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    main lock 1 year, been playing since 07

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    My oldest character, my Paladin, has 227 at the moment. Across all characters though, it's around 3-4 times that.

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    I wouldn't know, as I shared account with my brother during vanilla. As TBC came, I bought my own and started from the beginning. It would be many hundreds of hours for sure though. Maybe even thousand.

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    DK is at 220 days,hunter @80 so something around 400+ days on the whole account.

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    Started playing in 2007 and bought a new account before Cataclysm

    I have around 70days played and 13k achievement points, so not bad

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    984 days on my Bear, I don't know my full acount prbly more I just /played my Bear.
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    well over 600 combined. the pally that i only played during tbc alone had over 250 days played.

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    Little over 400 days played for me
    Main & raiding character: Elchali, Holy Paladin

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    i can't tell you because if I /played all I will see the number of times I could of had sex...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akiliez View Post
    i can't tell you because if I /played all I will see the number of times I could of had sex...

    I had never thought of that.

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    rogue has 360+ stopped looking after that :X

    got to have 100 + on the other toons..

    playing since release day

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    Altoholics total across my characters says 466 days, but I have deleted characters in the past so that number is not actually correct, if I had to guess I would say closer to 520 days or so.

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    My main has 80 days /played, but in total its around 400 days /played

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    I didn't take into account dual boxing, but I wouldn't need to know the times played on those accounts as it'd just be redundant and give an inaccurate total.

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    MogIt probably.
    This is like the most personal thing in the world you could ask of any wow player.

    It's like. THE MOST.

    /doesn't want to see the years added up
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    My one main character since vanilla has nearly 1000 played days. I have 2-3 others with quite a bit over 100 too.
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    I hate these threads. I always feel so bad after looking at the number.

    Let's see... 242 days on my warrior, 224 on my druid, 90 on my mage, 42 on my rogue, and yeah.. I'm not going to keep looking (still have shaman, hunter, priest, paladin, dk1, and dk2 to go -- just counting lvl 85+ characters).

    (started Mar '05)

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    my main : 406days.
    on all my toons : 600days+

    Many thanks to Gamelol for the signature.

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    600ish since early TBC, totally fine with it.

    Hunter : 235 days (Main since Mid-ICC.)
    Warrior : 220 days (Main from Early BC to mid-icc, now retired).
    Priest : 60 days
    Rogue : 40 days
    Druid : 25 days
    Monk : 15 days

    + random deleted/forgotten alts.

    Wish every other hobby out there had a "/played" command to keep things under perspective.
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