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    For me, it was the daily quest gate for the first tier of MoP, and the removal of the heroic dungeon gearing system, replacing it with this LFR system, which I hate very much. I've also hated LFR due to it being made the primary gearing system for 5.2. Hopefully, I think flex raiding in 5.4 will fix the issues I've had. Still just wish they kept the heroic dungeons for gearing.

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    Boredom. Not much to do right now. On the other hand, there is really not much else to play so...still paying a wow sub, sigh.

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    a few things but in reality the top two were

    1) all my friends stopped playing
    2) there are a multitude of other games out there with plenty of content that are free

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    in short: burn out

    I played from US open beta until WolK non stop.

    Took a break right after Naxx (too easy) and came back in the middle of the Icecrown patch.

    Played until middle of Firelands into Cata, took a break. Whole guild unsubbed at this point and never came back.

    Came back last Nov for 2 month of MoP, lvled a monk, tried LFR, ignored all dailies. Raiding without the old crew was not the same anymore. LFR is like a weekly dentist visit funwise. Only thing I really enjoyed where pet battles. I really hope they bring more of it in the next addon.

    Nontheless I plan to sub again to see the siege of OG patch, one month only.
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    Blizzard's recent business practices have left me in the position of no longer wishing to support them as a company. The $15 transmog helms were the last straw for me. I continue to post here because I care about the game and it's still the best one out there, I just can't in good conscience send Blizzard my $15/month and along with it my tacit approval of the direction they are taking things with respect to their business model. I will return the moment changes are made to their payment model, but in the meantime I am spending my MMO dollars elsewhere.

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    -destruction of my fac spec: affliction
    Bringing MG, big on use CDs and SB:SS destroyed everything this spec stood up before and made it into an autopilot. At this point I just dont care about Pve and rerollers, I want old dot casting back and bring it back to dot emphasis

    -no people to play.
    Got a new acc and with 1750 achi and 1900exp I can only play with inbreeds since no friends play, no matter I was 2.4k before. Spaming trade chat is a no-go on my server and I am piss poor to change realm
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    Was playing on and off due to being bored by the game after many years (still considered it the best MMO on the market by far.)
    By selling gameplay-affecting items for cash they made sure I'll never return. I don't think there will be an MMO with a decent payment model in the recent future, so the genre is pretty much dead to me :/

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    Beemer 3 series, picked up 2 crates of larger and 6 pizzas and then I came back and logged back in.

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    Where to begin...When you become serious about WOW you realize your RL has to take 2nd place. You neglect friends, family, and your job because tonight is raid night. The addiction never ends because of greed for gear, gold, mounts, or some other useless pixels.

    Everything about WOW is designed you for you repeat the same tasks over and over. The only real endgame is to line the pockets of Blizzard each month. Why else put lockouts on virtually everything? Players become obsessed with that weekly chance to get some meaningless pixels to increase their gear score or dps etc.

    I was 536 and 12/12 2/13H TOT when I quit. I realized the only point of playing was to make incremental advances in your gear. HM lockouts to make you even more obsessed with your gear score. One player makes an error and the raid wipes. Over. And over... Of course, the same bosses over and over each week.

    Get a new addiction....heroin...anything, just stop playing this stupid game.

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    There's a lot that can be said, as to why I'm being pushed away. I enjoy playing the game, and I love everything about it. There's issues that have occurred, and aren't being fixed properly. A lot of what they do is adjusted at the last minute. I'm only hoping that something can be done with the next patch. Otherwise, I'm hanging up my towel like everyone else.

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    Real life. Nothing more, nothing less. If I were single, I'd log for 6 hours a day after work, and do pretty much nothing else with my free time. Since I started playing WoW, however, I got married and have had a kid. Now it seems like there's next to no free time in my life whatsoever, much less blocks of time that in which I could tank a dungeon or run a raid without having to surprise AFK in the middle of it.
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    Raid Finder drove me away. I've got nothing against the idea but due to the absurdly low difficulty level it has induced a lot of bad behaviour in the community.

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    Lack of innovation, updates becoming too predictable and LFR (let's see all the content in 6 hours!).

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    For me it's been the series of nonsensical changes after Cataclysm launched, not to mention the updates in the lore.

    The lore in particular has become more and more contrived as the game aged. Some was filed away as loreLOL like the thing with the Blood Elves. Others, not so much (character inconsistencies, Thrall becoming orc Jesus, the mess with Theramore, Garrosh Hellscream winning the award for most wasted character development).

    Then there's the fact that I was one of those paladins that had been asking through vanilla and all of TBC for a reason to shard any and all +Int plate on my person and spec Ret to hit things with a two-hander, saw WotLK grant me my wish and then get changed out of the blue to become more like something that's not really a paladin. To this day I still say combo pointsholy power and slice 'n diceinquisition did more to take away my enjoyment of the game than some of the other bone-headed decisions made for Cata.

    By the time Mists came I managed to get to level cap and somehow found myself not caring about the contrived Alliance-Horde war and Garrosh's turn to villain (seriously, Horde players didn't like him and Blizzard's solution was killing him off...)

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    I didn't enjoy a lot about Cataclysm (a lot of disappointing raid bosses, Dragon Soul was terrible, didn't like the healing model) and I just wasn't excited about MoP - the story didn't appeal to me, I would have not been happy on a PvP server with the leveling/flying restrictions but didn't want to look for a new guild, didn't think healing was better, and wasn't confident the raids would be fun. I am still interested in certain parts of the storyline. I would consider playing an expac focused on some of the storylines I enjoy like Burning Legion, Azshara, Old Gods, etc. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to raid hardcore though for a couple years due to real life responsibilities (first child) and I don't really enjoy casual play very much, so it would have to be a really interesting expac concept to get me back. I would definitely play a WC4 if it was ever released. Before quitting I had played for six years and cleared almost all content when it was relevant, so I was pretty hardcore for a long time and I don't think I'd want to spend a lot of time playing again unless hard core raiding is an option in my life.
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    For me, it was mostly because... well, I fell behind. I was falling way behind on dailies.. all the new stuff was coming out so fast... I just... I didn't feel like trying any more. Other smaller things bothered me too... like.. the lack of (more) character slots conflicting with my altoholism :P. Or just catching myself being bored a lot because I didn't feel like doing Dailies or what not... And everything was just going 'round and 'round in circles... I admit Blizzard did some really cool and new things... but they weren't really NEW enough.... Pet battles were fun, but so... to the side... I was too busy with dailies I didn't really Pet Battle that much (also, it just made more grinding)

    All in all... I just didn't WANT to shell out money for it month after month...

    Honestly, the only thing that'll bring me back is if WoW goes FTP... but even then...

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    "Driven off by the epic shitbag disaster that was Cataclysm? Don't worry, we've created some fucking silly-ass panda shit to lure you back! NO THIS ISN'T AN EARLY APRIL FOOLS, YES WE TURNED THAT ONE PANDA JOKE CHARACTER IN WC3 INTO AN ENTIRE EXPANSION! QUIT LAUGHING AT US!"

    That's like half their subscription decline right there.

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    Burnout, overload, lack of any gripping story. I dont think making the player the hero is the way, make you part of the drama.

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    I dont know. Money and I had almost no1 left to play with.

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    I quit for about a year, but came back a couple months ago; I just needed a break.

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