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    Constant duplicate items in LFR?

    Just wondering if this happens to alot of others that run LFR whether or not its just to gear alts or as their primary source of raiding. I run LFR on a couple of my alts and when I decide to use an extra roll and am fortunate enought to "win" I frequently get an item I have already have. Ive recieved the same trinket 4 times, shield x 4, pants x 5. Besides these items I've only gotten 1 unique piece after about 9 weeks of LFR. I certainly enjoy the casual aspect of LFR but it gets rather bothersome after a while. I personally think it would be nice if when you won you were allowed to pick an item from the loot table, but that would be almost too perfect for alot of people. I know RNG for as easy as LFR is can be a pain in the rear put a little alt progression would be nice! Anyone have similar experiences?

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    Yep, sometimes you get screwed on RNG. I think I've looted RoRo on my assassination rogue pretty much 80% of the time (Reg mode and LFR -_-)
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    When I ran LFR yeah like the same shit within the past 2-3 weeks was an awesome time haha I suggest putting that suggestion in their forum I actually like that.

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    Yeah it happens all the time to me when i try to gear alts up in LFR and with Bonus rolls in general. It's rng to be sure but it would seem the odds are stacked heavily on one specific item. What i don't get sometimes with LFR is why certain bosses only have a chance to drop 1 item for your spec and then another boss might have a chance to drop 6 possible items. They could have done a better job at balancing the tables a bit.
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    I like your idea. Kill boss, select loot you'd like, wait for the game to tell you if it's going to give you the item or the bag of gold. Still, this would make it too easy to gear up. RNG hated you for a while, hope for the best now!

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    Yeah does happen. It helps to be enchanter :-D The thing is, it is totally random what dropps, which is the same as in dungeons, raids and heroic raids, that's just the nature of loot. It wouldn't be cool if you could just chose what you want, then you would be finished with your gear progression much earlier (which Blizz obviously don't want. Nore do I actually, don't want to play 3 weeks and then unsubscribe until the next major patch comes)

    The thing is, even if the chances that getting the same item 4 times in a row is horribly low (lets say a random number: 0.1%) that's one in a thousand. but in WoW there are many one in a thousands, because there are millions of players. Someone has to be the unlucky one :-(
    It's just bad luck. With LFR and Bonusroll just get your mindset to be: "Nothings gonna drop anyway"
    Then you can once in a while be positivly suprised for actually having a drop.

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    Haha well at least its not just me! Not a bad idea mentioning it on the forums I just figured some variation of the same idea has been suggested by now! Keep on keepin on I suppose! C'est la vie!

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    I've had really good RNG recently. I get a drop I need, then bonus roll another drop I need on the same kill.
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    Remember that for most class specs some bosses only drop 1 or 2 items, so the odds of duplicates are very high.

    I rarely roll on a boss that drops a duplicate unless I'm aiming for a specific piece like a weapon or tier piece.
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