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    Survey: What are your total days played?

    I am giving a presentation about video games in my master's level class. This is by no means a study, just a general question. This has been asked before, but the answers are always changing. A forum post asking this two years ago would not yield the same results as a new forum poll. I was hoping that some of you would be kind enough to post your reply.

    What are you total days played?

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    On all toons? Or just one? 454 days total for me.
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    Before I quit wow pre-cataclysm it was like 500 days /played. Playing SWTOR now and it's like 80 /played.
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    100ish for my Warrior, everything else is below 40 probably.
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    If we count my original account and my current account, around 700 days total. Been playing since '05, first account had around 350-400 days by the time patch 3.0 came out. Used to play way, way too much. Probably still play too much if I'm to be honest, lol.

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    691 days. Main account has 504 days. Second account has 187 days. Probably about 1/3 of the second account's login time was concurrent with the first.

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    not subbed atm so i cant log in to check but, i know my paly was over 450......dont even want to think about the account total

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    Approx 300 days. Playing since march 2005.

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    Closing in on 365 days /played on the various chars on my account. Main alone has 200 or something. Only had my main since mid 2010 though, so 4.75 hours every single day pretty much since then >.>

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    I don't even want to know... almost 9 years would be alot.
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    273 on Warrior, 243 on Pally and 107 on DK.

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    Great, thank you guys. I hope this thread catches attention, the more responses the more interesting it is. If you are interested in seeing responses as well, be sure to check back.

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    288 days for my main.

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    To clarify, I meant for all characters days played added.

    Again, thank you so much for your participation. This is already enough to get a discussion going with my class.

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    714 days, 4 hours, 12 minutes.

    Progression raiding since T1 with 4-5 toons fully geared and viable for class stacking purposes at any time will do that.

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    292 days on my Warrior, since 2007. Not sure about my alts but my Shaman and Rogue also go back to TBC so probably 50+ each. When I think about it, it's an absolutely insane ammount of time, to think that vast majority of it was done during pre-Cataclysm, I have 13 days at lvl90. Though a lot of that time was simply being logged in and afk like a glorified MSN messenger service back in the day.

    So while the played time is large, a lot of that is more like "time spent logged in at computer". Still an immense ammount of time, shows that World of Warcraft is probably my favourite all time game, even if my love affair with it is long gone.
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    It's hard for me to check since my main character from Vanilla and BC is no longer on my account, but my main since Wrath has 150 days played. I think total probably over 400 days /played... oh the days of being 12 and playing WoW all the time.

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    I think it's somewhere around 350 total. I'm a bit of a noob in comparison I guess. Although I don't just login and afk like many people do.

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    Don't play anymore myself (quit back in April), but I have something like 130 days played on 2 toons, 100 on a third, and anywhere from 2-50 on like 15 others. So probably 650 days played across all of my toons. I have 3 accounts so some of that time wouldn't count due to me multiboxing occasionally. So maybe 500 or so days played if you remove the time I spend multiboxing.

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    422 days on my primary account. There have been a couple other accounts, maybe adding up to ~40 days between them, but I'm not paying those subs so I don't know.

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