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    vanilla 7/10
    Bc 9/10
    Wotlk 9/10
    Cata 7/10 I hated ds
    Mop 9/10 they dumbed down pvp the only thing I don't like about this expansion but they removed a ton of rng from it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by h3lladvocate View Post
    Pandaland: 2.5/10 World of Dailycraft... Tiers have been decent, but there is so much forced side game I really don't like
    <Rustlemania> - 10 Man Raiding - 10/13 H ToT, 16/16H T14

    Why would anyone spend several hours a week doing something he rates 2.5/10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangg View Post
    <Rustlemania> - 10 Man Raiding - 10/13 H ToT, 16/16H T14

    Why would anyone spend several hours a week doing something he rates 2.5/10?
    I always ask myself the same question when I see people saying "Take off them rose tinted goggles Vanilla sucked - I should know I played it" - Why the fuck did you play it then? Why did you continue to play it? Why did you sub for 7 years to a game that (according to you) the first 2 years were awful.
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    Vanilla 9
    TBC 8
    WotLK 9
    Cataclysm 7
    MoP 8

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    Vanilla- Didn't play but if I based it on the old Azeroth content I experienced, 9/10
    BC- same as above, 8/10
    Wrath- 10/10
    Cata- 6/10
    Mists- 8/10

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    Vanilla isn't really a expansion, but as a content pack, i'll also rate it.

    Vanilla - 8/10
    TBC - 10/10
    WoTLK - 6/10
    Cataclysm - 3/10 (Only due to the Ragnaros 25hc encounter, that 'saved' it)
    MoP - 7/10

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    Vanilla = can't vote
    B/C = 10/10 The peak of wow, especially pvp players, Arena was brand new in there. Zones very diverse Outland was awesome. If you played beyond the dark portal, you will like this visit.
    LK = 7/10 Merely was great, because of Arthas and norther theme and raids as ulduar and icc. But the Zones were too similar to each other....not a diversity as in outland and cata.
    Cata = 8/10 You guys need to think way harder and be honest. Cata wasn't only about DS aka 4.3 patch. At the start it had very hard 5mans and raids and a lot of diverse Zones. Vash'ir was underwater, Firelands was flamey Uldum was indiana jones desert and deepholm was merely a jule vernes trip. No new continent but the most diverse zones and best quests i ever had, remember the shark quest in Vash'ir. Old content was lvl1-60 was finally remade. Another big plus was the ART on tier sets and items....looked especially on plate users much better than everything i saw in mop. Twillight hammer followers know their fine art! I don't allow this downrating just because of 1 rushed patch.

    MoP = 6/10 A boring farm fest based on dailies, the zones are as undiverse as in wrath, just wrath at least hat that snowy north theme. Horrible pvp never was that bad for such a long period of time. The art on tier sets and pvp sets is the most tasteless piece of crap i ever saw. The story stopped and this addon added asolutely nothing to the once great wow lore. Thats the xpack that made me quit. I gave it 6 points only cause i had fun with oondasta killing multiple raids when this worldboss was first released and all the jokes that goes with it and cause they have done a good job with warlocks and their green fire. The music was well done too in this. Seems the artists always do their homework no matter what expansion it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbownz View Post
    ROFL. So much ingnorance, only a child could say such things and get away with it... awwwww.

    hm ok i prefered the cata quests though....better quality and more fun and diverse than mop's boring farm quests.

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    Vanila: 10/10
    TBC: 10/10
    WOTLK: 8/10
    CATA: 7/10
    MOP: 7/10

    For me.

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    Vanilla: Didn't play
    BC: 9/10
    WOTLK: 10/10
    CATA: 6/10
    MOP: 3/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by strmstrike View Post
    Why Cata so low?

    5-mans were great and basically the only bad thing in that expansion was DS? At least Firelands was one of the better raids overall IMO.
    Cause most people are only raiders and care about the last raid in a game. That it is not a fwhole continent bs is nonsense. I rather have diverse zones than a single continent that does not interact with the rest of the lore much. Besides the praise to mop is ridiculous, boring daily grinds and ugliest tier artwork to date...+ most horrible pvp balance ever without a single ray of fun in there.....yeah, most people are raiders thats why these results. However a lot are casuals that don't bother to vote here too.

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    ---Started in TBC but didn't reach max level, but I hated it lol... only reached level 35 and quit, then made another toon and quit at 20 (not much explanation of anything I think, I didn't start using talents on my rogue until someone told me at level 30). Based on my experiences anyway, my votes are as follows:

    TBC: 4/10
    WotLK: 9/10
    Cata: Started off well, i'd say 9/10, but Firelands and then Dragon Soul really pulled it down, it had potential. Plus the neglect towards Warriors forced me to change main at the end, as far as PvP is concerned that is. So 5/10
    MoP: Started off badly for me, levelling was much worse than in Cata or Wrath Imo, didn't like Tier 14 either, but ToT did something I guess, to up it shall we say, so 7/10.

    (Only time I've ever quit the game was during Firelands and towards the end of Dragon Soul, still playing currently)
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    TBC - 10/10
    WOTLK - 10/10
    Cataclysm - 5/10
    MOP - 8/10

    Can't believe how many people rate Cata above MOP or WOTLK. Madness. I guess a lot of people found sitting in Org doing nothing for two years fun.

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    Vanilla : 8
    tbc : 4
    wotlk : 10
    cata : 3
    mop : 2

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    Vanilla: 7
    TBC: 8
    Wrath: 9
    Cata: 4
    MoP: 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by narendal94 View Post
    MoP = 8/10 Have played most PvP in MoP and it is much better than cata. The zones are a lot more interesting than cata as well.
    Thats an outright lie and you know it.

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    Vanilla: Did not play, but from I've seen and heard: 5/10.
    TBC: Did not play, but from I've seen and heard: 6.5/10
    WotLK: 8/10
    Cata: 5.5/10. While the systems and zone overhaul was needed, the endgame was lackluster.
    MoP: 7.5/10. Overall theme is great, the lore is enjoyable, zones look beautiful and the endgame is fun. But there are still some faults, such as the bonus roll system.
    Those are my opinions and if you don't ike them, deal with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blasphemii View Post
    TBC - 10/10
    WOTLK - 10/10
    Cataclysm - 5/10
    MOP - 8/10

    Can't believe how many people rate Cata above MOP or WOTLK. Madness. I guess a lot of people found sitting in Org doing nothing for two years fun.
    OR, they used to play many alts enjoying the diverse zones and did a ton of arenas. But i suppose doing LFR each week and collect valor points and charms by dalies is the fun way to handle things, especially alts.

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    The way I experienced them...

    Vanilla: 8
    BC: 7
    WoTLK: 10
    Cata: 6
    MoP: 7

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    Vanilla: 6/10
    TBC: 10/10
    WOTLK: 3/10
    MOP: 0/10

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    Vanilla 8/10
    TBC 9/10
    WOTLK 8.5/10 (prior to 3.3.5 & 4.0.1)
    Cata 4/10
    MOP 6/10

    It seems like majority here prefer WOTLK/TBC to all the others and of course Vanilla being new game, shame it had a lot of broken, well everything

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