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    I'd love to see more of the legendary questline but the Titan Runestone drops are insanely low. Also the lack of a weapon at the end of it makes the entire questline lame.

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    sigh legendary questline is dead to me since Alliance can't win in pvp

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    So, no legendary weapons at the end, then? Disappointing, but I enjoyed the questline and being part of Wrathion's scheming aplenty. It was a nice "red wire" that bound all raid tiers together.
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    I dislike the "let's give them a silly gem and a crappy cloak " idea

    Next expansion better have a legendary every dam patch!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adonael View Post
    I dislike the "let's give them a silly gem and a crappy cloak " idea

    Next expansion better have a legendary every dam patch!!!
    YEAH! A cloak 50 item levels better then the next best thing is just stupid and lame.

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    Question 1 -- What are you going to do about Diminishing returns for CC? I know me and many other players who PvE just don't bother with PvP due to the fact CC is completely broken.

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    Yay i can come back to wow patch 5.3 was pants and i left for rift now i can come back and see all my friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by seijo View Post
    sigh legendary questline is dead to me since Alliance can't win in pvp
    Just did both in under an hour on my shaman alt, so the horde is definitely beatable. Pull your own weight and sooner than later you'll get a group around you doing the same. All it takes is time.

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    Yay, cloaks

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    So, when I look up timeless coins, they are procured via two quests "Great Job, You Won" and "The Celestial Tournament" which are PET BATTLE based quests. Can anyone confirm that 1) this is accurate, 2) pet battles are required to get the Legendary in the most efficient amount of time, and 3) are there (oh my god I hope so) other means of obtaining timeless coins efficiently WITHOUT pet battles.

    I do not play pokewow, I raid. I understand many do (but not sure why they would need a legendary). Making pet battles a major part of the last step toward obtaining a legendary sends a pretty clear message from the game designers...

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    So, in my opinion, here is the reality of the "legendary" in 5.0, it is all a rouse. The sha-touched gem and socket, the meta gem, the cloak...all are in time to become "main-stream" items that ALL can get toward the end of each patch. If EVERYONE who puts just a little bit of effort into the game (ie raid consistently and do the dailies/lfr/etc) every player will get a 10-15% increase in output at the end of each patch. With this, there is little need (and it is clear because no one is talking about nerfing content) to nerf the raids at the end of each patch.

    Blizz is social engineering us. IF they nerf, we complain and stop playing the game...but if they give all a legendary, we still complain (in a different way) but it eliminates all the whining about content nerfs so that ALL can "win at WoW". keeps us in the game to get that next piece of the puzzle. All of which keeps those subscription dollars rolling on in!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    You're getting a cloak with massive item level. The colour doesn't matter, its still a superior item.

    Stop complaining.
    Well how about a flask or food that gave you the same stat boost - how would you feel about that?

    I don't even plan to have this cloak visible on my character, so he was right. It defeats the purpose of a legendary grind, at least to some (if not a lot) of us. This sucks. Plain and simple. Massive item levels for everybody. Can you feel where we're going with the game?

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