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    Moonkin iLvl necessity

    I posted this to the official forums as well, but figured i would copy it over here since there seems to be a ton of great advice on these boards


    Hey all, got a fairly normal question, but applicable to not the normal circumstance. I am interested in gear needed to make moonkin viable, but not for raiding. I am talking dailies and questing!

    I am at about 475 feral and moonkin sets..for Isle dailies, or dominance point, or barrens quests...really anything with actual level 90 opponents. I feel like a naked mage with rank 1 frostbolt when I quest as a moonkin. As feral it goes just fine.

    I understand that every 2 or 3 minutes I can pull 10 mobs and unleash hell down upon them, but that doesn't really fit my....playstyle I guess you would call it? I don't like that feeling of being close to useless for 2:45 and then a god for :30.

    Now I know in terms of raiding, people always mention that Moonkin is very gear dependent on secondary stats ala starsurge procs, etc...and honestly it feels that way for questing as well. Do any of you high ilvl lazer chickens have any input? like did pulling a 2 pack of mobs with 500k health each ever get any easier? just feels like so much dang work as moonkin.

    Thanks all, and I know some of you will say "im ilvl 450 and I solo all the quests in isle without taking any damage". Well obviously I don't posess that level of L2P, so take pity on me and explain.


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    Stack crit, pull more than 1 mob so more than 2 dots running for a bunch of SS procs. Learn to CC with typhoon/ursols vortex. Get cat blink too. Lastly, have fun .

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    Quote Originally Posted by weasle37 View Post
    I don't like that feeling of being close to useless for 2:45 and then a god for :30.
    2 options:
    a) do stuff to get to raiding ilvl (520+)
    b) reroll

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    Yes it gets easier. Doing the Golden Lotus dailes on day2 of the expansion they took forever. Then after i got raid geared from t-14 it breezes through them daily. DPS scaling in this xpac is bonkers. We were killing MSV bosses with 60-70k dps the first few weeks, and now good dps can almost triple that.

    So yes, anyone at all with a lower ilvl will find questing in the new zones fairly time consuming, it will always get easier.

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    As boomkinhero said: Crit and pull more than one mob and keep dots up on them for procs. You'll be able to kill mobs with dots and procs alone. Use Typhoon to knock them back and Ursol's Vortex will keep them from hitting you as well. I usually do the pull tons of mobs, pop CDs and dot everything and kill them with procs while jumping/running around and trying to keep them from hitting me :P It's easy cause I'm used to it. But you should find your way. But crit will give you more procs which will make it easier to kill mobs fast Good luck!

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    In my gear I can 1shot mobs with 500k hp. with CDs seeing starsurges hit for 7-800k isn't all that surprising. Boomkins have always scaled well with gear, which typically means in early raids of an exp they're not that great, and later on they vastly improve. Kinda th eopposite for ele shamans, theyre all flash bang at the start, and never really get much better.

    As others have said, the key to quicker quests is pulling more mobs, but I realise in low levels of gear, you tend to get beat up. You need to work more on your control, roots, typhoon, vortex, clone. Pull 3-4 mobs, dot each one, move around alot, and you'll find its way quicker. Now-days with 600k+ hp, I can pull about 10 mobs, and just stand still and dot/aoe them before they really hurt me, but again thats due to higher ilv gear, and much more spell power, secondary stats and hp.

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