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  • BC, Kill Jaeden

    27 7.85%
  • Wrath, Yogg sauron

    32 9.30%
  • Wrath, Lich king

    253 73.55%
  • Cata, Ragnaros

    5 1.45%
  • Cata, Deathwing

    12 3.49%
  • Mop, Shas

    0 0%
  • Mop, Terrorist Dictator with Huge Ego.

    10 2.91%
  • Classic, Ragnaros

    5 1.45%
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    LK hand down, no question, no discussion...

    ICC was amazing, the lore, the prequests, the dungeons leading to it, the Icecrown zone, its quests, how they instanced it... I could go on and on but ya.

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    Lorewisely, the lich king. Having played WC3 and FT made me hate him beyond belief and his kill made me very happy. However in the case of scenario(everything in terms of the raid) I liked more Illidan however the motives of his death weren't very clear and that made me a bit angry as he was a great character.
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    Lich King I mean c'mon, others are not even close. I remember trying the Legendary axe quest where you had to go retrieve arthas' old hammer from a cave and the Lich king spawns and says "So predictable". You even encountered him in dungeons. Was pretty epic.

    Deathwing's second since I've been killed by him when questing. Was cool too.

    Compare that to lame'o thunder king. If I hadn't seen wowhead, I wouldn't even know what he looked like.

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    Lich King, by far. As an end boss, and ICC as an end raid, the whole thing had so much (harhar, no pun intended) soul and feeling to it, others don't even compare. Ulduar was quite amazing as well but Lich King is Lich King.
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    "I still remember seeing Lich King many times during leveling, in DrakTharon Keep and Utgarde Keep, in Naxxramas, in Trial of the Crusader and of course in Icecrown Citadel. His cinematics are arguably the best of WoW. He has the best quote ingame: "Let them come. Frostmourne hungers." It still sends shivers down my spine when I watch that cinematic.' His monologue at the start of ICC is epic and intimedating. The whole expansion felt connected."

    Lich King was awesome. My single best moment of WOW is when we finally killed the Lich King for the first time. Even now it gives me a chill when we kill him, which we do from time to time just for the fun of it.

    My favorite line is: "There must always be a Lich King." This line still gives me chills.

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    This isn't even a question.Nobody in warcraft lore has got as much as the lich king. The only person I can ever see getting as much lore ever again is the black prince.
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    Lich king no contest is all that needs to be said.

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    Lich King obviously, doesn't necessarily mean the expansion was the best but the most epic endboss lore wise and otherwise, no contest.

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    In-game, mechanic wise, downing Yogg was just as epic if not more than epic compared to LK. LK got my vote due to all the taunts and cool dialogue/cut-scenes he had, made me really want to kill that guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fae View Post

    I mean come on, Arthas is without a doubt the biggest character Blizzard ever created. Story-telling wasn't always perfect (*cough* Culling of Stratholme *cough*), but there is so much history behind this character that his death was truly an epic moment.
    what was wrong with culling of stratholme?

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    Lichking easily. Yogg handily takes it if you remove LK from consideration though. It felt more than any other raid that you're 'building up' to a final boss, and I liked how the Lights in the Darkness mechanic played out too.

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    I'd have voted for Kael'thas. Pretty cool fight.

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    Yogg-Saron. The Lich King and Deathwing felt unepic to me, moreso LK.

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    It's the lich king. Every expression relating to "tell them only that the lich king is dead...and world of Warcraft died with him" is somewhat accurate. The lich king is in his own everything. Amazing lore, encounter, everything. You saw that by the sheer number of characters present at his downfall and the shadowmourne event. He touched so many lives, people, places, you don't see any other villain affecting that much. Sure deathwing had his cataclysm, but only green Jesus and the once dragon aspects were thereto see him disintegrate into pixie dust. Everyone came to see the lich king fall, even his dead father!
    But, it looks like the same may be happening with orgrimmar, so garrosh might be giving the LK a run for his money.
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    Deathwing Epic bad guy form Warcraft 2 to bad the fight was so not epic form an in game stand point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einherjarn View Post
    Shouldn't it be Kel'Thuzad for classic?
    Naxx was the final raid of vanilla, that was largely not done. (it basically is the equivalent of ruby sanctum to most people).

    Really nefarian is more the final boss of vanilla than ragnaros imo.

    on topic: Arthas, the build up all through WC3, northrend and all just really made going in and clearing Icecrown seem a bit more.... dakine.... ya know?

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    For me it's the Lich King by a very, very long shot. A distant second is Deathwing.

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    Hands down, Lich king, by a massive margin, I anticipated the story for a very long time before WOTLK came out, and finally putting Arthas to rest was an epic feeling that has thus far been unrivaled by any other boss.
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    I hate to be cliche but Lich King. The entire story was constant interaction with him culminating in a climactic fight where he finally fell defeated. Nothing else came close to that. Not much interaction with Illidan in BC. *no* interaction with Deathwing at all until Dragon Soul aside from perhaps a brief bit in TH Horde side. The zone nuking was neat but fell short of the mark

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    The Lich King it has to be for me, he was the big villian that had been brewing for years and years since Warcraft 3. When it finally came it was one of the most epic fights (if not the most) in the game up until that point (and since in my eyes), I don't have much of an opinion of the end video in itself but to me this was the most epic endboss of the game, lore wise and game wise.
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