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    Anyone else not getting any conquest after reset?

    So, my DK just hit 90 and I'm working on getting conquest points with the catch up thing. Now after the maintenance today, It says I can earn 0 conquest for winning arena, but the points left in the week bar says I can earn like 12k. Anyone else having this problem?

    Edit: I see it is like this on all my toons.
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    Yep its fucked

    Thought they fixed this shit weeks ago when the catch up system was first implemented.

    And you'd think a 6 hour maintenance on off days would mean less dumb problems like this.

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    still not fixed.. and no blue response that I can find..
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    Let's look at the test results. You are a horrible person. It says right here, you're a horrible person. We weren't even testing that. Don't let the horrible person thing get you down though. Science justified your parents choice to abandon you.

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