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    Vanilla - N/A
    TBC - N/A
    Wrath - 9.5/10
    Cata - 8/10
    MoP - 7/10

    Wrath was my first experience and got me into the game very well with a good story and some simplicity to earning great rewards. My only complaint was the ungodly lag of Dalaran that made me avoid the city up until the last 10 weeks of the xpac. Cata made it possible for me to level several alts and get them ready for raiding with my guild in a short span of time, but the dialogue made me cringe at a lot of points. MoP has great dialogue and cutscenes, better npc interaction, gorgeous music, and awesome lore, but the zones seem rather stale and monochromatic and I've found myself at the point where I no longer care to work on my main characters and would rather just level random alts on other realms w/o heirlooms. My lack of interest may also have to do with the fact that my realm seems dead despite being "medium".
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    Vanilla: Didn't play
    BC: 8/10
    WotLK: 10/10
    Cata: 6/10
    MoP: 7/10

    PvP is really big for me, and it really went downhill after WotLK imo.

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    Classic- I started at patch 1.3, can't comment as it was not an expansion
    TBC- 10/10 loved it, Kara and BT were imo the best instances to date
    WotLK- 8/10 meh was a nice change in the frozen lands
    Cata- 3/10 I left for a while after my guild downed Cho'gal normal 25 man, came back near the end of the expansion, only did 2 bosses in DS because my guild needed another body fast.
    MoP- 7/10 Thought I would enjoy the asian theme, not so much, mostly all I'm doing this expansion is pvp.

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    Vanilla - 8/10 provided ground work
    The Burning Crusade - 7/10 expanded and had a few unique events
    Wrath of the Lich King - 10/10 turned wow into a real epic mmo
    Cataclysm - 2/10 took a shit on every player
    Mists of Pandaria - 9/10 showed the beauty of the creative minds at blizzard

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    Let's see...

    Vanilla: 7/10
    BC: 8/10
    Wrath: 9/10
    Cata: 7/10
    MoP: 9/10
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    Vanilla 7/10
    BC 10/10
    Wrath 9/10
    Cata 5/10
    MoP 8/10

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    Vanilla 1/10
    BC 1/10
    Wrath 2/10
    Cata 10/10
    Mop 1/10

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    vanilla 10/10
    bc 10/10
    wotlk 10/10
    cata 0/10
    mop 2/10
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    Vanilla - 6/10.. Was only like 12, didn't know anything and stayed below like level 20 lol
    BC - 7/10.. Started raiding here and got me into the game more
    LK - 9/10.. Very immersive, met my guild, loved pvp and everything. Very good
    Cata - 8/10.. Still had fun PvPing but mainly because the xpac itself wasn't, ya know the best I was able to level SO MANY to 85 which is great in MoP which...
    MoP - 10/10 love having so many available at 85 to be honest, having so much fun in PvP

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    Vanilla 9/10
    Tbc 9/10
    Wotlk 7/10
    Cata 6/10
    Mists 8/10

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    Vanilla 9/10 - It was great for it's time and the whole game felt fresh, but I probably wouldn't rate it this high by todays standards.

    TBC 8/10 - I wasn't a big fan of the new zones and I didn't do much PvE during that time, but the PvP was great fun.

    WotLK 6/10 - Other than Ulduar the raids kinda blew in Wrath, Naxx was a poor revamp, ToC was just terrible and ICC lasted for far too long. The PvP was still fun, but I didn't invest as much time in it as I did in TBC, I was starting to get more into PvE at this point.

    Cata 5/10 - The beginning of this expansion was just amazing, the HCs and raids were just the right difficulty for me and I had so much fun doing them. Alas, from patch 4.1 and onward everything just went wrong. Firelands and the troll dungeon revamps were ok, although not on par with the early cata stuff, and Dragon Soul was just a disaster.

    Pandaria 9/10 - This has honestly been the best expansion so far, I'm having more fun doing PvE stuff than ever, and the zones in Pandaria are by far the best looking zones in the game right now. I won't give it 10/10 simply because Siege of Orgrimmar has not been released yet, I need to reach the end of the expansion before I can rate it properly.

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    Despite such outbursts from certain people on the forums, it's fantastic to see so many people rank Mists highly.
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    Vanilla: na
    BC: 8/10
    Wrath: 9/10
    Cataclysm: 5/10
    MoP: 7/10

    Honestly, I enjoyed the game the most in Wrath. I felt much more involved overall in the storyline, and I found it very interesting. Arthas wasn't just a "bad guy," he was a character thought out in depth.

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    The Burning Crusade - 8/10
    Wrath of the Lich King - 9/10
    Cataclysm - 4/10
    Mists of Pandaria - 7/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Despite such outbursts from certain people on the forums, it's fantastic to see so many people rank Mists highly.
    I have really really enjoyed MoP, in ways I didn't expect to. While it didn't have a super-compelling meta-plot and end boss like other expansions, almost everything else has been done up right. This really feels like the xpac where they've put so much of the lessons of the past together into a slick package. They really brought back fun in a big way, even with occasional hitches like Golden Lotus grind-a-palooza.

    I'm really impressed again, and eager for more in a way that I absolutely was not after Cata.

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    Vanilla - 9/10 - Only ranks so high because of how shiny and new it was!
    TBC - 9/10 - Lots of new stuff to do!
    WotLK - 9/10 - Best Lore in WoW history.
    Cata - 8/10 - Had my favorite T11 and my worst T13 raid tier, really really liked the reworked 1-60.
    MoP - 9/10 - Raiding is the best it has ever been imo, I don't like some of the double gating (and in some cases triple gating) that has been going on though.

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    Vanilla 8/10 (My favorite)

    TBC 10/10

    WotLK 8/10

    Cataclysm 7/10

    MoP 9/10 (Think they dun'goofed making Pandaria the setting though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoryuken View Post
    Simple question, I'm very curious on what all WoW players would vote each expansion based off experience, quality, game-play and originality.
    Now go through all the posts with calculator and provide us with average numbers.

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    Vanilla - NA
    TBC - NA
    Wrath - 8.523
    Cataclysm - 6.68
    MOP - 7.502

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    Vanilla - Didn't play (However leveling through it in BC I wanted to stab my eyes out.)
    Burning Crusade - 8/10
    Wrath - 9/10
    Cataclysm - 8/10 (Although towards the end it was pretty bad. DS was okay for awhile, but almost a year of it was ummmm, meh. The revamp was amazing. I leveled 10 characters because I loved it that much.)
    Mist of Pandaria - 5/10 (Beautiful landscapes, some good lore happening. They went all out on the landscapes. I would rate a 10/10 on those. However the overall experience for me this expansion has been shit. I do enjoy pet battles, but it feels more tedious to level more than my core 3 pets up to 25. Worse than leveling alts. Pet battles get a 6/10 on that.)

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