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    Heroic Horridon troubles

    Now we begin a new Raid week in my guild and a new Heroic Boss. This week was Horridon and he sure gave us trouble. On some pulls It was clear what the issues were but on others I am clueless as to why we could not manage to kill him If anyone with this Heroic mode experience could shed a little light I would be so appreciative! I trust the MMO forum community and love posting here to get some clear feedback <3 you guys!

    Here are the logs ~ http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-6v...?s=2170&e=2886

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    The try you linked its pretty clear as to why people died. You only have to mouse over the deaths to see what caused them
    1) Standing in posion
    2) Frozen orbs
    3) Pink dino smacked the shammy
    4) Dire call

    Most of it is classic don't stand in crap stuff except the last gate where you really have to make sure the flamecasters die quickly and get interrupted.

    The only one really worth elaborating on is the direcall / war god jalak combo which obviously happens close to the end. You get the situation where a direcall / bestial cry will align very closely. When this happens its vital that you have a spirit shell up (you have a disc) and that people pop personals, especially the tanks.

    Once wargod is down its a case of the tank keeping up his AM for triple punctures and the raid being topped off (with spirit shell / personals) for dire-calls. On progression your tanks will most likely die. Since you have a pala he can reset stacks at 4/5 with a bubble or HoP to last a bit longer. Even if you lose the tanks its perfectly possible to take the last 100mill or so off him without tanks. The boss spends half the time throwing fits and the other half chasing people :P

    To be honest if that's all the attempts you have had and you got that far then you are doing pretty darn well. Now its just a matter of people getting comfortable with the fight and realising that heroic ticks of bad stuff kill, as opposed to normal where they just tickle.

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    I would like to ask is, what is your add priority on the fight?

    It should be like this (and this will be on each gate)

    1st gate (Farraki)
    With no dinomancer
    Wastewalker -> Small adds
    With dinomancer
    Dinomancer to 50% -> Wastewalker -> small adds
    Once all adds are killed off, the dinomancer should either die by the cleaving/dots or whatnot, or just kill it at the end. The dinomancer in dino mode is the least of your worries.

    2nd gate (Gurubashi)
    With no dinomancer
    Gurubashi venompriest <-> Venomous Effusion -> other adds
    With dinomancer
    Dinomancer 50% -> Gurubashi venompriest <-> Venomous Effusion -> other adds

    3rd gate (Drakkari)
    With no dinomancer
    Drakkari Warlord -> other adds
    With dinomancer
    Dinomancer 50% -> Drakkari Warlord -> other adds

    4th gate (Amani)
    This is where it becomes tricky
    The DPS has to sort of split.
    With no dinomancer
    Ranged on Aman warbear/shaman (interrupting the lightning) -> Melee on the flamecasters (interrupting the fireballs)
    The reason why interruption on the fireballs has to happen is because the fireball does about 300.000 damage, and can kill off people slowly.
    With dinomancer
    Dinomancer 50% (as quickly as possible with interrupting) -> Ranged on Aman warbear/shaman (interrupting the lightning) -> Melee on the flamecasters (interrupting the fireballs) -> other adds.

    From what I can see, the damage taken seems very reasonable. From the info we have been given, I do believe it's a priority on adds then. But some extra dodging on orbs, poison etc would help since they seem to also be the cause of death here and there.

    I hope this helps


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    Tyvm and yes we only had 8 attempts I believe on our first night and tonight we go back in but I wanted to link it and kinda see what others thought who have successfully completed the encounter Thank you both very much! I will relay this info and hopefully tonight will be the kill!

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    One thing I would recommend is make sure you have SS capped, or as close to capped as you can before Dire Call goes out. Because of the dots it will get eaten up on some people, but then just PW:S them so they don't take quite as big a hit. It'll help with the healing through that part and you won't really feel like you have to play catch-up. When we do this fight, my other healer knows ~15sec before a Dire Call he won't have any (or much) help because I focus on that.

    Also, this may not be a problem, but nearly 12min for an attempt seems long. Is the orb the dinomancer drops getting clicked immediately when it falls?

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    Your tanks seem capable, especially the DK, so if you don't have too many players with disease removing spells and your tank can hold three warlords at the same time, you might want to focus on the small adds on the third gate.

    Also, considering the flame casters on the fourth gate. Your raid will have to be slowly moving away from the gate, due to totems, horridon charges and probably even some lignering frozen orbs from the previous gate. At this time the flame casters might start gathering at the gates, and if not noticed in time, interrupted and downed quickly, they can potentially one shot your raid members if they cast the firballs simultaneously.
    At the same time, try to have only one shaman alive at a time to avoid multiple curses in your raid.

    And during the wargod/execute phase be sure to have your disc priest to stack SS before the dire calls. Disc is very powerful on this fight because of his absorbs. Have players on low health to use their defensive CDs too.

    Also some advice for your warlock. I highly recommend him switching his talents for Grimoire of Service and Mannoroth's Fury on this fight. With the former he will never have to worry about the direhorn, as long as he sends his imp to attack it. And the latter talent will greatly increase his damage on the adds. He should have no problems with generating embers this way, and will be able to be cast in Fire and Brimstone "stance" for the majority of the fight, as well as spam chaos bolts without worrying about embers. Also have him use Havoc on the boss on CD.
    With all this your warlock should have very high pds during the fight AND be able to keep absorb shield from Soul Leech of 200-300k during the whole fight. That will ease your healr's job and prevent (not completely obviously) incoming spike damage, and probably even some unfortunate deaths, like the one he had from the venom pool in the log you linked. During the execute phase with bonus damage debuff on the boss, he should have maximized Soul Leech shield at all times and shouldn't be taking ANY damage from the dire calls.
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    Some tips:

    You can pre mark the adds, they are on over the gates, it helps alot.

    Most guilds have trouble at the thrid gate, while learning the fight use bloodlust there, just focus the adds dont care about horridon, we messed up one time with thedinomance where horridon had 98% life going into last phase. So damage in Horridon is completly irrelevant.

    4th gate.
    Ok here is something that makes this gate by far the easiest.

    when the first bear comes down all kill the bear and the shaman. áfter that all kill the small adds dont kill bears they do little dmg and the shamans ontop dont cast the totems. kill the small ones first, and dinomancer after dinomancer is killed, use orb and kill 1bear plus his shaman than the other one.

    But most of all the damage on horridon is doenst matter at all, even multidotting. Yes more dps but this is an add fight. If everybody just focuses the adds and no except the tank and disc for example do dmg to Horridon this fight is really easy. This is the most important thing learning the fight. Dmg on Horridon prior to 4 stacks is wasted on him if adds are alive.

    A warlock doing 200k dps 120k on horridon and a SP that does 150k dps but does 120k on adds the warlock is useless and the SP is does infact alot more dmg.

    since you have a a disc last phase is a joke. And the dmg on the adds is way to low from your shaman and you tank DK especially on poison adds

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