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    A humble request for someone more talented than I...

    Howdy all,

    I have been a lurker for quite some time, and decided to create an account and join the conversation at least on some level.

    I do post today humbly seeking some assistance. After seeing multiple folks posting with some of the nicest looking avatars and signatures out there, I wanted to humbly approach the community for some help in creating an avatar for myself to use here on MMO Champion, my computer, and guild website.

    I will attach an example of what I had in mind - nothing crazy, I just was hoping someone more talented than I would be willing to help me out in this regard.

    A little info about myself - I primarily play my DK on Aerie Peak US server named Mjolnir


    I was looking for something to be made a little larger in size, but would still look fairly decent and readable when resized even smaller - something like the image below - which I'm sure some of you have seen before.


    Basically looking for a Blizzard Blue color font with a blue-ish color theme. Image doesn't have to be of my character, but would be cool if it were at least an Orc DK.. possibly using the above Blizz blue type theme, or possibly some red to make it pop - similar to the way the above pic uses green and yellow as the contrast. If anyone can help me in this regard, I would be eternally grateful. =)

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    Just so you know there is a whole thread about requests like this. It would be better if you put it there.

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