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    Zul' Gurub - Champion of the Zandalari (4/4 Zg Mounts)

    Hi all,

    I have completed this grind quite some time ago, and i think it's rather pretty rare to obtain all 4 of those. (yes im aware that the 2 oldschool ones are removed)
    And it totally bugs me out that both the old ones give a feat of strenght and both new ones give nothing.
    Sure it's just pointless achievements .. but i love feats of strenghts :P
    Maybye introduce a special one with a title to reward those who truely farmed both versions of Zull Gurub and got all 4 ?
    Also is there a way to check how many other people in wow have completed this ? i think this is pretty rare. (only have met 3 others ingame who had them all 4 also)
    Anyway here's a screenshot of the 4 mounts, oldschool tiger still remains my favorite mount in wow, and allways will

    Inb4 special snowflake comments .. This took me insanely long to farm, and i had to get insane RNG luck. Especially on the older ones.
    I started soloing vanilla ZG somewhere during the end of the first tier of Wotlk as a Prot palla tank and basicly did it every 3 day reset from then on till i got both of them. ( They dropped quite fast after eachother, must been somewhere around 70-80 runs)
    The newer ones where much more of a joke to get, you could run this ZG version each day 1x and even in Cata during the DS patch you could allready 2-3 man it. So i just formed a core group with friends and we kept running it till we all got those.
    Good luck to the collectors

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    I have the new ones but as you said the old ones are gone, and replaced by (in my opinion, shittier) new ones.

    So yeah, way to give the people who were lucky enough to subscribe in TBC special snowflake treatment, but the new players get bad remakes and nothing even special for it. Then and again, I guess that's the way Blizzard reels in new players, working real well eh?

    /edit: grats to you, though. Rant was directed mainly at those making said decisions >.<

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    I soloed ZG before it was cool and still none of the removed mounts.. congratz on all 4 mounts.

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    I have the old ZG Raptor, the Tiger is pretty darn sweet.

    I have a spec tiger, so I use that anyway, but I have to say - you have 4 Awesome Mounts OP.

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    i used to run the old ZG with 3 different chars. Only managed to get the raptor on 1 of them.

    I recently got the new panther.

    You got lucky Gz

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    Wish the darn tiger dropped for me when i was farming them! Only got the damn raptor

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    I'm still sad that they removed the original tiger. The new one could have at least been a tiger with no armor or something along those lines. As it stands it's just another NElf mount for alliance players. Raptor has never been that special to me but I still farm it daily since it's the last dungeon mount I don't have that currently available in the game. Big grats on the RNG luck, always nice to see people finish rare sets like this.

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    They wouldn't add an achievement with objectives that can no longer be completed.

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    I think the panther is gorgeous, partly because I wasn't able to get one of the original epic mounts back in classic. In fact, I think it's prettier than the tiger, simply because it doesn't have the armor (though the tiger would definitely be better if it didn't, either)

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    I don't think you should get another feat of strength, apart from the original two, for the old mounts.
    However, i too love FoS. It'd be fair if they added two more for the new mounts.

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    Been killing the ZG bosses twice a day, almost every day, since early MoP. No luck so far.

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    3/4 did not even farm the news ones

    got the 2 old ones and the new panter 2 times ( i won the 2nd and sold it to a friend for 1gold it was randoms in the group :P )

    should probably try and farm the last raptor.. hey well on my way right now

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    Is the raptor boss easy to solo now? I see there was some change that he would not use the decapitate ability against his current target which I guess means I can't use a pet on my hunter. Can I go directly to him or do i have to do some other bosses first?

    It's a really nice mount I think. Although it's not the only raptor I can get on an alliance character anymore after the new ones it still looks really decent with the armor and feathers.

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    I got all 4 as well, I think the 2 new ones looks kinda dull and I only used them once each after I got them.

    To the guy above, you could solo it for a long time now as a hunter using snaketrap (they keep him in combat until you get ressed).

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    Special snowflakes all gather around..... This thread is just for you!

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    Congrats on awesome RNG, OP, I guess. I'm still peeved that that damn tiger never dropped for me and I got everything on the drop roster but a mace, a ring, and both mounts. Got Exalted with Zandalari, got both Hakkari Warblades, managed two Razzashi pet drops, but never got the tiger to drop and it was the only thing I wanted from that whole stupid instance. >_< I even farmed up to the very last reset. Every time I see someone run past on one, it just makes my blood boil. So you could say I'm a bit cranky about it, which colors my feelings for your 'achievement' but grats anyhow. I still need to try and farm the newest mounts. I could at least manage the Panther, if not my beloved and lost Tiger. And I actually like the color scheme on the new raptor rather than the old. And I, too, like FOS, but considering they haven't given any FOS to any of the newest dungeon mounts in Cata+, I don't see that happening.

    <Avid Mount/Pet Collector> Recently Earned:!!!Sunhide Gronnling!!!

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    Ran the old ZG with 4-5 chars every week since...Vanilla? Never even saw one of the mounts drop.
    RNG sucks.

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    I was only lucky enough to get the old raptor. Really wanted the zulian panther but unfortunately I didn't sacrifice enough gnomes for the rng gods. I need to start farming the new ones though, at least just for the panther since I'm horde.

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    No really just no , how long you farmed? Caus i farmed 2,5 years for both of the old Zg mounts. 2 Chars and ran it every reset , did i get a dropp ? no..why should YOU get an achievment ?
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    Champion of the Zandalari, a title given to the one who relentlessly killed trolls until they dropped their most prized possession. A champion of the Zandalari indeed.

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