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    I have around 198.5 days /played on all my toons. I have played since mid BC so.....that really seems like a LOT but really not a lot if you get what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocNess View Post
    I have around 198.5 days /played on all my toons. I have played since mid BC so.....that really seems like a LOT but really not a lot if you get what I mean.
    Looking at the starting point is important when handling these numbers. Mid BC is what 2007/08? If you were subbed constantly that amounts to just 2,4 hours per day.
    I started at roughly the same and I sit at 483 days across my toons. That boils down to 6 hours per day. 6 hours is a quarter of every day of the last 5 years.
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    250 days on my DK. If you throw in other alts and things like that it probably goes a little over 300.

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    Somewhere around 300 days , been playing since 06 i think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bendak View Post
    Approx 300 days. Playing since march 2005.
    Exactly the same, a bit more than 200 on my main char (vanilla, tbc, wotlk), 70 days on 2nd char(cata+pandaria), 20 days on main alt, and I believe no more than 10 on all other chars.

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    250 days, been playing since mid burning crusade and have skipped most of cata.

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    Account total is around 250 days.

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    Overall around 820 days.
    Playing since February 2005.

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    541 days on the characters I still have. Tack on another 100 days easy for the 2nd account I cancelled and characters I've deleted. Been playing since TBC patch 2.3, Nov 2007 I think, non-stop sub.

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    101 days on my main.

    The next busiest alt is 32 days, and it goes down from there. Probably less than 220 total.
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    priest 223 days (since jan 2006)
    shammy 338 days (approx a month after tbc was released)
    various others 72 days

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    400 ish


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    Altoholic says 365 days on my current 11 toons, but there's been many deleted alts (and afking) since 2006 when i started playing. My main and ex-main both has over 100d. I also have second account (though inactive) but it's been only RAF-leveling and bank alts so i don't think it has many days played. Under 400 days anyway on my whole wow career.
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    Just over 500; around 300 of those on my main.

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    956 days 21hours 23minutes.

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    85 days played on my rogue, which was my main from classic till wotlk, then 35 days on my warrior and 35 days on my mage. Those are my 3 most played toons, but I think I have an extra 100 days played if you count all the other toons, so around 200-250. Now I must say I'm the type of guy who logs out if he doesn't play, I'm not slacking in Orgrimmar for ages while the /played time keeps ticking might account those hours aswell

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    Impossible to say accuratly since I have deleted a TON of characters over the years but I would guess 250 orso.

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    Yay for AllPlayed addon.

    Account1: 702 days 13h 33m
    Account2: 102 days 1h 17m

    I don't know how much exactly on my US account, but somewhere between 60-80 days, before I got banned.
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    I'm afraid to look...

    About 290 since mid 2005 I think.

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    should be around 300+, ill check later

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