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    So what happened to the legendary visuals?

    Hello mmo-c, and let me say sorry first for the ambiguous title.
    When 5.2 was announce( or was it 5.3? ) there were some youtube videos posted here with some very cool head animations that were, back then, supposed to come from the new legendary " head enchants" : one was a frozen skull-like effect, one was some fiery horns, and there were 1-2 more.
    Does anyone have any idea what happened to them? I've been searching over 50 pages of the last home-posts and failed to find those particular videos.
    I was only able to find THIS one.

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    almost think they might have been a visual to the meta proc. would make sense.
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    I was thinking the same as well, but I still can't find anything, not even on google about those crazy visuals. I was so excited to get that frozen-skull effect on my mage

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    What happened to them?

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    What happened to them?
    Scrapped if they didn't put it in within the crown of the heaven thing then It's likely it's gone and into the heap.

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    Maybe the legendary item in 5.4 is going to be a helm and they will be used then?

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