caused less players to subscribe, rather than at least maintain. There was obviously too much teleporting involved, in the leveling but also in the raids. Scrapping the Abyssal Maw and adding two quick bosses to Firelands resulted in essentially a tier of one boss. The only reason Cata isn't around a 2 is because T11 was challenging, Heroic Rag was one of the best fights I've had the pleasure of killing, and transmog is nice.

    MoP so far - 8/10 - I actually really enjoy dailies when they first come out. The Isle of Thunder was a lot of fun for myself and for the guild. Obviously, as do most people, I dislike them as long-term solution, but for a month or two they're enjoyable for me. T14 was incredibly fun in that it was a nice mystery/adventure raid tier with ample bosses and plenty of memorable mechanics. T15 has been one of my favorite tiers ever created, and I personally hold it on par with Ulduar.

    My prediction for the whole of MoP: 6.5 or 7 of 10. Siege of Orgrimmar looks very, very boring. Most people doing heavy PTR testing are reporting that the bosses are boring, and I feel that they're restricting their own creativity by trying to have this overarching storyline involvement. I'd much rather the storyline take place via questlines and dailies akin to 5.1's, leaving the raids to be creative, original, unpredictable, and plain good fun. Instead, it looks and sounds like we're heading for Dragonsoul 2.0.
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    Release: 9/10 - the novelty of exploring the world, meeting new people, seeing new places... it was amazing
    TBC: 4/10 - I didn't have a guild at the time, didn't raid even one bit, only killed a couple of Karazhan bosses and that's it. the game's community was already too elitist.
    WotLK: 10/10 - The best time I had in WoW, when I finally got in a friendly guild and raided casually. Cleared a lot of stuff, including a few uld. hard modes and heroic ICC.
    Cata: 3/10 at the beggining, 6/10 on Firelands, 1/10 on Dragon Soul - My guild was basically broken, but we managed a group for Firelands and cleared everything. But DS was awful.
    MoP: 5/10 - Didn't raid at all, only LFR, but still better than DS. The lore made this expansion, not it's features.
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    Vanilla: 10/10 A lot of flaws, but a brand new world and a HUGE upgrade from WC3 and actually seeing Orgrimmar in person and detail was mindblowing to me.

    TBC: 10/10 Got rid of most flaws, but removed a bit of the WoW magic with the flying mounts and Shamans to alliance and Pallies to the Horde. A faction didn't have a unique flavor anymore, but none of that matter when we had Illida, Kaelthas, Vashj, Kiljaeden, Kara and the amazing arena pvp.

    WoTLK: 1/10 Got rid of the difficulty, made the worst raid ever (naxx 2.0) and everything was faceroll. And death knights came and just facerolled arena with their new OP hero class. Everything went downhill from here. Quit for the first time.

    Cata: At the release 10/10, Vashjir was wonderful (a bit buggy though) and the difficulty of 5 mans alone were insanely difficult and skilled players stood out. It warmed my heart every time i joined a heroic dungeon and people would almost praise me for keeping the tank and the dps alive. Really brought back the social aspect as people would really talk and discuss strategy before each pull/boss. Vanilla nostalgia all over. Everything changed when they nerfed the content and made it easier. BWD, BoT and Tot4w was really good, Firelands and DS blew. Also only 3 pvp seasons. In conclusion, cata is 4/10

    MoP: 3/10 everything is a big meh to me, i only liked the pandaren in wc3 because of his voice commands (I BRING PANDAMONIUM) and really questing for the pandaren was a pain (help their farms grow, water the plants, kill those rabbits that are eating the carrots). Nothing really stood out. Oh and cash shops.
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