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    Let's just go with 10 being the best one, 1 being the worst, rather than a flat out rating. Also objectively speaking:

    Vanilla: 6
    TBC: 9
    WotLK: 5
    Cata: 1
    MoP: 10

    That all being said, I had the most fun in Vanilla and TBC. My guild died down towards the latter half of Wrath, so I did have a lot of fun there too up until the end. Cata is the reason I didn't play the game for over a year, because MoP is really good. I'm actually looking forward to the next xpac as I think the team is finally figuring it out.

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    TBC: 8.5/10
    Wrath: 9.5/10
    Cata: 4/10
    MoP: 7/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    Vanilla - 8.5/10
    TBC - 10/10
    WoTLK - 8/10
    Cata - 4/10 At best
    MoP - no.

    ---------- Post added 2013-06-22 at 02:10 AM ----------

    Yet, you gave an 8/10 to TBC.
    And yet, from Vanilla to TBC, the game grew a lot.

    You're spewing some bullshit here.
    During wotlk the game was advertised a lot and a lot of new people joined in. They didn't know a lot about the hardcore content and were thrown off with the cata heroics. It's really hard to think sometimes isn't it..

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    Why Cata so low?

    5-mans were great and basically the only bad thing in that expansion was DS? At least Firelands was one of the better raids overall IMO.

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    BC - 10/10
    Wrath - 9/10
    Cata - 5/10 (would have been 4/10 if not for t11)
    MoP - 7/10

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    BC: Launch 8; End 8
    Wrath: Launch 9; End 9
    Cata: Launch 8; End 5 (T11 was fantastic)
    MoP: Launch 9; End ?

    I guess. Numbers.

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    Didn't play Vanilla
    BC: 9/10
    Wrath: 8/10
    Cata: 5/10
    MoP: 9/10
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    @Strm: Cata is so low because, as I suspect, much of the development time was wasted in fully realizing how long the extensive revamp of the EK/Kalimdor experience. This showed at launch with certain quest lines, mostly Twilight Highlands (most notably the Alliance intro quest being simplified), carried over into 5.1 when they had to (I suspect) change all but Ragnaros in Firelands (either due to difficulty backlash at launch and/or they were just behind still) and had to release the Zandalari heroics alone and "forced" people into those two heroics, and then ultimately not providing much content in both Firelands and Dragon Soul for the duration the raids lasted.

    It's an unfortunate effect for what was truly some great work that just got watered down in every way imaginable due to disappointing pacing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strmstrike View Post
    Why Cata so low?

    5-mans were great and basically the only bad thing in that expansion was DS? At least Firelands was one of the better raids overall IMO.
    Because 90% of players couldn't handle them. The ratings are based on the game as a whole. Not just because you liked them. Also they took to dam long. I couldn't even get time to do ONE in between finishing work and starting the nights raid. I would Co-gm at the time of a hardcore raiding guild. Between organizing shit with the guild and raiding i never had time to do heroics unless i wasn't doing anything on the weekend.

    Finish work -5pm
    Get home - 5:30pm
    Eat dinner - 6pm
    Have shower - 6:30pm
    Get raid group together - 7pm
    Start raiding 7:15pm

    Where was i going to get 1/2 hours to do a lame 5man that gave me BLUES.
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    Vanilla- Didn't play
    TBC 2.4-3.0 10/10- Surprisingly I started during this, it was a new game and even though I was a noob it was fun learning everything. I met great people.
    WOTLK-10/10 First time I raided. It was amazing. I eventually was doing bosses and downing them on Heroic ICC pre nerfs. I felt like I evolved as a player and I gained a lot from it. On top of that it had an incredible storyline. Maybe my only complaint is about Trial of the Crusader, but a part of me loved it "LOL raid done in 1 hour" Gave us a chance to go to achievement runs elsewhere.
    Cataclysm- 7/10- 70% I consider passing. So I think cataclysm passed. Old world Revamps consumed a lot of time, but I loved them. Probably the only reason I managed to get all 85s. Storyline was cool because it brought back characters that I wanted to see ie... Deathwing, Cho'gall, Sinestra. I dont know if they were executed quite well. I dont think it was extremely compelling in terms of story. Liked LFR though because I started college and got extremely busy. One thing that bugged me. Wtf 4.3 trailer? the Vol'jin troll trailer was cooler, The ragnoras trailer was cooler. was there any voice acting?
    Mists of Pandaria 10/10- Definitely compelling in terms of story. Very nice zones, and a wide variety of things to do in the world. Rares that I can kill for fun. Brawlers guild, Great use of the faction leaders (Horde Side) sorry alliance =P.

    Overall I loved the game. Cataclysm disappointed me, but what can I do. I know many people think WoW is dying, and I hope it doesnt. I hope it grows because I enjoy it.

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    Vanilla = 10/10

    An absolute ton of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the honor grind. I was guild leader of the top PvP honor grind guild on my server. I organized all the groups, ran them for hours and hours and hours. We had a BLAST. I was getting 3 hours of sleep a night for stretches but who cares. I made rank 14. Also raided some, and was in the BEST guild I would ever enjoy. We didn't progress a lot but raided lots of ZG. ZG was so awesome. Alterac Valley was AMAZING with games lasting 2-3 days. I would spend so much time in there, organizing strike forces to backcap graveyards. The strategy was top notch.

    B/C = 5/10

    The beginning was great. But the direction of the game took a nasty turn. They ripped out the LFG global chat channel, forcing everyone to destroy the trade channel to recreate it. They removed the honor grind and replaced it with arenas, which I never really enjoyed. They destroy alterac valley. The last straw was removing attunements in the middle of the xpac, which destroyed my raiding guild. I retired from raiding after that and never went back full time.

    LK = 4/10

    At this point I was totally casual. Not really doing PvP nor raiding. I got into this new thing called 59 twinks. We worked HARD on that guild, we aggressively recruited members and slowly built it up over a year to where we had people on 24 hours a day. It was JUST ABOUT to really take off....and then Blizzard dropped the HAMMER on it by adding xp to BGs. The guild died. All the hard work...for NOTHING.

    Cata = 2/10

    I mostly just logged in to talk to old friends. Got bored. Quit.

    MoP = never bought it, never played it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grummgug View Post
    Vanilla = 10/10
    B/C = 5/10
    LK = 4/10
    Cata = 2/10
    MoP = never bought it, never played it
    Bad case of the rose tint

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    Vanilla: 9/10
    TBC: 7/10
    WOTLK: 10/10
    Cata: 5/10
    MoP: 10/10

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    Nice to see Mists getting such high ratings.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Vanilla = 7.5/10
    TBC = 9/10
    WotLK = 8/10
    Cata - 6/10
    MoP - so far 6.5/10

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    Vanilla - 9.5/10
    BC - 8.5/10
    Wrath - 8.5/10
    Cata - 4/10
    MoP - 7/10

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    TBC > MoP > Wrath > Cata

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dald View Post
    Bad case of the rose tint
    Asserting is fun! Vanilla was best and it kept getting worse. Neither of us have proved anything, but we asserted things!

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    Vanilla isnt an x-pac so it shouldnt even be listed here but anyways

    Vanilla :6
    TBC: 7
    Cata: 5
    Mop: 4

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    Hard to say for me.

    Vanilla was 8/10, mainly due to mystique and utter newness.

    TBC was 6/10, I was more involved than ever but the scaling of difficulty was frustrating for someone trying to raid.

    Wrath I came through right after Ulduar, and I give it a 9/10, while initially hating it, I fell in love with Ulduar and ICC (let's forget ToTGC)

    Cata, as much as I wanted to love it, was around 7/10, mainly because I just moved on

    Mists, probably 7/10 as well, mainly because I haven't gotten back in enough, although I'm having fun with my disc priest.

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