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    Weak Aura Holy Priest

    Thought I would get what you guys think of my Weak Aura set up for Holy Priest.

    First image shows timers for Holy word on far right (changes when you change Chakras to either sanctuary or serenity), then light well, then Hymm. Next to that there is one for Mindbender and Divine hymm (small and right net to each other (divine hymm is not showing on this image). Because of the shorter CD on PoM and CoH and Cascade, I have made them just butons that show when available to use. I got tired of keeping track of what chakra I had up so as you can see it says AOE on top.

    this one shows the opposite chakra, and the new 3 icons shake at the bottom. thats why they are not perfectly lines up, they are moving.

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    clean ui /10char

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