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    Quote Originally Posted by Littleraven View Post
    i have to go with druid shapeshift. i mean. compared to all the other abilities in game it may seem a little underwhelming but i just think overall id get the most use out of it. id love to be able to just turn into a bird and fly somewhere. become a cat and just chill and be a bear and scare the shit out of people lol

    travel form would be kinda fun too i guess but i dont think id use aquatic form.
    Aren't each of those separate abilities?

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    Army of the Dead(with no cooldown + unlimited duration of minions)!!!!
    ... raises the whole city graveyard population in order to conquer the world.

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    Portals for me please.
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    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrossNgen View Post
    Blizzard are currently making a gap between skillfull casuals, and skillfull hardcores, because, lets be honest here, you don't need skill to go up into raiding, just basic knowledge, casual players are currently blocked by this huge wall, this wall is called the time sink wall, which is NOT what the casuals want.

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    Pally bubble if i had to choose from my main
    otherwise blink

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    I think i would make the most money from Res, but would the dead be happy with me ressing them?

    Most money without such ethic problems; portal. Faster than asian air, safer than air force one.

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    While I'd be tempted to say MC, the fact that it is a channeled spell of such a short duration makes it quite less useful.
    With that in mind I'd go with remove disease. And I'd charge big

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    The old 10 second paladin bubble. Just jump off buildings see everyone panic then bubble hit the ground then run off going LOLOLOLOLOL.

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    Throw perhaps? =p

    Nah reincarnation .
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    I wanted to say Resurection. However, it would only work if someone didn't die of illness or a huge wound; resurection ain't a cure, nor is it a heal, it simply bring back the dead to life (and they must've died recently, too, or else their body goes beyond "repair"). In fact, I tend to believe resurection would be one of the most useless spell, as the usability of it would be so small that it would almost be meaningless.

    However, take the palading cure ability, for instance. You can remove poison AND diseases. Someone have aids? Cured. Someone have zombie illness? Cured! You get sick, lost in the middle of nowhere? Cured, once again.

    Or the healing ability. Someone in your family has cancer; has cancer ain't a disease but your own body destroying it, you could heal through it. Your best friend get hit by a car and is in between life and death? Healed. You have this goddamn annoying cut on your finger because of that sharp sheet? Healed.

    As for I, I'd take the healing or cure ability, definitly. As being able to save my friends and faimily lives is one of the most important thing I could ever do. I haven't decided which one, though.

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    Pick Pocket would be the one for me. I can´t believe nobody else mentioned it yet.

    Think about it. There´s a ton of you saying portals because of the desire to make money. Then we have some more who says flight form. No matter where I go, money will never be a problem and I get to see everything I want to. ;-)

    I was initially going to say stealth. But running around invisible with no other abilities might not be all that fun in the end.

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    I don't really know how much money could be made out of portals tbh. I think you can make a lot more by healing sick rich people with cure disease (and then healing poor sick people for free for the feel-good part).

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    Stealth, easily.

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    pharmaceutical is always a good investment
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
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    If someone were to gain a WoW related power I'm pretty sure that you could change the course of the world, that change would scare anyone with any power, right out of their boots. You would instantly be targeted for assassination, flight form - bird (birds die), portals - take time to cast (dead), resurrection (way to powerful - dead), soulstone - 15 minute cooldown (kill you, wait for you to res, kill you again before the CD is up), etc, etc. I would personally take stealth, so even if they knew I existed I could hide from the world until I died of natural causes and do some major scheming/trickery in the process.

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    Maybe mage table or conjure food? Solving world hunger ftw.

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    Deaths Advance

    10% permanent movement increase with nothing slowing me below 70% of normal movement speed, sweet!

    also comes with an on use 30% movement speed increase

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