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    Quote Originally Posted by Megara View Post
    Same for me sadly. Not that it bothers me, but I could use my money smarter.
    Why not try annother game?

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    The community every time i log on waah waah waah log on forums waaah waaah waaah LFR waaah waaah waah. I don't pay 15 dollars a month to hear waaah 24/7

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    Seeing 100 dailies laid out before me for the third week in a row...

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    Loss of 'uniqueness' from each classe.
    The impossible attempt to balance classes in PvP ruined a lot of them in PvE.
    Death of a truly epic raiding experience. (Experiencing all the raid content through LFR in 2hours - albeit not the 'real' bosses - is just bad design).
    Absolute simplicity on gear\stats.
    Decimated the challenge it was tanking (crushing blows, stance dance, fears, threat management). AoE tanking is now a FARSE, when it was the best part.
    Obliteration of the sense of communities. They are now non-existant.
    Loss of any feeling of excitement when you obtained something, or defeated something. Everything is now handed out to you, without a challenge... hence it's worth nothing.
    Lore went down the drain, and some of their choices are just absolute rubbish.
    Dumb down of content... the part i most cherish about WoW (apart from top tier raiding) was how hard TBC heroics were, and the satisfaction i felt when i completed them... 5mans are now an absolute joke (ever since WotLK tbh, they were fun for 1 week in Cataclysm, before being nerfed to the GROUND).
    Dungeons used to be... DUNGEONS (See Maraudon, BRD, LBRS, etc). Now they are hallways, literally.

    Geez, that turned out longer then i thought...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Umchilli View Post
    What drove you away from WoW?
    So many things...

    I have to say the main one was the evolution of the game, what the game has become comparing to the one i had when i started playing i can't stop feeling that i now have less game, even that this is obviously just a feeling, so many crap stuff implemented, like wanna be talents and new glyphs and convenience everywhere i look.

    Another point is the quality of lore, i've left wow on 4.3, but recently asked for a MoP 10 days trial, went to jade forest and i hated everything around, i love to quest, but i just can't remember to see so many low apealing quests at the beggining of a new x-pack, played a couple of hours and i had to log off that horrific zone .

    Conclusion, there is nothing in this game that appeals me to keep playing, except for some friends still playing.

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    I'm not going to shoot off a laundry list of gripes and quibbles about the game. I find that method less than helpful. I'm just going to pare it down to the biggest reason WoW lost it's flavor for me...the terrible PvP balance.

    Cata wasn't a great expansion for a lot of reasons, but one of the few things it did right was PvP balance. I don't think the game has ever been more balanced than it was in cata. there were a ton of relevant specs, and yet none of them were too dominant. The PvP was a harkening back to BC...because of the increased health pools every class was somewhat durable, like in BC, and yet unlike BC they removed crit resistance from resilience meaning that crit-reliant specs were actually viable. There might have been some troubles with tank specs and vengeance, but honestly I don't remember if that was wrath or cata when that happened.

    So fast forward to Mop...I Blizz would simply continue Cata's work and PvP would get even better, but instead it got worse. Waaayyyyy worse. Certain classes became disgustingly OP, and others got wind was taken out of their sails. I played for a bit, but honestly I'm not one to roll fotm, and I'm wasn't going to wait around until Blizzard got their shit straight, so I quit. Here's hoping the next expansion will be better.

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    My wife posts to this board while I have lurked for years. This topic forced me out of lurkdom. I quit after Wrath because I ended up hating heroic modes and raid achievements. It all felt like overkill. I learned I was the type that was happy with killing the boss once. Maybe a few other times to farm a specific item, but then I wanted to move on. Heroics dragged out raiding way too long for my tastes. People that thought like I did were non existent on my realm. After Ulduar, I tried to find a raiding guild that would have been happy just with normals, but all raiding guilds wanted those achievements. So after my guild killed the LK on heroic, I signed off and never signed back on.

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    I'll quit when high end raiding becomes ... A select thing only 1 or 2 guilds can do. As it is now, 10-15 guilds can properly contend for high end raiding and it's dwindling ever so rapidly which is deeply depressing.

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    What drove me away was the same thing that brought me back, boredom.

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    I quit in April of this year for probably the fifth time, but this was the first time I quit NOT due to boredom or frustration, but due to RL stuff. Got a new job (thank jeebus), didn't have enough time anymore.

    I was having a lot of fun, they did a lot of things right in MoP. But I'll probably be back. I always come back :P

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    i still play a bit, but not much mostly due to how unfriendly MoP is to alts. i love alts, but its such a pain and boring grind to get geared up if you hit 90 late in the expac.

    got my shammy 90 a few weeks back, gave up trying to gear it. 15min queues on HCs to try and get enough for LFR, finally get ilvl for first part of raid finder, and its a 20min queue, with RNG loot. got sick of it after 3weeks.

    its not so bad when its early in the expac and its relevent content, but this late its just not fun and puts me off playing when i can't do anything fun on my alts.
    need to bring back justice/valor system from cata, was 100x better imo. the current way is just not fun.

    i understand some people don't mind the current system, but for me, it just puts me off playing alts.
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    Nothing. Lots of things. I don't really know. I typically buy a new expansion, play it for a couple months, then quit until they release the trio of 5-man heroics that lead up to the final raid and drop epics. I don't think they're doing that this expansion though, at least not that I've seen.

    This time though, I may be done for good. Or, at least a significant period of time. I just don't enjoy MoP like I did the other expansions. I like the art style, but I think they went overboard with it. The questing (read: not dailies) was actually a lot of fun, I think they did a good job on that. I DO think that turning it into World of Dailycraft was one of the stupidest moves they could've done, but I never really got into the dailies in the first place. Pet battles were an absolute blast, and were probably the reason I hung around so long.

    It's been 7+ years since release, and I started in beta. I'm just tired of it. Sticking with ONE game that long, playing on an almost daily basis definitely says something positive for the game - I couldn't do that on any other, non-MMO game. But it's just time for me to hang up the gloves, this fight's over for me. Again though, I will most likely come back for the next expansion, and who knows, maybe after this long break I might be reinvigorated to play it again. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia.
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    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    my class became unfun to play. i don't mind damage nerfs but when you fuck up class mechanics to the point of promoting bad playstyle i have to laugh and walk away.

    not that i really care. can't afford to keep up a sub for too long anyhow.

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    Sub fee for two accounts. I could no longer justify to keep paying $30 a month to enjoy the game (I can't enjoy wow if I'm not dual-boxing icc or something) when games like Rift are f2p and offer a comparable experience; and an even more vanilla wow experience than wow currently is.

    WoW is long in the tooth and dying hard. Anyone still enjoying it is likely due to the people they play with and not the game itself imo. The only thing that might bring me back is a complete graphic overhaul for starters... beyond that I'd like the old talent trees back or something that actually adds some variation and less homogenization.

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    Loved this game for a long time but since you asked...........

    Letting people have horde and alliance chars on a pvp server.
    Flying mounts.
    The leveling process has become so trivial. Just get to max lvl and collect marks or whatever.

    For me, the game was always 1-60. I'd stop at 18,28,38 and so on to pvp for a few weeks. Took me months and months to get to 60. now?

    not worth it at all....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xl House lX View Post
    Just the fact it was so old. Had played for almost 6 years, almost 6 years of the same game can get old really fast.
    Yeah 6 years fast.

    The battleground bots and leechers did it for me.

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    What this guy said.

    1. Recycled content - raids, dungeons, boss models, mounts, etc. This always got on my nerves, considering how much money Blizzard rakes in and how easily they could hire a few more designers. I'm sure there's a lot of extremely talented people out there who would love to work on WoW.

    2. Huge gaps between content - having to wait 8+ months between patches gets old. They seem to have picked up the slack in MoP, though.

    3. Considerable dumbing down of content - especially 5-mans. TBC was the sweet spot for me - and it's not just nostalgia talking. They were simply more fun and required awareness and teamwork. It felt more rewarding doing a good Shadow Labs run than facerolling your way through a small dungeon really fast and then having everyone leave the group without saying a word the instant the run is over.

    4. Making everything accessible to anyone. Even though I have never been at the high end of PvE, I preferred it when the top stuff was out of reach unless you were a serious player who was committed to the game - seeing the main tanks of top guilds wearing armor that no one else had, stuff like that.

    5. The community is unfriendly and full of people who are rude, disrespectful and who generally make the game toxic. The default behavior of players these days is to act like a douchebag thanks to the lack of consequences afforded by the ability to queue using dungeon finder, LFR etc. Back in the day you still had this kind of behavior from time to time, but generally people were more friendly, helpful and easy to get along with because if you became the douchebag of the server, nobody would play with you.

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    I've been playing it for 7 years time to move on already nothing to do with any of the half ass reasons most of the whiners on here cite the game is old and I need somethign different for a while

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    There's no incentive for me to do well. Why should I put in a lot of time or effort? Do realm first guilds get anything to show for it? Do people who beat content while it's current get anything to show for it? No. Some stupid fucking feat of strength achievement means nothing. I need an exclusive title or gearset or mount that I can SHOW.

    LFR is a meh feature. I'm not totally against the concept but people seeing bosses before normal raiders is really stupid. If there was an exclusive end boss or like super cool version of the heroic end boss like HRagnaros coming out and having legs, I'd be a lot happier.

    Also, I kind of need a good active guild who don't just log on for raids and who don't go MIA when some other MMO comes out and then when they do log onto WoW they only talk about the other MMO.

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    I was gone the first three months of MoP and I actually thought it would last forever. Reason, well let's just RP'ers aren't the biggest fans of MoP and my guild essentially died one day before launch. Luckily people read up on it and gave it a shot, guess rekindling the tensions between Horde and Allience could make for some sweet RP

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