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    I just noticed.. the thread name is "What would you rate each x-pac 1-10???" I don't think vanilla is an "x-pac".

    TBC: 10/10
    WotLK: 8/10
    Cataclysm: 7/10
    MoP: 9/10

    If vanilla does count as an "x-pac", it's 8/10.

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    vanilla-never played

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    Quote Originally Posted by LookingGlass View Post
    Typical Angry/CoolGuy/Nostalgic List:

    Vanilla: 5/5
    TBC: 4/5
    WotLK: 3/5
    Cata: 2/5
    MoP: 1/5

    Actual List based on quality, accessibility, and gameplay:

    Vanilla: 1/5
    TBC: 2/5
    WotLK: 3/5
    Cataclysm: 4/5
    MoP: 5/5

    Blizzard has honed their craft so well over the past decade. Each expansion improves on every aspect of the game. The quality of MoP is astounding. The music, the quests, the environments, the gameplay; it's all due to Blizzard being at the top of their game. If you're mad things changed, well that's just it, things changed more than you did. It's undeniable WoW is above and beyond the quality of anything else on the market. I cannot wait to see the next expansion. It's probably going to get a 6/5.

    ROFL. So much ingnorance, only a child could say such things and get away with it... awwwww.
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    Vanilla: NA (Didn't play)
    BC: 8/10 (Weighted because I sucked)
    WotLK: 9.519
    Cata: 7 (Didn't play much)
    MoP: 8.5 (Moo)

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    Vanilla: 8/10 Game was fresh and new
    BC: 9/10 Peak of WoW imo.
    WotLK: 7/10
    Cata: 4/10 Quit in Cata, it was flat out boring
    MoP: 6/10 Too bad we play more with our UI in MoP (Que for everything) than our characters. Quit here aswell waiting for next expansion but I doubt it will improve.

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    9/10 *game was new and investment/reward felt incredible, but the grind was pain
    8.5/10 *it was better than Vanilla, technically, but nothing beats the first Ragnaros kill, Outland got depressing rather fast. Unlike WotLK, I don't fly into any zone and feel nostalgic, except for Isle of Quel'Danas.
    9.5/10 *Ulduar ftw, as well as Storm Peaks and Icecrown zones being quite memorable. No real drawbacks for me except dks
    6.5/10 *Just didn't deliver, though I prefer leveling in Cata to MoP. I'm apparently in a minority of those that liked Va'shyr. The Aspects are supposed to be really powerful--fail cut scenes everywhere
    8/10 *It beat a lot of my low expectations, would rate a 9/10 if not for removal of talent tree.

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    Vanilla: 7/10
    TBC: 8/10
    WotLK: 9/10
    Cata: 6/10
    MoP: 7/10.
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    WoW - 10/10
    TBC - 8/10
    WotLK - 7/10
    Cata - 5/10
    MoP - 1/10

    Next expansion
    if Burning Legion 8/10, Emerald Dream 8/10, Lordaeron Returns 8/10, Return to Outland + other areas 8/10, more crap like MoP will never play a Blizzard product again.
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    Classic - 6/10
    Burning - 7/10
    Wrath - 10/10
    Cataclysm - 8/10
    Pandaria - 9/10

    I imagine I'll get some hate for this.

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    Comparing each expansion against the others, I'd say

    Vanilla 6/10
    TBC: 8/10
    WotLK: 9/10
    Cataclysm: 7/10
    Pandaria: 9/10

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    Vanilla = 8/10
    B/C = 6/10
    LK = 10/10
    Cata = 3/10
    MoP = 9/10

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    vanilla x/10 - didnt play
    BC 8/10
    Wotlk 10/10
    Cata -6/10
    mop -10/10 (not playing anymore, too shitty)
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    hard to state in only one number

    each rated at their time:
    vanilla - 10/10 - was just epic compared to other games back in 2004/5
    tbc - 8,5/10 - still very good, but lost epicness due to smaller raids
    wotlk - 7/10 - awefull at the beginning, but ulduar/icecrown are possibly the best raid tiers of all time. stopped playing after 2 weeks of naxx, resubed late ulduar
    cata - 5/10 - below average. lvled up, stopped playing in the middle of firelands. never considered resubing
    mop - 7/10 - only for pet battles, best addition to the game ever, hoping to see more of it in the future. still only played 2 month. 1st raid tier was boring/dull, considering resub for siege of OG
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    Vanilla = 6/10
    B/C = 9/10
    LK = 7/10
    Cata = 4/10
    MoP = 8/10

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    Vanilla = 8/10 - Didn't have much content, but it was fun to raid MC with 40 people and get those agi items intended for str classes :P
    BC = 9/10 - <3 Legion. Karazhan was still the best raid ever. Here's hoping it's revisited in the next expansion.
    WOTLK = 9/10 - Easymode raids were super fun. Puggable Naxx <3 ICC is maybe the second best raid ever. Ulduar was great too.
    Cata = 7/10 - Meh. End game 5 player heroics dropping epics from every boss was a great way to let alts get stuff faster, though.
    MoP = 7/10 - So boring.
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    Vanilla = 9/10
    TBC = 10/10
    WotLK = 9/10
    Cata = 2/10
    MoP = 3/10

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    Vanilla - Didn't play
    TBC - 7/10 (this entirely relies on my experience on leveling, I reached lv 58 right before wotlk came out)
    Wrath - 9/10
    Cata - 7,5/10
    MoP - 8/10

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    Classic - didnt play
    Burning - 9/10 hard hcs, raids were actually fun (no faceroll stuff like LFR, you had to put some effort in getting gear), PVP was alot better than now
    Wrath - 9/10 probably the best expansion so far
    Cataclysm - 5/10 didnt rly liked the story nor the new zones/raids
    Pandaria - 8/10 they made the game way too much casual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adlian View Post
    Wrath - 9/10 probably the best expansion so far
    Pandaria - 8/10 they made the game way too much casual
    Pandaria is more casual than Wrath?

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    This topic is a quite hard to get an accurate answer, because of nostalgia vs present times. People complained about every xpac whilst it was current, yet seem to love it so much a few years on.

    I remember people bitching about how WotLK was the worst expansion in the world, and how the game was awful at the time, yet looking back on it now will rate it quite highly. It's no fault of the players, it's just how it is.

    My ratings are:
    Vanilla: Didnt play, so im not going to rate it

    TBC: Only started playing in the final patch, was about level 68 when Wrath hit, so again, I wont rate it

    WotLK: 9/10 - This was the crux of my WoW playing career, raided from the start, absolutely loved it. Being able to do both 10 and 25 man in one week was amazing, and there was a lot to do despite what people claim. Being able to catch up with alts was also phenomenal, I remember raiding ICC on 3 toons quite well, although only 1 was doing heroics.

    Cata: 6/10 - Didn't really raid, but just felt the whole thing was a little boring, not a whole lot to do (as far as I was concerned), but I still enjoyed the ability to play multiple characters. The main thing I despised was 10/25 becoming 1 lockout, which I was firmly against and felt Blizz made a mistake

    MoP: 7/10 - Only done LFR, so I can't comment on proper raiding, but I'm not a fan of the 10/25 sharing a lockout that came with Cata, and thought they should've reversed it in MoP. Not a fan of being forced to do dailies, but it did give me things to do which I guess is a good thing. Very aesthetically pleasing and polished however. And LFR is definitely a good thing

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