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    For me personally (which involves my enjoyment, my wife's enjoyment of the game, and our guild activity):

    TBC - 10/10
    WotLK - 9/10
    Vanilla - 8/10
    Cata - 5/10
    MoP - 5/10

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    Vanilla - 8/10
    TBC - 5/10 - Hated every zone apart from Nagrand.
    WOTLK - 7/10
    Cata - 8/10
    MoP - 7/10 - Dread Wastes let's it down.

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    Vanilla: 9.7/10 - Cleared up to Naxx, did a few bosses in there aswell, loved it.
    TBC: 9.8/10 - Cleared up to Muru, still loving it.
    Wotlk: 9.9/10 - Cleared everthing, probably having the best time of my Wow-life! Yup, miss it.
    Cata: 5/10 - Stopped raiding @ Dragon Soul... Was not having that much fun at this point, sadly there are no MMOs that can compete with WoW.
    Mop: 6/10 - Only done LFR, play casually these days. Probably would give it a higher score if i still raided.

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    Vanilla: 8
    Burning Crusade: 9
    Wrath: 8
    Cataclysm: 7
    MoP: 5

    MoP has much better raiding than Cataclysm though.

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    Burning Crusade: 8
    Wrath: 10
    Cataclysm: 6
    MoP: 3

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    BC: 10
    Wrath: 8
    Cata: 4
    MoP: 6

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    Vanilla: 7/10
    Burning Crusade: 9/10
    Wrath of the Lich King: 8/10
    Cataclysm: 4/10
    Mists of Pandaria: 6/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    As of now, every game that has ever been made in the past is bad, why? CAUSE NOSTALGIA LOLYOLOSWAG#.

    Please for the love of fuck, at least try to make an argument, instead of a trollbait dig.
    I listed several reasons of many in my post, thanks

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    Vanilla: 8
    TBC: 6
    Wrath: 9
    Cataclysm: 4
    MoP: ????

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    WoW - 7/10
    BC - 10/10
    WOTLK - 8/10
    Cata - 6/10
    MoP - 6/10

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    WoW 10/10
    BC 9/10
    WOTLK 8/10
    Cata 6/10
    MoP 5/10

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    Vanilla - 7/10
    TBC- 8/10
    Wrath- 9/10 I know some people hate on the length and ToC but I really like this expansion the most
    Cata- 7/10
    Mists- 8/10 the daily grind sucked at the beginning but other than that I've like the raid content and the lore behind this expansion.

    I'm excited to see what gets revealed at Blizzcon for the next exp

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    Vanilla - 7/10
    TBC - 8/10
    WotLK - 9/10
    Cata - 4/10
    MoP - 3/10

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    Vanilla - 7 -
    Good solid base of an MMO. Super basic but it needed to be at the time. Had some issues though.

    BC - 8.5 -
    Took the good and made it better, fixed a lot of the bigger issues of Vanilla, and had solid in game lore.

    WotLK - 9 -
    Another of the took what was great about the past and made it better, epic and easily accessed in game lore was the best here.

    Cata - 6 -
    Made no real improvements, dulled down most everything, didn't revolutionize much or change much. Lore moved mostly to books and very disconnected.

    MoP - 7.5 -
    Made a big comeback as far as I am concerned. Brought lore back to the game, fixed a lot of the problems Cata had created with boring game play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    ToC is better than every raid in MoP so far excluding ToT.
    I knew you'd be a fan of the worst raid ever made. Literally every raid throughout all expansions are better then ToC. MSV HoF and ToES are by far better raid instances.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by h3lladvocate View Post
    Vanilla: 9/10 Didn't get to 60, but I loved playing
    Pandaland: 2.5/10 World of Dailycraft... Tiers have been decent, but there is so much forced side game I really don't like
    That's the most ignorant post I've seen... Nothing is forced. People that didn't look at it correctly felt it was forced in 5.0 but daily's have been really not important for months now.

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    vanilla - 8/10
    tbc - 10/10
    wrath - 7/10
    cata - 6/10
    MoP - 8/10

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    TBC - 9 (Exciting and full of atmosphere)
    WotLK - 8 (-1 for all the vehicle combat)
    Cata - 5 (Boring and I hate underwater zones)
    Mop - 6 (I would rate it much higher if it weren't for the setting. I just don't like Pandaria.)

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    Vanilla 9/10
    BC 9.9/10
    Wrath 9/10
    Cata 8/10
    MOP 9.99/10
    Palmz - Warlock
    Eternal Reign

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    Vanilla - Didn't play.
    TBC - Didn't play.
    WotlK - 10
    Cata - 4
    Mop - 8.5

    WotlK was THE game for me, as a PVP player this game had what I love most: diversity. I love to remember how well rounded the healers were, how you could organize your team around a DPS being a dispeler, how much better CC balance was. This was the best time of wow I had.
    EDIT: Also, I had so much fun in the 25 man weekend pugs, trying to get rings, neck and trinkets to pvp with =)

    Cata was terrible experience as a PVP player.
    Season 10 (first time I stoped playing), MLS was absolutely ridiculous at the time, specially against melees.
    Season 11 was far too big, it was decent but there were such huge problems that they didn't even mind addressing (they KNEW it was broken, they said so, but they did absolutely nothing about it).

    I like MoP, but I think they go too far with the NEED to play everyweek (every day if you are a PVE player).

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    Vanilla - 8/10. Chaotically imbalanced, new, exciting, fun, untainted by love of the unskilled gamer. I adored all the raids, except the corpse runs and possibly AQ40. I love attunements, not so much for the hassle, obviously, more for the storyline and feeling as if you've "earned" the right to be there.

    BC - 10/10. Hated it at first, due to the crushing of 40-mans, but got over that fast. Became an absolute blast, in both PvE and PvP. Good, challenging content, loved every raid, especially Hyjal.

    WotLK - 7/10. Utterly loved the lore, the questing, the zones - still think Northrend's the most amazing continent I'll ever see in WoW. Score's dropped by the ABYSMAL T7, T9 and the scaling nerfs to ICC. Ulduar and ICC were great overall though. PvP was AWFUL and has never recovered. Catering to unskilled gamers started the rot that'll plague the game 'til its death.

    Cata - 3/10. Hardly any new zones. TH and Hyjal were about as boring as zones can be. Vash'j and Deepholm were interesting, while Harrison Jones utterly ruined Uldum for me. Raid-wise, T11 started off amazingly. Firelands disappointed massively. Dragon Soul has to be the worst raid since ToGC. And for it to last as long as it did.... Also, talent trees started to decline in glory. Detested the changes they made to the old world. Unnecessary, pointless and kinda ruined my memories of the zones. Hardly anyone quests to level nowadays anyway, why butcher the areas we've all known and loved for so long?

    MoP - 6/10. New continent is.. ok I guess. There's almost nothing memorable about any of it. The cheesy storylines in certain areas broke my immersion too many times. I've actually been hoping for Pandaren for many years now, just.. not like this. Thought the first tier of raiding was average, second tier pretty darn good, no complaints there. They seem to be taking PvP more seriously now which I approve of. Overemphasis on dailies is annoying. I would KILL for more dungeons over more freakin' scenarios. I used to SPAM the living sh#t out of dungeons in WotLK, even without satchels, simply for the pleasure of tanking. Nowadays I can't bring myself to do a single one - there are simply too few, and I don't enjoy a single one, besides possibly SH/SM. Also, the talent trees blow goats. Literally. Makes me sad.
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