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    When I quit back in July of 2011, it was mainly due to burnout. Firelands was a terrible raid so that didn't help.

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    Quit in April primarily due to a lack of time, but also focus on dailies, lack of new 5 man dungeons and an overall disinterest in the raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oneirophobia View Post
    The blizz shop. I realize it's for vanity items, but some of the vanity items are just miles ahead of what is available in the game. We've had to pay for the game, all the expansions, a subscription fee per month and theres STILL items in the game you can't have without throwing more money at blizzard. That just shouldn't happen. You pick one mode of making money and that should be it. Maybe even two. Not all three.
    That really irritated me too, and but the whole game in a negative light for me. I'd say the biggest factor was not having anyone to play with anymore. =/ I'd probably play if I could make some new buddies or if mine came back, lol.
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    A combination of things really.

    Played the game for 8 years, all of my PvP buddies had quit the game, I started to find myself lacking time for raiding (and also finding it less enjoyable), which made doing some of the solo content I enjoyed doing harder because I lacked gear for it. I don't really intend on rejoining just because the game is old to me at this point, but I do like the lore a lot still.

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    NOTHING DROVE ME AWAY! Now, come at me, brokkers! *throws rocks at people*

    Furthest time away from WoW that I've ever had, was a month. Because creditcard had been stolen, so got it closed and couldn't buy more time. Hehe.

    Though, OP's title of the thread kindda sounds odd. Should perhaps be, "What may have driven you away from WoW?"
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    The blatant lies from Blizzard about people not reporting things/getting feedback on PTR and so broken things going live and staying as is until they "get enough feedback".
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    Last year after summer break i wanted to renew my subscription, but blizzard decided not to support my mac anymore, which has version 10.5.8. So i decided not to buy new PC and focus more to my school.

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    LFR drove me away back in Dragon Soul.... I was looking to get back into PvE, didn't have much time to raid.... I remember getting tier off the first boss I killed and was like, "whoa, now they are just giving tier away?" lol

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    I'll come back to WoW when CRZ is gone, gated daily grinds are gone, and theorycrafting/datamining is somehow preventable so that we have at least some small sense of adventure and discovery left in the game, instead of being expected to know 6 months before the content is even released exactly what gear I should have and how to itemize it, how the stories will end, and then having it all essentially be a big rush to get gear.

    That's all the game is about now, get gear get gear get gear get gear get gear...there's no adventure or discovery left, it's like a second job. You read up on Wowhead what you need to have then you go get it. It's like following your boss's instructions, your "boss" being the other 4 foul-mouthed anti-social nerdragers you've been grouped with who will kick you for any slight deviation of what the Elitist Jerks forum recommends and/or any other piddly little misdemeanor you might commit along the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FobManX View Post
    When I quit back in July of 2011, it was mainly due to burnout. Firelands was a terrible raid so that didn't help.
    I can agree with this. Cataclysm's raids in General were terrible and I ended up cancelling my sub during Dragon Soul.

    Fortunately mists raids are much much better than crapaclysms

    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoZ View Post
    I'll come back to WoW when CRZ is gone, gated daily grinds are gone
    Keep an eye on 5.4 Virtual realms may help with this as for CRZ you can play without it via RP realms and PvP RP. Having a blast levelling my characters and hanging out on a CRZ free server as for the gated daily grinds they removed that with 5.3 afaik you don't need to get revered with the golden lotus any more, was a stupid idea to begin with.
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    Two things: CRZ and horribly unbalanced low level pvp.

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    Blizz killing off Garrosh.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    My server being dead and the lame thing Blizzard did with MoP. Having to do dailies and boring stuff in addition to raiding, to get raid gear, no thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KorbenDallasMultipass View Post
    To ask why we are driven away from WoW, is to ask why leaves fall. It's because it is in our nature.

    Perhaps there is a better question.

    What the hell drives us back?
    I like that, i like that alot
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icausewipes View Post
    Blizz killing off Garrosh.
    Garrosh was badly handled from the very start.

    Super emo in TBC
    Stupid reckless in WOTLK
    Kinda respectable (stonetalon) in Cata
    Herp derp wut in Mists.

    So much potential the son of hellscream could of had if not handled awfully by Blizzards lore wrecking team. Killing him off is a mercy tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephre View Post for CRZ you can play without it via RP realms and PvP RP.
    Wait a you have a source for this? This would go a VERY long way towards getting me to resub if it's true. Blizzard will get a nice fat chunk of my money with me transferring my toons as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthcullen View Post
    horribly unbalanced low level pvp.
    How on earth should they balance 11 classes with 3 specs each and god knows how many different abilities, all the way through 90 levels. I think that is just far too much to ask for, in any game if I may say so.

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    Cataclysm drove me away. It killed my guild. We had 20+ people online at any one time, 2 full 10-man raid groups, plus the makings of a 3rd. Cataclysm happened and people stopped showing up, we couldn't even make a full 10-man guild group anymore. So without the social aspect, the game got boring as hell. Came back for Pandaria, stayed 4 months and quit again.

    If they ever end up encouraging the social aspect, then I might come back. Also, they would need to bring back the classic old world, as the cata old world is complete shit and it killed my desire to make any alts. I hate outland, but I would much much rather go through that then ever go through the cata 1-60 ever again.

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    Well, let's just say, the burnout started with Cataclysm. The guild I had been raiding with for nearly a year was experiencing turnover. That ultimately led to the GM/RL stepping down, and with no one else willing/able to keep it going, everyone just sorta branched out to new places or stopped playing altogether. I factioned transferred, and had a great time playing my Frost DK on Horde side for a while. That guild killed Sinestra in relatively decent time, considering it got a late start in Tier 11. One might say that Heroic Rhyolith contributed heavily to the downfall of that particular guild...and we never got around to Heroic once more, a bunch of folks branched out and either server transferred or went back to Alliance. I was one of those who went back.

    I started raiding again with my old LK guild, and my intention was to just be casual and help out wherever I could. Dragon Soul came along, and while the actual lore/storyline was pretty intriguing, the boss encounters as a whole were rather "ho-hum". This was the last tier...IMO, it should be the MOST challenging...not the least. Heroic Morchok, Zon'ozz (if the healers were competent) and Yor'sahj were a walk in the park. H Ultraxion was even easier than those 3. Hagara was decently challenging until gear caught up. Blackhorn was a bit stupid and annoying...not even cuz we had 2 melee in the group...but cuz we ALWAYS had the bug where the fire simply refused to just GO THE HELL AWAY so we couldn't tell where we could and couldn't walk in Phase 2. So retarded. Oh and the "firemen helpers" were, of course, anything but. That leaves Spine and Madness as the only REAL "clean" challenges in the whole Tier...but if the tanks were solid and knew how to make use of their CDs, and the healers could be efficient and quick, those fights would go down easily as well. Basically, anything 15% nerf and after that was laughable.

    Cata was simply ass backwards...and my interest in the game started declining with that. Then came MoP. Level to 90, get rep with many factions, do 500 dailies so you could gear for raids...blah blah blah...same crap, just MORE OF IT. The farm is great when you reach Tillers exalted, don't get me battles are interesting for a while too...but ultimately it's the grind as a whole that's truly responsible for driving me (and probably many others) away.

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    Time... there is only so long you can play one game for.

    MOP is still at 9/10 game but i am just bored of it.
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