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    Major Issue

    I logged in today and got a patch. Not an issue, ok, download the patch. I enter the game, and now when I get into WoW, whenever I left or right click anything, the game freezes. I have to alt-tab out of the game and back in, but I still have to alt-f4 out or go back to windows and close the WoW window Now here is what i've done:

    1. Restarted the game (did not fix the issue)
    2. Deleted the Cache, WTF and Interface folders (Did not fix the issue)
    3. Did the repair tool through the launcher (did not fix the issue)
    4. Re-installed the game (did not fix the issue)

    My drivers are all updated, my computer is perfectly fine, and I'm using a Razer Naga as my mouse and have for the last 2 years. I can use the 1-12 buttons with problem, as well as mouse button 4 and 5, but I cannot left click and right click on the game. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help?
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    Have you checked "Load out of date addons" ? Or updated the ones you have?
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    last resort is always format c:\

    Don't do that, please
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    Disable all addons and see if it still happens.

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    Disable all addons and see if it still happens.
    He clearly did if he deleted his interface folder.

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    If he already erased the Interface folder, he has removed all the addons, so disabling them won't help. :-/

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    My guess: double check the Naga configuration. Is left button mapped to left button? Is the Naga changing profile as soon as you switch to the wow window?

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    Possibly try a default mouse (Just the Mouse wheel, left & right buttons)
    - Like what Furlong, there is a chance that it is the Naga causing the issue.
    - Either that or just delete WoW entirely and re-install it.

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    I would guess the issue lies with your Naga (probably a config issue or other software bug) or your OS mouse settings. Like xnicnicx said, check and see if WoW works with a simple mouse. If it does, try resetting the Naga. If the issue persists, next try uninstalling and reinstalling the Naga (associated drivers, etc.).

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    Have you tried to reboot your computer? Sometimes funky stuff happens and a reboot clears it up.

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    Have you tried to reboot your computer? Sometimes funky stuff happens and a reboot clears it up.
    Reboot is what I would sugest. If you have not already done so.

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