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    Pretty much Every Single Thing pandaland brought to the table and tore from my beloved HoT period of Cata.

    Well.. that and something in the expansion caused my system to regularly and exclusively die/bluescreen without explanation and beyond any reasonable hope of a fix. Now all I can do is lurk on the fringes, missing my rp community and hoping that either another mmo will emerge that I can tolerate (swtors rp servers are dead or unplayable. GW2 is a fucking joke and Neverwinter: lel) or that whatever comes next fixes every one of my problems
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    Other hobbies, funnily enough I used to feel like when I wasn't playing WoW I was wasting time (watching movies, reading books, etc) yet now its the complete opposite.

    I try to log in daily but I can go offline now days for a full week without a problem.

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    Boredom mostly. I have almost all the class to lvl 90 except rogue and monk.

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    - LFR.
    - Too easy 5man heroics.
    - Ridiculous itemlevel gaps between tiers.
    - Horrendously poor written story in the dailies.
    - Asian theme doesn't fit my perferences, especially the ridiculous voice-acting of Americans trying to sound Chinese.
    - Uninspiring raid environments (mechanics are great, but the actual raidscenes are just.... boring).
    - Boring zones to level alts in.
    - Old community getting more and more replaced by idiots (maybe that just means me getting older, way in my 30s now...).
    - Re-discovered singleplayer gaming and bought about 150 games on steam that i missed out on in all the years of WoW.

    What made me stay away forever, not hestitating to come back at all:

    - Servers drying out of players and Blizzard doing nothing about it, still charging 20 euros or so per character for a transfer (like: gtfo! if it was 20 euros for all chars on a server to another i would consider it.....).
    - Adding of a real currency store in a game with a preium subscription (seriously, is this still Blizzard or did EA take over the game?).
    - Again refurbishing scenery for a raid (sie of orgrimmar using same type of "around-the-world copypaste" as DS).
    - Adding yet another raid difficulty (as if 3 wasn't enough, flexraid is ok, but then they should remove LFR).
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    I didn't quit WoW, WoW quit being WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaqwert View Post
    I didn't quit WoW, WoW quit being WoW.
    Pretty much this. WoW just doesn't feel like WoW anymore. They slowly changed it into a entirely different game. Its great that its got 8 million subs or whatever and a ton of loyal defenders, but I just can't get into it anymore.

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    originally i left wow coz i was bored that was basically it

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    @ crisisvacant: You weren't paying attention, were you? Try reading OP's post and the comments that follow (in chronological order) and you might just find that your criticism is ill-informed.
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    I get bored - i leave

    I get bored when unsubbed - I come back


    But i'm okay with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haytham View Post
    The fact that it's not a MMORPG anymore.

    Really ought to be renamed 'SPORPG'...
    I used to be snow white, but I drifted...

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    RL & Mists of Pandaria. Got away some for RL reasons then with MoP came out, tried it and got bored. I hate the Asian flavor, no offense to anyone, that's just me. MoP zones are boring. MoP dailies are monotonous. MoP reputations are too confusing to figure out and I don't care if i have rep or not. MoP raids all look the same and I could not name one of them by sight so I quit raiding a while back. PvP is wrecked, at least from my standpoint as a healer, it started in Cataclysm but there is just way too much CC. Scenarios haven't done it for me and there aren't enough enjoyable 5 man dungeons. MoP seems to have just taken guild killing to the next level and there is no social element to the game. You queue up and play without even speaking to your party unless you are in a raid and you just listen to 2 people argue over strategy. I still have an account but don't play as much but when I do, I usually just level another toon and enjoy the old world - what is left of it. Man, I sure loved Outlands and BC.

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    Now the question (since some quit looong ago and not for RL reasons but because they started to hate what the game became...) what keeps you coming to the forum?

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    It is what players want yet the subscriptions are down. Does that mean the people that are cancelling subs aren't really logging on and playing? If so, Blizzard isn't making the game to make money but to make people actually play. Hmm, I don't buy it.

    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Now the question (since some quit looong ago and not for RL reasons but because they started to hate what the game became...) what keeps you coming to the forum?

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    Boredom ive been playing the game since vanilla so after all those years the game just got bored.. ow yeah and my old guild from WOTLK ( in meus pardus ) is gone so that also plays a role ..
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    with all seriousness , paying the monthly fee.

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    Doesn't really feel like much of a game to me anymore. Every class is just a carbon copy of another with different flavoring and graphics. All classes should not be created equal. No MMO used to ever have that concept. Every class should have something it excels in, or several things it does well at. Not this crap we have now.

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    What drove me away? I have a small list.(in no particular order)

    1. pet pvp

    2. Pandas

    3. Talent system overhaul sucks

    4. No carrot-on-a-stick

    5. Crafting

    6. dumbing down of game, all aspects

    7. became the McDonalds of MMO's and all that implies

    8. Blizzard following non-productive paths - future vision does not look promising

    9. Daily quests

    10. I have to say - the monk stinks

    11. All classes have melted into one, all seem the same

    12. Shareholders

    13. Didnt have the balls to do the "squish"

    14. LFR crutch

    15. Difficulty levels of heroics lowered to pitiful standards

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    Quote Originally Posted by d0oms View Post
    I get bored - i leave

    I get bored when unsubbed - I come back


    But i'm okay with that.
    Same for me sadly. Not that it bothers me, but I could use my money smarter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuboid View Post
    1. Recycled content - raids, dungeons, boss models, mounts, etc. This always got on my nerves, considering how much money Blizzard rakes in and how easily they could hire a few more designers. I'm sure there's a lot of extremely talented people out there who would love to work on WoW.

    2. Huge gaps between content - having to wait 8+ months between patches gets old. They seem to have picked up the slack in MoP, though.

    3. Considerable dumbing down of content - especially 5-mans. TBC was the sweet spot for me - and it's not just nostalgia talking. They were simply more fun and required awareness and teamwork. It felt more rewarding doing a good Shadow Labs run than facerolling your way through a small dungeon really fast and then having everyone leave the group without saying a word the instant the run is over.

    4. Making everything accessible to anyone. Even though I have never been at the high end of PvE, I preferred it when the top stuff was out of reach unless you were a serious player who was committed to the game - seeing the main tanks of top guilds wearing armor that no one else had, stuff like that.

    5. The community is unfriendly and full of people who are rude, disrespectful and who generally make the game toxic. The default behavior of players these days is to act like a douchebag thanks to the lack of consequences afforded by the ability to queue using dungeon finder, LFR etc. Back in the day you still had this kind of behavior from time to time, but generally people were more friendly, helpful and easy to get along with because if you became the douchebag of the server, nobody would play with you.
    I agree with you.

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    What drove me away from WoW was the feeling that everything I did was pointless. I guess the most important reason was the excessive "catch up programs" they introduced. When I worked hard to get my gear and it basically became free every patch a few times a row, I just lost interest.

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