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    There's a difference between low gear and low skill. You aren't going to do as well as someone in epics, but you should still be able to pull off moderate dps for your gear level. Some low gear people I've seen half ass their way through scenarios/dungeons/lfr/ahune expecting the better geared people to carry them. If your pet dies, it's your fault. Don't complain, just revive your pet and keep pushing on. You're going to deal with intolerant people every now and then, just don't give them a valid excuse to act that way.

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    If you offer me an apple, and I don't take it, whose apple is it?

    Learn to ignore what idiots say.
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    I got highly confused with TL;DR in start of the post >.<

    But to reply.
    no i don't care about their gearlvl or dps. Specially not now, since you can solo several bosses, in startergear
    In cata i tanked grim batol and a paladin came in, doing 1k dps, which was a good deal below acceptable (3k being thumb of rule, 6-10k being possible), but he did good on first boss, didn't fail the mechanics, unlike the healer and 2 other dps.
    Those failing flamed him, while i tried to tell we didn't die because of him, but them.
    Didn't work, and the guy left. I ended up leaving the group soon after, because they were terrible, and had that annoying attitude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PetersenIII View Post
    Doesn't mean it should be tolerated. I might have been a little bugged to see someone with low gear, but I'd probably have kept it to myself. Ahune is a joke and doesn't even need a real tank. 4 DPS + Healer = Faster winning.
    If a new player doesn't open his mouth (aks questions in chat) and messes up I blame him or even kick him. If he just asks me anything, even if it is 10 questions about a simple boss I'm happy to take my time and explain it.

    I'm not in a dungeon to boost retards, I am however open to help where asked.

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    It is just a slow, boring and repetitive boss that gets even slower, more boring and more repetitive the shittier the dps is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tylenol View Post
    Just assholes, get used to it in the WoW community where:

    Everyone has played since vanilla
    Everyone has raided hardcore
    Everyone was pulling 100K+ dps on a fresh 90
    Everyone knows how to run multi-million dollar companies better than people who actually run a multi-million dollar company
    Everyone thinks they know what is best for the game
    Wise words some people need to take notice. Sarcasm appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    It is just a slow, boring and repetitive boss that gets even slower, more boring and more repetitive the shittier the dps is.
    So why are you doing it?

    If you are grinding a pet with random groups that might have newbies who actually need a piece of 480 gear, what sort of experience exactly do you think you're entitled to? What do you expect?

    I have one copy of the pet and several copies of the scythe and haven't been in there myself this year. But in years past, hell, I even wiped there once or twice. Didn't bother me, much.

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    i'll only be get impatient if people are genuinely bad

    like I queued as a tank for ahune and I happened to get the worst dps'ers ever

    2 were lvl 89, but we got to the third phase of ahune and people weren't even doing 20k and ahune was still at 87%. The healer was oom so it was literally impossible to do so everyone but me died. At that dps rate even if the healer had no mana problems it would have taken about 15+ waves.

    I just quit the group and said we had no dps, even if you're 89 doing 15k dps isn't ok. learn something about the game, read guides, don't get all uppity if people aren't prepared to carry you.

    also if your pet dies blaming the tank is a sure way to get abused, people have a low tolerance for hunters because of their reputation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zaxlor View Post
    I really wish WoW had a system that allowed you to upvote (no downvotes, you don't promote negative behavior, you reward the postive ONLY), such that you were actually rewarded with playing well. When your thumbs up score is over 100, you get faster dungeon ques, more gold rewarded, extra valour. Keep being a dick means no-one thumbs you up, you're stuck on the bottom rungs but if you DO play well you'll get promoted.
    This. Could not agree more. If you want be an idiot - wait 2 hours in que, then insult players again. But with 90% population of Wow are exactly those idiots and Blizzard will never make feature like that.
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    There's always the risk of stumble upon stupid people with LF tools.

    Solution: Either report and ignore them or play with friends or guild mates.

    PS. There's nothing elitist about those who you mentioned, they were just pure retards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipaq View Post
    Way to much defense/excuses for someone that state that much experience.

    People are dbags 24/7 and twice on Sunday. It is been like that since Blizzard started cutting their GM staff down to nothing and stopped caring about community building.
    (Kel'thuzad anyone)

    This is not a reason to create a thread on the interwebz unless you're looking for emotional support.
    I havent been able to read this thread for over a day but it's still going (so clearly people have an interest in the subject/issue), I thought it would be clear I made it to get the opinions on others and hear their shared experiences. Don't let my chilled out and calm/concerned attitude on the forums give you the idea that I'm just some poor player who got picked on for sucking at the game, I made the thread because the situation happened as a result of gear snobbery.

    I dont understand why explaining my experience to someone asking if I was new is an excuse, but it isn't hard for you to check up on my "claimed" experience due to armory so why would I have a reason to lie or make excuses about such things? When I was younger I would have considered myself one of the best pve warrior players in europe, arrogant and actually genuinely good at the game, enough that I had many offers from other high end progression (better than my own) guilds during TBC and Wrath.

    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    Actually since we have content cleared and gold is faceroll easy to make, you can have most of your gear crafted/bought from the AH ready to put on at 90. So if your main was supposedly geared then you would have likely already gear ready for level 90, why wouldnt you?
    Gold is easy to get but I quit playing in November last year after having blown all of my gold on the jewelcrafting mount, but with that said I've never bought gear off AH to gear my alts, always did it via dungeons or crafting. I have a leatherworker but no spirit of harmony and not really enough time to farm it (why can't blizz make this BOA!?), I may get around to gearing it eventually but it was hardly required to do Ahune and I definitely should not be subjected to griefing and abuse for entering a lvl89 low difficulty event without it.

    I'm gonna be honest I didn't really expect this thread to go on for so long, I feel like now though a fair few people are missing the point and instead grilling me on the details that aren't relevant to what I was aiming with the topic, some people misreading the original post. I will say though that traditionally I've been blessed in playing this game in the past to have good players around and good people who I've played with. I definitely feel for those who have to do pugs as their main way of playing, because in a multiplayer based game where you have to rely on and/or work with others, having situations like I had is enough to want to move on and find a different game to play.
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