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    Twitch - Live Hunter Coaching, tips etc.


    Who am i?

    I'm currently playing on "Artemolly", which is my hunter. I'm playing in Security, on Frostmane-EU.

    What classes do you play?

    I play Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Paladin & Deathknight.
    What specs?
    The hunter is BM/SV. The Lock is Destro/affliction. The Mage is Frost/arcane The pally is Prot / Holy the Dk is Blood/Frost.

    What are you streaming?
    I'm streaming everything from Pugs, PvP and hardcore endgame PvE ranging from RFC to 13/13 Heroic ToT along with PTR raids, for which you can ask me any question on the live-stream

    I'm also currently helping people with questions about the PVE Content, along with free help in how to optimize your playstyle.

    Now, this is only for Prot Paladins, And Hunters at the moment.

    If you wish to get this kind of Coaching, feel free to drop your BattleTag, and i'll invite you and we'll have a chat.

    Infracted - Please do not advertise your stream here.
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