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    Death Knight:
    +Blood magic
    +Lifestealing attacks
    +No emotions, just a killing machine
    +Army of the Dead, you command your own Ghouls

    -They start at high level
    -Runeforging has no depth
    I. Like. To. Kill. Things.
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    Everything else sucks. Two of the worst moves that impacted all of my time in WoW that were made basically day 1:
    Picking to make a rogue and picking my awful realm.

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    None of our problems are ever addressed so I never need to learn anything new.
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    monk- chi torpedo/ roll i couldn't imagine playing a character without it now >.<

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    I've leveled every class (except monk) so far to 90, and the mage is always my favorite:

    Portals: I can get anywhere in the world fast. My hearth has been set to Thunder Island since it came out.
    Blink: Enough said.
    Mirror Images: Make a lot of stuff easy. Pop images, let them tank, I blow stuff up, dead. Has saved the group countless times where the boss has 3% left, the entire group is dead, I pop images, and WIN!
    Invisibility: I can run through anything, and not have to kill all the mobs that I aggro.
    Iceblock: Paladin's bubble.
    Slowfall: Can always come in handy.

    It's utility like this that some other classes have, but don't have it all that I really miss. Portals probably being the number 1 thing. Shamans and scribes have it a little better with a second hearthstone, but I can't see how people only rely on porting to only one location.

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    + mobility
    + pet variations
    + utility
    + bows. Who doesn't like bows?
    + good support and control

    - BM is a gimmick spec
    - MM just needs to be completely revamped
    - Readiness shouldn't be in the game
    - the 'huntard' stigma
    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
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    - Charge
    - Heroic leap
    - Bladestorm + Bloodbath combo.. BLOODSTORM!!!
    And that imo it's the most brutal class out there.

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    Death Knight.

    +Fueled by bitterness and cold rage
    +Empowered by causing pain to others
    +Emotionally stunted
    +Feel like a mini-lich
    +Huge weapons to compensate for dead genitals
    +Darkly attractive

    -Dead genitals

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    +Favourite theme
    +Dual wielding axes with lightning bolts flying out from them

    -Lava Lash as an offhand attack
    -having different imbues on my weapons

    +Favourite resource
    +Can get into a groove when playing assassination
    +Dispatch procs

    -Limited weapon choices

    Frost Death Knight.
    + Obliterate crits
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    + stormstrike
    + bloodlust
    + ascendance
    + elements theme
    - totem mechanics
    - enhance dps rotation still not set

    + roll
    + i like monks in various games :F
    + good dps rotation
    + new tanking mechanic
    + healing is fun
    + some awesome abilities

    + shadowform
    + shadowform
    + shadowform
    + shadowform
    + disc heals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhaktor View Post
    Death Knight.

    +Fueled by bitterness and cold rage
    +Empowered by causing pain to others
    +Emotionally stunted
    +Feel like a mini-lich
    +Huge weapons to compensate for dead genitals
    +Darkly attractive

    -Dead genitals
    haha xD
    fucking lol'd
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    >Sac Pets
    >Great new suitability spells
    >Class quest line (Green Fire)
    >Each spec is different now (burning embers, demonic fury, soul shards)
    >Some of the best looking cloth xmog's in game

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    Hunter Pro's:

    Exotic Pets
    Feels like a real hunting class


    Broken and Bugged to hell
    Band Aid fixes all the time
    Unjust hatred from the WoW community
    Pets get stuck on EVERYTHING like... my god
    Every spec other than BM is boring and all 3 specs are outdated

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    Retribution Paladin 4 life.
    +2h Melee!
    +Plate wearer
    +Have awesome skill animation on bloodelf
    +Can heal and have other usefull tools
    +Had,Have,and will have INSANE BURST
    +Cool rotation, dynamically changing with/without set bonuses (t15 4p), or talent usage (tier 5 alters rotation in 3 various directions)
    +Easy to play, really hard to master
    +One and only spec that i have ranked #1 at WorldOfLogs on many occasions during cata.

    -Have other 2 specs which shines so brightly that is leaving retri in a bad spot
    -Inquisition, tracking and keeping this buff uptime at 95%+ might be annoying/problematic

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    Very much a Rogue loyalist, started out as one (Alliance) and is still a main now along with a second (Horde).

    Stealth, Vanish, poison, energy instead of mana, leather gear (even though it's material is just a label), picking pockets, opening locks, affiliations with SI:7 and Ravenholdt...their speed, fast weapons and the live or die quick decision making is a lot more exciting to me than those with slower attacks. The old class quests, the first time I saw another Rogue Stealth and realized we really do fully disappear. Able to sneak ahead and see what's in the next room of a dungeon and report back on it when me and a Pally friend were new to it. When I realized that Ravenholdt is neutral, Rogues from both sides can cross paths there as 'members' under that faction (Alliance and Horde who?) and the kinship I've always felt toward fellow Rogues, even opposite faction, even if they don't feel it...though I've encountered those that do. Have always loved the general vibe of them and I live for hanging onto it, grabbing the upper hand and being the victor against something that nearly killed me itself. Even if mine *cough*existed under current/recent patch*cough* no way I could have abandoned them...Rogue always, for better or worse.

    Sorry for the lack of a simple list, just doesn't do justice enough for my attachment/passion for this class.

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