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    Challenge Card Bosses updated. And later i will update as often as i can. Good luck Rogues [;

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    When I did Nibbleh, I made the mistake of trying to get fancy with keybinds. I found going back to my ordinary keybind was better. The one exception was that I placed the walk/run key on R. I'd also recommend watching the rogue video for this one in particular; it's rather soothing.

    Dr. Fist is stupid easy since you can stun him and stop his AoE--I found I ran out of stuns on the last lil' bit, though, and had to run out.

    I think I found anthricite the most frustrating boss I've faced (need one more for level 10). Those buggy adds are just supremely annoying and it can be hard, as a rogue, to ahve a stun to stop an add from colliding with boss.

    Edit: for the record, I'm almost 50 wearing 428 gear (1 tier piece, no cloak yet). So it could be gear but it's probably more about persistence since I spent quite a few hours on some of the bosses. You don't need super-fast reflexes, that's for sure.
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    The only boss I had any difficulty with was Ahooru.

    Ultimately, gear is massively important. With good execution and 530 Ilvl, I was not beating the enrage (it may be possible with this ilvl and perfect execution although it will be SO tight - and Ididn't get it below 10%). However, after I got the lvl 600 cloak, increasing my Ilvl to 536, I managed to get it in a few pulls. Also, you really, unless you are full hc geared, you have to flask and food for this.

    I found the only way to kill this and beat the enrage was to gather up the Spirits and dps them down so they all start to cast charge at the same time. If you can do this well, you should have around 50 seconds to kill the boss.

    As to the rings, I confirm that Cloak works to avoid the dot applying or remove the dot after it applies. I also confirm that Shadowstep works just fine: just wait until the ring go through the boss, then Shadowstep and backpeddle a bit and you will be fine.

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    All card bosses for achievement "Deck Your Collection" are updated including the hardest boss - Mingus Diggs.
    Good luck everyone ;3

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    OK, so I don't know what the big deal is about Ahoo'ru--I beat him the way I beat all the rank 9 bosses (but boom badda bing)... I waited until the guild bugged out on me .

    Sadly, I did indeed have all 3 level nine bosses bug out on me. This meant that I had to use challenge cards to defeat Nibblah, Dr. Fist, and worst of all Ahoo'ru.

    Ahoo'ru, to me, was done the way hard mode guilds did HM Rag: through sheer dogged persistence (they had a great deal more skill than me, obviously). It was remarkably difficult for me. I probably spent 2-3,000 gold in repair. The stars were very hard for me to dodge and I almost never saw p2; until they suddenly became fairly normal. Burst of speed, I suspect, is something you either use or don't. In retrospect, I would have gone with shadowstep but once you wipe on a boss for about 8 hours (at odd hours so we're talking probably 20-30 wipes an hour), you forget you have it. I never learned how to juggle three adds--could never consistently do it; it isn't necessary in my gear level (536 but only 2 piece t15). Two was fine if you really hauled butt.

    Most attempts I vanished and saved what few buffs I could. Ended up beating it with sauteed carrots and ghetto kings drum buff (flask of course). Not sure I have anything to say in terms of execution that hasn't already been said. But it is a boss fight; you can learn the dance as you do other boss fights. So if you have the gear and persistence, you can totally do it. I will say that I beat it early in the morning, when I was freshest. Most of the times I reached P2 time after time were early as well.

    I think it was worth it and now I will ride my Mushan with pride. I hope they fix these stupid bugs; we don't need three brawlers brawling at once, dammit. Wish all those who try the best of luck!

    Edit: I don't know how it is horde side, but alliance side Ahoo'ru difficulty is significantly increased because the camera keeps tilting in ways I simply didn't want it too. If you have better camera-fu than me, and can keep the damn thing over your head all the time, you will certainly have a much easier time than I did.
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    Added a link to the rogue Index, if a bit overdue. Thanks for compiling this information!

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    General advice to everyone out there. Log on early when there is noone else if you are stuck on/practising a boss. I took my wife to the airport the other week and was home by 6am, when noone was on and there were no Brawler's Guild queues. It helps a lot and you dont lose focus waiting for 30 mins to play again during peak times!

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    Updated all Rank 9 bosses: Big Badda Boom, Nibbleh, Doctor FIST and Ahoo'ru. Good luck Rogue ;3

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    First time poster, frustrated Brawler...

    Reached Ahoo'ru without too much trouble on any other boss up until now, but feel like I've hit a brick wall. It just feels like my gear isn't good enough or something. My armory is Kagejin on US Icecrown server. I can't post links I'm afraid.

    IF I get a clean phase 1 (this still seems somewhat RNG, I swear sometimes there is just no way to make it work), I usually end up just about a minute into the fight. Just getting to phase 2 smoothly seems like a minor miracle. My biggest problems are spending too much time in-between angels (waiting for them to charge) or running into invisible sparkly things because they are the exact same color as the damn angels. Also, should I bother rupturing them? Seems like the damage won't come fast enough if I spend energy on it and it's better just to Envenom.

    The few good phase 2s I've had, either I die to the stupid orbs or I just don't make it to the finish line in time. I've heard of abusing shadowstep a bit for the Divine Circle, but Burst of Speed just seems so necessary in phase 1. Otherwise, I hit Vendetta, Shadow Blades, Drums of Rage and a potion once we get going in phase 2, and die with like... 20% health left on the boss. I've heard of people doing it in way lower than 530 ilevel gear, how am I so far off the mark?

    In terms of buffs I have only a warrior shout buff (10% attack power). No one else is ever in the Brawler's Guild when I am. Of course I flask and +300 stat food. I'm about 2 weeks away from completing Secrets of the Titans for the legendary chain. What more can I do to kill this guy? Is somehow finding more buffs or getting more gear going to do it? I really thought that I'd make it to rank 10 pretty easily since none of the other bosses were really all that bad for me, but this guy just seems so much harder than everything else, and the dps check just seems unreal versus all of the others. Any advice?

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    Kagejin: are you doing two of the angels at a time? I suspect you have to do 2 in order to get to p3. I simply found it impossible to do 3 but two were just essential. You spawn one, smack it, and then get the other ASAP then get them both down at once. You do the third alone. Eventually I just learned the fight and got better at it. I highly recommend going early in the morning when you're best-rested too. The rest of the tips in this guide got me through so you might be missing something. I didn't abuse shadowstep but to be honest I found burst of speed fairly dangerous for me... I suspect I used BoS but I did so conservatively.

    The fight isn't trivial and quite a few of us seemed to get it post-cloak in full normal ToT gear (so 536). Mingus Diggs *is* trivial now (at least in 540+). Disruptron is a boss that I would forget to do until I was in my current gear if I knew then what I know now.

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    thank you for this.

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    Cheers man! This post is amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qantum1 View Post
    • Hexos
    First and hardest boss on this rank. Get a "Cheat Death" talent - it gives you the second chance. Here is no tips, just practics and be attentice.
    I feel retarded now. I got it to 12% and wiped. Damn, if I knew... The worst part is that I usually run with Cheat Death, but got leeching poison for the fight before...
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    I like MoP now c:

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    Unfortunately guys, Blizzards still not add some bosses on arena, but if they will - i will definately update this thread.

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