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    Vanilla - 8/10 - New and exciting, raids felt scary and special.
    TBC - 9/10 - Not equally new and exciting but content wise, simply amazing.
    Wotlk - 3/10 - Raiding started to be dumbed down.
    Cata - What comes before 0 again? / 10. - LFR / LFD / flying in EK/kalimdor /
    MoP - 6 A turn for the better, devs seemingly care for the game. However, I feel like existing things need to be removed rather than new things added.

    As for Serenias post, expansions are not timeless you know. Of course vanilla and TBC raids look easy now because: 1. They were nerfed. 2. The playerbase knew less and were worse players in those days. As for gear dependency, I actually think it was a good thing that you had to prepare to the max to start raiding (both with gear and attunements). Being able to jump in to raids with no gear and a pack of clowns is hardly exciting. This is why I rated wotlk so low and downwards from then. I joined my friends in raiding at the start of wotlk, we were 5 people who knew eachother and 20 strangers. All with no huge commitment, we got server top 10 on Draenor in t7 (which is, or at least was pretty competitive in pve).

    Also, in wotlk and cata, the community was I feel dragged down by LFD/LFR/crossrealm and in MoP just to add fuel to the fire we add Crz. I think they should have done server mergings somewhere where the amount of players in the game started going down (and they still haven't, are you kidding me?). People ask: well, would you want to play wow without LFR/LFD/BG queue every where (as well as tons of other new things that make the game more and more convenient. Yes, of course I would play that wow, that's the game I fell in love with in 2005.

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    TBC - 8.5/10 (Was a fresh start for me, really felt the game was great back then, however didn't experience raiding at 70)
    Wrath - 10/10 (I found to be pretty awesome from the lore to the raids (except the "Trial 3.2" raids))
    Cata - 5/10 (Only good points for me were is that I liked Firelands and T11... Rest all I remember is QQ from players and rehashed "za/zg" and 4.3 "Failsoul".... also mogging was a nice feature)
    MoP (5.0-5.1) 6/10 (I just didnt find dailies so appealing honestly and didn't generally like MoP at start with all the pandas thingy)
    MoP (5.2-5.4) 8/10 (Gonna wait to see how 5.4 raid turns out to be and might give it a 9, really like how they switched back to the ally vs horde war and the thunder king)

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    Vanilla: 8/10
    It was great for its time, sure by today's standards it isn't very good at all, but it's only fair to judge the expansions for how good it was at its time. Vanilla was great for its time, but even then it had some glaring flaws even back then.

    TBC: 7/10
    TBC was but a minor dump-down of Vanilla to me, sure it was packed with tons of raid content, but it also introduced dailies and the whole theme was way too focused on Blood Elves and nothing else.

    WotLK: 2/10
    I don't feel like going on another rant, but the only reason I played at this point was because of my friends. All content except for Ulduar was simply horrific.

    Cata: 5/10
    Had an amazing start-up, great heroics, pretty good raids, but man did it take a nosedive as soon as the first major patch hit. It's so sad, it had so much potential, and it was just thrown away.

    MoP: 9/10
    What can I say, this is the time I've enjoyed playing WoW the most. There's so many great things, just from the story to the content to the world, it's a miracle that it could recover so well from two bad expansions in a row. The only reason it doesn't get 10/10 is because of Heart of Fear and the hideous Pandaria leveling, besides that everything else is so well executed.
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    Vanilla = 8.5/10 - while the game had a lot of issues at that time it was at it's best then
    B/C = 6/10 - i had less fun in bc and also it was a huge letdown for me as I was hoping they would fill all the placeholders in azeroth which they barely touvhed
    LK = 8/10 - realy liked the setting but miss some of the stuff that made vanilla so much fun
    Cata = 6/10 - the revamp of the old stuff was coolish but the new zones were terrible
    MoP = 8/10 - looks cool plays nice, too linear questing though

    My main problem with the game sice vanilla is that it lacks some of the stuff that made vanilla cool, long ass dungeons filled with things to do, not aoe fests like most dungeons are now (think chest runs in DM north, timed strat runs, the waitress in brd quest etc...)

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    vanilla - didnt play it

    TBC - 8/10 - i dont really know, its so long time ago. I started to play wow around the release of TBC. I was looking for mankriks wife in the barrens most of the time during the expansion. I levelled all characters to 60-70 except hunter and priest. I think it took me over a year to become level 70 on my first character. Everything was so new and I could barely read english. Getting 60% mount was amazing, and flying mount too. I loved netherdrakes. There was nothing i hated about the game, simply because everything was new and cool. TBC was not like wrath/cata/mop, because i was new to the game, i cant really compare it. I rate it high, because I'm sure i had a good time and its a 1 time experience.

    Wotlk - 10/10 - I give it 10/10 because I evolved from being a really big noob to a very skilled player in both pve and pvp. I was also always fascinated by the lich king concept and had to roll a death knight. It has been my main character ever since. Joined my first pve guild during ulduar patch, only cleared to hodir but it was the start of my evolving. ToC was lame and i didnt raid it but pug the first boss or two. I focused much on pvp instead, improving how bad I was in s5, slightly better in s6. Got my first t1 weapon that time. I still use it as transmog now, reminding me of the good times. In lich king patch i tried pve again, and i got DBW will the first month of the release. The guild eventually splitted and i tried my hopes on better raiding guild who was 11/12 normal. Through the patch we eventually got to 11/12 hc, but never defeated lich king hc, but the experience was amazing.

    Cata - 5/10 - I really enjoyed levelling 80-85, vash'jir was really cool and hc dungeon was so nice, even though it took 5 hours to clear deadmines heroic lol. But after that it kinda died for me, and running through the dungeons overgeared was so boring and so much pain, just to get valor points. It was the first time I quitted wow, but it was only like 4-5 months. PvP was dead to me too. I think DS was cool the first time i did it, but second time i ran it i realized that it was so bad design. I managed to gear up through LFR and DS normal pugs, and join a DS 10 hc guild stuck on Deathwing at 15%, we managed to defeat it the last day before 20% buff. It was the first time I defeated the last boss on heroic before the next expansion. It gives bonus points. Without those things aswell as transmog, which is really nice, i would have pointed my thumb down for execution!

    MoP - 7.5/10 - MoP is cool, pvp is not anything special, it seems broken for me. I only cap CP to have the opportunity to pvp. There is lots of stuff to do in MoP, but i kinda already have done it all, so know im just waiting for my 600 ilvl cloak 9/12 runestones now. I have plans maybe to join a pve guild on the last patch, but it will depend on the legendary quest chain. I wanna finish it, because I think its really cool made by blizzard. I don't like how LFR has turned out to be, Valor points and LFR have given epic gear worthless value. I dont really like it. But Cata took the minus for that, i cant blame mop for having a system that was implemented in cata. Challenge mode is really nice and BMAH is cool too, even though people can buy my mimirons head for gold I worked hard for in wrath. Challenge modes is really cool too, I havent really had time to do it because there was so much to do, so im just 3/9 now, but i shouldn't be any problem. MoP is overall good and the story is cool.

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    Vanilla = 9/10
    B/C = 10/10
    LK = 9/10
    Cata = 8/10
    MoP = 5/10

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    vanilla not an xpac ;p

    TBC = 9/10 omg wow, outlands is so lush. everything is awesome

    WoLK = 10/10 even more omg wow, had the best fun times in a video game ever during the 2 years of this xpac .... will never experience anything like it again

    Cata = 6-7/10 really enjoyed this xpac after a rocky start, had some really awesome moments. (DS and LFR and few other things ruined it late on)

    MoP = 2/10 waste of fekkin time.... first time ive ever unsubbed from wow. not missing MoP one bit

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    TBC - 7.5/10
    WotLK - 9/10 (probably 10/10 if To(G)C wasn't so shit)
    Cataclysm - 6/10 (Maybe would have gained .5 or 1 if DS wasn't so long)
    MoP - 8.5/10 (Reserving the last 1.5 until the expansion ends but It's been good this far for me personally and at the end, maybe I would rate it as 10/10 but I want to see SoO first and how long until next expac before I'll give a proper Expansion rating to it)

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    Vanilla - 10/10
    TBC - 8/10
    Wrath - 7/10
    Cataclysm - 2/10 - Two points for transmog, else it would be a zero.
    MoP - 7/10 to this point.

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    WotLK - 6/10
    Cata - 7/10
    MoP 6/10

    Inkompetent developers that implement 25 class-specific "trinket" abilities and allow certain classes to deal 300k damage in one global for an entire patch has an extremely big impact on my judgment. In addition to that all the other things you can do out in the world like leveling, farming, etc are still the same and very boring. Some of these things are understandable during the youth of a game but by now anybody that actually plays the game knows that something has to be done. The game had potential grow even more, but clearly that potential was wasted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    Vanilla = 6/10
    B/C = 5/10
    LK = 2/10
    Cata = 2/10
    MoP = 7/10

    I love how so many people vote LK so highly, considering all I remember from that time is how horrible everyone thought it was and how much better Cataclysm was going to be.
    Well nostalgia fools everyone. But dumb things mattered less back then. So many years later the game still has the same issues and now it's just hard to bare with them...

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    A lot of people really seem to hate Cataclysm. I feel like the expansion started out extremly good. All classes had gotten tons of new cool abilities that really changed PvP. Tol Barad was just so fun IMO. The leveling zones were cool and farming was really fun. Even dungeons were fun, a bit less so after the nerfs tho. But eventually people just got bored of all those things and the game slowly became a bit stale.

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    Vanilla = Didn't play
    BC = Didn't play
    LK = 10/10 New player, everything was exciting and awesome plus love the LK story from Wc3!
    Cata = 7/10 Didn't really like cata that much. What makes it a 7 though is Firelands, loved Firelands!
    MoP = 8/10 Have played most PvP in MoP and it is much better than cata. The zones are a lot more interesting than cata as well.

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    Vanilla 7/10 - because it was new (wouldnt want to go back..)
    TBC 8/10 - Was a lot of waiting time between dungeons but 10/10 when i got into raiding guild
    WotLK 7/10 - Pretty good until LK raid
    Cataclysm - 2/10 - Wtf
    MOP - 3/10 - Because I hate the chinese theme and really dislike LFR

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    Vanilla: 6/10. While it was a lot of fun, the game was poorly itemized, had a lot of shit talent trees, etc.
    TBC: 7/10. Pretty good expansion with plenty of content.
    WotLK: 7/10. While a lot of the content was easy, I did enjoy being able to do normal raids just with friends.
    Cata: 4/10. I mostly leveled alts this expansion because outside of raiding, which I didn't have a lot of time for at the time, or PvP there was barely anything to do at max level.
    MoP: 7/10. So far MoP has been good. There is plenty to do and there is more to come in 5.4 which could take this rating higher.

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    Vanilla - 8/10 (lost points due to bugs, unbalanced talent trees, etc)
    BC - 6/10 (lost points due to introduction of flying mounts)
    Wrath - 6/10 (lost points due to flying mounts, LFD, gained points because better talent trees, complicated rotations)
    Cata - 3/10 (lost points: Flying(also in old world), LFD, LFR, gained points for having the balls to remake old world)
    Mist - 2/10 (lost points: same as above + dailies + bad theme)
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    vanilla 9/10 because the game had style then

    BC 7/10 flying mounts ruined a lot of things, made the world small. Best art direction of any xpack, especially weapon / armor models

    Wrath 9/10 Best raids of any expansion (minus TOC) Game was never more fun than during the ulduar patch.

    Cata 6 / 10 most boring raids in the games history, tease old gods but never deliver, at least they finally broke down and give us transmog, zone remakes were hit and miss, some actually have great little stories buried in them and some just cartoon up the game.

    MoP 4 / 10 Bad music, bad art, annoying theme, pandas are a huge let down, promise horde v alliance but give us horde + alliance vs garrosh.

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    Vanilla - 7/10
    TBC - 10/10
    WoTLK - 8/10
    Cata - 1/10
    MoP - 6/10
    Podspirit - Aerie Peak US

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    All out of 10s.

    WoW - 8 - great first experience. I loves the scale of Lbrs, Ubrs, and BWL how they all connected. I also liked attuning to a raid, but it got ridiculous in TBC.
    TBC - 9 - excellent raids, a lot of fun stuff to do.
    WotLK - 7 - bumped cause I think they did arthas well, PvE became poor due to healers having too much mana.
    Cata - 4 - started around an 8; loved heroic dungeons pre-nerf. First raid tier was also an excellent tier. Went to hell with 4.1 and after.
    Mists - 7 - doing great, would be higher but my server is nearly dead. hopefully virtual realms fixes this.

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    It's pretty cool to see people's opinions on each expansion. So many people dubbed BC/Wrath to be great, but then some people think differently on them. Then, we get Cata, who most people think was the worst xpac ever and some people really enjoyed it. Just neat to see how everyone thinks.

    Vanilla - ?
    BC- 9
    Wrath - 7
    Cata - 4
    Mists - 8

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    vanilla - 8/10
    bc - 8/10
    wrath - 9/10
    cata - 4/10 ( T11 was amazing and everything after that....yeah.)
    mop - 5/10 I havent seriously since the first tier. It was ok, but i hear great things from ToT that I can't judge

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    Vanilla = 9/10 the grind and slow leveling were sow long...but it was great
    B/C =10/10 my first endgame raiding point best memories! and the PTR pvp testing with Premade chars, spent 2 months doing pvp pn the time ever..wish it was like that again...
    LK = The leveling i saw abit boring at the first then it was ok.. i quit for abit here to study and work( Ulduar period),came back for TOC and kept playing
    Cata = The revamp was amazing and questing was funner..with the new quests and stuff i quit after a month or 2 due to school and work again.... came back for Death wing kills on LFR

    MoP = Same like Cata i left after a month or 2 but i came back abit after 5.1 -5.2 was released and playing since but i still work fulltime....i only have time to do LFR and a few quests with alts exept off days and weekends XD

    WoW is the only game i have played longer then a week..And that includes PS1.PS2.Xbox360 and PS3
    Exept Guildwars,Saints row and dragon age and Kingdoms of amular.

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