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    Worst Hardcore attempt you have done

    I just rolled a monk last weekend, Drinking ofc! I only made it to level 15. Cause of death is typing back to someone!

    That leaves me wondering what you have gotten a HC to and the cause of death you have had

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    I've made myself a rule to not play hardcore in any games after I've had a drink or two. And the reason is that I always die way too soon.

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    I did a typing death on a level 10 wizard, was smashing keys and getting infuriated when no attacks seemed to work.
    after the "you have died" , i noticed the chat box had something like "11121122212121222122121111212" /palm

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    I've died multiple times in mid-late act1 normal from massive lag spikes.

    I haven't lost a character due to stupidity at low levels yet though. Lowerst level I lost to stupidity I think was 40 or so.

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    A few attempts I have made died in mid act 1 because of disconnections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarySecret View Post
    A few attempts I have made died in mid act 1 because of disconnections.
    Me too. Pretty sure I died at level one while in the Inn in Tristram fighting the undead because I couldn't do anything.

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    Right after losing my MP2 post Act4 inferno I rolled again and died to those stupid trees at level 12

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    Not worst attempt maybe but worst death. Lev60 monk with rather expensive gear, running over the fire-grates in the Keep (Act3), with my bubble on to not die... client-crash out to Windows, logging back and see my dead char on char-screen.... Must have completely nailed standing on that little fire coming up from the ground as his death-reason was "wall of fire".... Massive HATE at that point!

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    My first hardcore toon, a monk, a class I never really had played, died accidentally at level 13. -.-

    I've now been going through the same area on another monk at mp3, living. :P
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    I did the classic tab out without hitting escape, Died on my second HC barb at level 20

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    My first and only HC character died at 50 something, the game froze

    Thanks Blizzard

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    Belial on Nightmare,
    He had 5% hp so I thought he will just die quick enough so I didnt move from the black shit on ground ,
    I killed him and died at the same time.. saw the loot and couldnt pick It up.


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    Died with a WD at level 14 I think it was. Was really late and was nodding off in my chair. Woke up and she was laying there dead.

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    it wasn't me by i was leveling with my firend and we were doing very well got to level 56 ish act 3 keep level 2. he ran across the random ass flamegrate just as it exploded. I felt so bad though it was kind of funny, the next week is basically quit everything because of it

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    Only had one death before 60 so I suppose that is my worst attempt. Was a level 17 wizard and I died due to rubberbanding.
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    First try, i'm al level 34 atm.

    Need to understand if i'm going the right direction or i'm slowly embracing death.
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    First hero, died at 53 to some crazy fucked up act2 hell wasps.
    Second hero, died at 54 to some wasps. Rubberbanded into 4 molten explosions at the same time from the other side of the map.
    Third hero, killed inferno diablo.

    Act2 sucks.
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    Died at level 12 on my first HC character I actually forgot I was on HC and leaped with my barb into several goatmen, which resulted in my death... Yeah, I am easily distracted, and HC is not for me hehe.

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    The worst result: death on level 1 from zombie bodies near Captain Rumford.
    You can't die from actual zombies because they stop attacking you when you are below 50% health and just walk around you in circles.

    I did this several times in beta-test times to test if warriors and monks actually have their 30% damage reduction.
    I doubt that there is any way to beat this result.

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    About 20 or so, partway through Act 2 as a WD was the first and only HC attempt I've done.

    I live in a really shitty zone for internet (also, Australia's internet blows more than you can imagine) and get random 5 to 10-sec dropouts every so often. One of these dropouts occured right as I hit an elite pack.

    So, there's literally no point in me even attempting HC.
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