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  • BC, Kill Jaeden

    27 7.85%
  • Wrath, Yogg sauron

    32 9.30%
  • Wrath, Lich king

    253 73.55%
  • Cata, Ragnaros

    5 1.45%
  • Cata, Deathwing

    12 3.49%
  • Mop, Shas

    0 0%
  • Mop, Terrorist Dictator with Huge Ego.

    10 2.91%
  • Classic, Ragnaros

    5 1.45%
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    For me, it was the Lich King, by far. The lore is amazing and he is who I wanted to kill since I really first started. Warcraft 3 built him up for me prior to WoW, and the fight, lore, and feeling was by far the best of any boss I've ever worked to kill. In my opinion, the Lich King was the final boss of WoW. While the lore has been interesting since then, it just hasn't felt nearly as epic and awesome as before, and it feels more like it's just dragging on now. I honestly felt nothing epic about Deathwing, and the fight itself was meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitandruntactic View Post
    Not much interaction with Illidan in BC. *no* interaction with Deathwing at all until Dragon Soul aside from perhaps a brief bit in TH Horde side. The zone nuking was neat but fell short of the mark
    It was the exact opposite actually; Illidan never made even a single appearance in Burning Crusade outside of Black Temple. There is a quest in Shadowmoon Valley where he speaks, but he himself is not physically present. Deathwing however appears in at least four quests that I can remember off the top of my head: The Day that Deathwing Came, Battle of Life and Death, Fourth and Goal, and Rheastrasza's Gift.
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    Lich King>Illidan>Yoggy=KJ

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    Lich king, epic cinematic and good story
    Deathwing could've been good but it wasnt executed properly

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    3.- Yogg Saron
    2.- Algalon
    1.- Kil'Jaeden BY FAR

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    Lich King. Nothing even comes close.

    I loved Illidan as a character more than Arthas in WC3, but his whole presence in WoW was pathetic and anti-climatic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brolyowns View Post
    As for nefarian and onyxia they were there but they did not play a big role lore wise (my oppinion though)[/COLOR]
    So Ragnaros was a bigger part in lore over Onyxia and Nefarian, who manipulated the entire nation of Stormwind and were waging war with Rag's forces for control of Blackrock Mountain?
    LOL so fuckin mad

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    I wanna say yoggy cause that fucking laugh will haunt my nightmares if i live to be 3 million

    But i have to say its the lich king

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    I wanna say yoggy cause that fucking laugh will haunt my nightmares if i live to be 3 million

    But i have to say its the lich king
    Yeah his laugh was special

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    Not suprised with the poll results, the Lich King is simply on a league of his own. He was pretty much the main villain all troughout WC3 (with Archimonde), and even during Vanilla we got to learn a lot about the Scourge and the Lich King. For A LOT of people, it was about time we faced the Lich King himself in his own expansion. No other villain shares this epic feeling when you finally face him.

    Arthas also has the best lore around him, I could hardly believe I was looking at his dead body in ICC. ''That was the guy I played with trough 3 campaigns in WC3, and now he's just lying there.... dead''.

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    Nefarian for me.

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    Lich king >>>>>>>>Kil'Jaeden>Yog>Illidan>Cata Ragnaros>Deathwing=Garrosh

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    Who the hell is Yogg Sauron?

    He'd sure be the most epic boss of all times.. I voted for the Lich King. I think he was handled the best in that regard.
    The worst I think was Deathwing. After all that mambo jambo with the destruction of Azeroth, the raid was then rather a total joke from lore feel alone.
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    Lich King > Kil'jaeden (even though i've not done it when it was current content) >= Yogg-sarron( earning death's demise was the most rewarding) > illidan > archimonde

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    HLK 25H (Heroic Lich King) and Illidan were the sickest end bosses IMO....Archimonde and KJ get honorable mentions but the first two were the complete package. Interesting mechanics, everyone having a job that was important and unique, and awesome death dialogue. The RP when you started the HLK was a bit tedious if you progressed on it, but it was still awesomesauce.

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    Illidan, just barely.

    LK was close, especially with his neat movie post-death.

    Every other boss is largely made up later in the lore, outside of the game series, and doesn't hold as much weight.

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    I'm pretty sure that's obvious... Lich King.

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    Kinda worthless poll, where is illidan and kel'thuzad ?
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    I'm confused.

    It says Yogg-saron and Ragnaros who were the mid-expansion bosses. And Lich King and Deathwing who were last ones. Which is fine and great, it's where MoP it gets confusing.

    Why is sha one? And who is the dictator with a huge ego? Do you mean Garrosh or Lei Shen?

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    The problem is that so many people here did not get to experience end game content before Wraith so ofc Lich king is going to win.

    Personally Kil'jaden was amazing and the lore in the fight and the entire build up was just great, but I think like 2% of the player base during BC even got to Kil'jaden let alone the playerbase now, it is probably .02% fought kil'jaden in BC

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